Employment opportunities for Distance BA:

  • Business Process Outsourcing Units
  • Broadcasting
  • Graphics and Printing Industry
  • Civil Services
  • International Relations
  • Journalism and Mass
  • Community Service
  • Film Editing and Direction
  • Communication
  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • Professional Writing
  • Religious Studies

Job types for BA Course:

  • Administrative Office
  • Business Administrator
  • Business Consultants
  • Business Management Researchers
  • Business Management Professors
  • Finance Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Information System Managers
  • Organizers
  • Management Analyst
  • Management Accountants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Labour Management specialist

Average Salary Offered for Distance BA Course:

The average salary might vary depending on the sector they work in.

For example, candidates working in the private sector get higher pay than those who are working in the public sector. But, candidates who are working in the public sector get special bounties like pension, holidays, etc.,

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Distance BA Course:

Source: Payscale