MBA Material Management syllabus focuses on studying both basics of business management and specialization in material management. Students are trained theoretically as well as practically in business administration and material management. MBA Material Management course is a two-year post-graduation course with four semesters. The syllabus covers material management, organizational behaviour with legal aspects, introduction & principles of leadership, materials production planning, and controlling. 

Semester Wise MBA in Material Management Syllabus

An MBA in Material Management's core subjects includes business management, business communication, corporate management, human resource, accounting, economics, statistics, mathematics, and much more. The elective subjects include finance management, material management, marketing and sales, information technology, business ethics, strategies of management, funding, and much more. Beyond academic subjects, few supplementary training such as corporate communication English, soft skills, seminar, viva, thesis writing, paper publication, research, and projects. 

MBA Material Management First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Corporate legal Environment Principles of Management and Organizational Behaviour
Managerial Economics Project Management
Accounting for Managers Material Production Management
Demand and Business Forecasting Business Communication
Business Skills Development Business Policy and Strategic Management
Management of Organizations Enterprise Resource Planning
Quantitative Techniques & Methods Material Production Planning and Control
Communication Skill Development Business Process Modelling
MBA in Material Management Second Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Business Mathematics Management of International Business
Business Statistics Seminar
Export Trade and Documentation Project
Packaging and Distribution Management Specialization Group A - Human Resource Management
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Specialization Group B - Marketing
Purchasing and Procurement Management Specialization Group C - Finance
Materials and Stores Management Specialization Group D - Information Technology
Operations Management Specialization Group E - Material Management
(elective subjects will be given specialization options)

MBA in Material Management Subjects

MBA Material Management subjects train students in managing overall material needs for an organization. Aspirants can choose electives based on their area of interests, future career opportunities for the subject, and higher education scope.
Core Subjects:

  1. Project Management
  2. Production Management
  3. Business Communication
  4. Business Policy and Strategic Management
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning
  6. Material Production Management
  7. Material Production Planning and Control
  8. Business Process Modeling
  9. Research Methods for Management
  10. Operations Management
  11. Export Trade and Documentation
  12. Packaging and Distribution Management
  13. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  14. Purchasing and Procurement Management
  15. Materials and Stores Management

Elective Subjects:

  1. Management Control Systems International Financial Management Working Capital
  2. Management Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning
  3. Enterprise Resource Planning Strategic Information Systems
  4. Management Control Systems
  5. Material Management and Insurance Marketing
  6. Mutual Fund Management
  7. Merchant Material Management
  8. Business Environment and Ethics
  9. Strategic Management
  10. Database Management System Analysis
  11. Design Communication Networks for Business Electronic Commerce
  12. Data Mining and Data Warehousing Software Engineering

Lab Subjects:

  1. Computer-Aided Design
  2. Database Management System Analysis
  3. Networks for Business E-Commerce
  4. Data Mining Software Engineering
  5. Business Accounting Software 
  6. Business and Communicational English
  7. Management Control Systems

MBA in Material Management Course Structure

To complete MBA in Material Management course, three major divisions are core, electives, and projects. First semesters introduce students to the course principle and basics of business administration. The second semester covers the mandatory core subjects, which teach material management fundamentals. Third semesters are given with optional elective subjects concentrating on the course specialization as per the student's interest. The final semester is free for students to pursue an internship or do a project or do extra electives. It's totally up to the student's decision. The course structure is:

  • Core subject
  • Elective subjects
  • Seminar
  • Research paper publications
  • Survey
  • Internship
  • Project

MBA in Material Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

MBA in Material Management course is the study of business administration and dealing with materials management. A teaching methodology of MBA Material Management includes basics, principles, introduction to fundamentals, technologies, techniques, and strategies. The teaching methodology is the combination of theoretical and practical learning about the course. The curriculum includes surveys, research, personality development, soft skills, aptitude, seminars, viva, and so on to enhance student's efficiency. Apart from board and marker teaching techniques, PowerPoint presentations with attractive images and videos inspire aspirants. Listed below are a few teaching methodology and techniques:

  • Workshop
  • Practical sessions
  • Research papers
  • Case methodology
  • Thesis writing 
  • Group projects
  • Survey research
  • Computer lab
  • Language lab
  • Tally lab

MBA in Material Management Projects

Working on an MBA in Material Management projects enhances students' knowledge about the course in real-time and understand the work environment pressure and deadlines. MBA Material Management projects can be done under core topics like materials planning, store-keeping, purchasing, inventory control, transportation, distribution, materials handling. and so on. Working on team projects gives students a better understanding of team coordination. Research and survey help aspirants understand the current situation of material markets, economic status, and statistics. Popular MBA Material Management projects are:

  • Material Cost Control Management
  • Materials Role in Production Activities
  • Factors Affecting Material Management
  • Efficient Materials Effect in Manufacturing Companies
  • Impact of Purchasing Materials
  • Materials Need in Construction Site
  • Impacts on Material Delivery

MBA in Material Management Reference Books

Listed below are few reference books for MBA in Material Management: 

MBA in Material Management Books
Books Authors
Introduction to Materials Management (8th Edition) Steve Chapman, Tony K. Arnold, Ann K. Gatewood, Lloyd Clive
Introduction To Materials Management 8Th Edition Chapman Arnold 
Inventory Accuracy: People, Processes, & Technology David J. Plawecki 
Materials Management with SAP ERP: Functionality and Technical Configuration (SAP MM) (4th Edition) (SAP PRESS) Jawad Akhtar, Martin Murray
Materials Management: An Integrated Systems Approach (Springer Texts in Business and Economics) Prem Vrat

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