Job, Scope, Salary & Placements for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography):

BA Geography Jobs and salaries will depend on the individual and the companies they are enrolled into. A student employed in research institutes and government departments get income salary of Rs 9,000- Rs 12,000 per month depending upon their superiority and experience. In private companies, the compensation is better with benefits such as medical allowances, house rent, etc.  Geographers as a teacher can earn an amount of Rs 11,000 - Rs 26,000 every month.

Salary offered for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography):

Source: Payscale

Job types for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography):

  • MAP Consultant

  • Geography Teacher

  • Technical Labs Researcher

  • Content Developer - Geographically based studies

  • Unit Sales Manager - Geographical Structure

  • Accountant Assistant - Geo – Chemistry Laboratories

  • Subject Matter Expert – Geography

  • Urban Planner

  • Climatologist

  • Mining Supervisor

  • GIS and Remote Sensing Specialists

  • Demographers

  • Geographer                

Few Employment Areas of Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography):

  • Travel Journalist

  • Universities

  • Travel and Tourism Industry

  • Solid Waste Disposal Management industry

  • Rural Development Departments

  • Oil Drilling Industry

  • Mining Industry

  • Government Research Organizations

  • Gas Exploration Agencies

  • Environment Protection organizations

  • Agricultural Research

Higher Education after Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography):

  • Master’s in Geographic Information Science and Systems

  • Master’s in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science

  • MA Disaster Management
  • MA Environment and Ecology

  • MA Geography

  • MA Geology

  • PG Diploma in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science

  • PG Diploma in Geographical Cartography

  • M.Sc. Applied Geography

  • M.Sc. Climate Science

  • M.Sc. Earth Science

  • M.Sc. Environment and Climate Change Management

  • M.Sc. Environment and Solid Waste Treatment

  • M.Sc. Environmental Management

  • M.Sc. Environmental Science

  • M.Sc. Environmental Science and Technology

  • M.Sc. Geography

  • M.Sc. Global Warming Reduction

  • M.Sc. Disaster Mitigation

  • M.Sc. Habitat and Pollution studies

  • M.Sc. Mineral Exploration

  • M.Sc. Sustainable Development

  • M.Sc. Geo-Informatics

  • M.Sc. Ecology and Environment Science

Key stats for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Geography):

Source: Payscale 

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