BA History Job, Scope, Salary & Placements:

After completion of BA History jobs opportunity for the candidate is accessible in a huge number. Hence we can say BA  History scope is very massive and it encircles many job profiles like journalist and columnist editors, information research librarians etc.

Salary offered to different roles for BA History:

Source: Payscale

BA History Job Roles:

Job Roles



A history graduate can find employment with Archaeological Survey of India or with private firms related to archaeology. The average salary package is Rs 15,000 p.m.


With so much debate over the authenticity of History books, there is an ever-increasing demand for historians.


As a student of history if Art interests you, you can work with auction houses.

Public Service

For History graduates, the option of public service is always open.


After a BA in History, you can always find employment as a history teacher.


BPOs/KPOs also hire graduates for their executive or associate profiles.

Social Worker

NGOs and Social Welfare Organizations also employ BA History graduates.

Writer/Subject Matter Expert

Nowadays a lot of publishing houses seek subject matter experts for publication of school textbooks or supplementary reading materials.

Travel and Tourism Expert

With an extensive knowledge of History and Historical Monuments, a history graduate can work as a travel expert for tourist places of historical importance. A Travel expert earns an average salary of Rs 316,084 per year.


The job of an archivist is to evaluate, collect and preserve useful records making it a perfect job for a history graduate. 

BA History Employment Areas:

  • Archaeology & Archives

  • Civil Services

  • Genealogy (descent)

  • Historical Fiction

  • Historical Parks

  • Journalism

  • Museums

  • Preservation

  • Public Relations

  • Radio

  • Research

  • Restoration

  • Survey

Key stats for BA History:

Source: Payscale

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