Job, Scope, Salary & Placements for Bachelor of Theology [B.Th]:

Job types for Bachelor of Theology [B.Th]:

  • Healthcare Worker

  • Religious Teacher

  • Missionary

  • Relief Worker

  • Children Pastor

  • Resident Doctor

  • Non-profit Administrator

Employment Areas for Bachelor of Theology [B.Th]:

  • Educational Institutes

  • NGO's

  • Workplace

  • Religious Organisations

  • Financial and Legal Firms

  • Charities

Salary offered for Bachelor of Theology [B.Th]:

Salary offered for Bachelor of Theology [B.Th]

Source: Payscale

  • The salary of an employee with the degree of Bachelor of Theology [B.Th] is Rs.2,00, and the Maximum salary may range Rs. 4,00,

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