Job, Scope, Salary and Placements for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Sanskrit):

Job Opportunities for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Sanskrit):

  • There are many career options available for graduates in this field, for instance, they can become a teacher, translator or a freelancer as well.

  • They have also the option of taking private tuitions. There are various types of jobs available for interpreters, such as a consecutive interpreter, general interpreter, and liaison interpreter etc.

  • Translation is also an option for them as they work in the fields such as scientific literacy, technical or business. So it provides a lot of career opportunities to them.

  • Freelancing is the new trend in the field of language career options.

  • Freelancers can join research firms, translation bureaus, publishing houses, international organizations, hotel industry, travel and tourism sector etc.

Placements and Salary Details for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Sanskrit):

Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit graduates can be placed in the following fields:

  • Customer Care Specialist

  • Interpreter

  • Teacher - Sanskrit

  • Translator

  • Tutor - Sanskrit language

Job Profile for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Sanskrit):

Job Profile

Job Description

Translator (Jobs)

Translators are required in various fields for translating documents in Sanskrit. For the job of a translator, knowledge of a language other than Sanskrit is also required. The average salary for a Translator is Rs 4,16,093 per year.

Interpreter (Jobs)

An Interpreter’s job is similar to a translator’s job except that they interpret what is said in a different language to Sanskrit. An Interpreter must also have knowledge of a language other than Sanskrit. The average salary for a Translator is Rs 4,16,093 per year.

Teacher (Jobs)

A Sanskrit teacher is responsible for teaching texts prescribed in Sanskrit curriculum for school children. For a better paying position in teaching, it is advised to have a B.Ed degree. School Teacher earns an average salary of Rs 3,00,298 per year.

Voice Associate (Jobs)

Nowadays BPOs also require candidates proficient in the Sanskrit language for voice profiles. Such profiles generally involve answering queries and solving problems for Sanskrit speaking populace.

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