MBA Logistics Management Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 2 Years
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Updated on - Jul 3, 2023

The MBA Logistics syllabus is structured uniquely to educate students on the advanced knowledge of logistics administration, operations, production, supply management, and transportation. The MBA logistics subjects are covered over two years in eight semesters

Due to the popularity of the MBA Logistics Management course, the job scope for candidates ranges from working as Logistics Officer, Procurement Manager, Warehouse Manager, Area Logistics Manager, Commercial Manager, Operations Manager, etc.

Table of Contents

Semester Wise MBA Logistics Syllabus

MBA Logistics Syllabus discusses essential topics such as Production and Operations Management, Modern Logistics, Supply Management, Transportation, Delivery, and Legal Aspects. The third year of the course covers elective subjects. The table given below contains the semester-wise syllabus of MBA Logistics: 

MBA Logistics Management First Year Syllabus

Listed below are the MBA Logistics Syllabus for First Year:

Semester I Semester II
Management Concepts and Behavior Marketing Management
Business Economics and Environment Production and Operations Management
Accounting and Financing Management Information System
Quantitative Techniques Applied Operations Research
IT Skills  Business Research Methods

MBA Logistics Management Second Year Syllabus

Listed below are the MBA Logistics Management Syllabus for Second Year:

Semester III Semester IV
Legal Aspects of Business Logistics Information Systems
Strategic Logistics Management Warehouse Management 
Modern Logistics Operation Maritime Logistics and Documentation in International Trade
Rail, Road and Air Cargo Logistics Depot Material Management
Intership/ Summer Training Presentation/ Project/ Dissertation

MBA Logistics Subjects

MBA logistics subjects cover a wide range of topics, including warehouse management, quantitative methods, management information systems, accounting and financing for logistics, etc. The following topics make up the core and elective portions of the logistics syllabus: 

MBA Logistics Core Subjects

In the MBA Logistics management syllabus contains the following core subjects:

  • Management Concepts and Behavior
  • Logistics Legal Framework and Maritime Documentation
  • Production Operations And Management 
  • Depot Material Management
  • Logistics Information Systems
  • Warehousing and Contract Logistics Management
  • Operation Research
  • Logistics Marketing and Technology

MBA Logistics Elective Subjects

The MBA Logistics subjects offer various electives that are skill-based or discipline-specific, listed below:

  • Multi-Modal Transportation 
  • Packaging and Material Handling 
  • Oral Communication Skills 
  • Standard / Log Appreciation
  • Victualling Management
  • Clothing And Messtraps Managemen
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management 
  • Port Management

MBA Logistics Subjects In Detail

The MBA Logistics Management syllabus offers a range of disciplines, including operations, packing, shipping, and delivery. The subjects covered by the logistics syllabus are highlighted in the table below:

MBA Logistics Subjects Topics
Management Concepts and Organizational Behaviour  Evolution of Management thought, Planning and Decision Making, Staffing And Directing, Group Dynamics.
Production Operations Management Designing, organizing, scheduling and controlling of the production / operations function. 
Accounting and Financial Management for Logistics Accounting Fundamentals, Financial Statement Analysis, Financing function, Capital structure planning, Capital Investment Proposals.
Operations Research Deterministic models such as Linear Programming and its variations, probabilisticmodels such as Decision Trees, Queuing, Simulation.
Rail, Road and Air Cargo Logistics Transportation and logic, Railway and Logistics Contours, Roadways and Logistics Contours, Air Transportation in logistics, Coordination among different segments.

MBA Logistics Management Course Structure

The course structure in MBA logistics is divided into four semesters, with the first semester having the same common subjects as all the MBA courses. The specialisation's core subjects start in the second semester, and electives begin in the third year. In general, the course structure for the MBA logistics syllabus includes the following:

  • Core subjects
  • Elective subjects
  • Seminar
  • Research paper publications
  • Viva
  • Survey
  • Internship
  • Mini project
  • Presentations
  • Main project

MBA Logistics Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

In the teaching methodology of the MBA logistics syllabus, the aspirant's efficiency is focused on business administration, business skills, data management, and logistics management. Listed below are a few teaching methodologies and techniques:

  • Personality development training
  • Practical sessions
  • Workshop
  • Research papers
  • Case methodology
  • Thesis writing 
  • Group projects
  • Survey research
  • Computer lab
  • Language lab

MBA Logistics Management Projects

The MBA Logistics syllabus contains a range of projects that evaluate a candidate's aptitude in many areas of logistics, such as operation, packaging, transportation, trade laws, and delivery. Given below are the MBA Logistics management syllabus projects:

  • Firm's Logistics Strategies
  • Inventory Effects on Supply Chain and Logistics
  • DHL Logistics Project
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management of RCF
  • Logistics Collaboration in Supply chains
  • Benefits of Information Exchange and Supply Chain Strategies 

MBA Logistics Management Reference Books

Listed below are a few reference books for Logistics MBA Syllabus:

Books Authors
Logistics & Supply Chain Management Martin Christopher
Logistical management Donald J. Bowersox
Sustainable Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Principles and Practices for Sustainable Operations and Management Alexander Trautrims, Chee Yew Wong, and David B. Grant
Logistics Management and Strategy Alan Harrison, Remko Van Hoek, Heather Skipworth
Textbook of Logistics and Supply Chain Management D. K. Agrawal

MBA Logistics Management Fee Structure


What is MBA in logistics management?

The MBA in logistics management provides advanced theoretical knowledge and practical abilities for delivering personalised logistics solutions.

What is syllabus of MBA logistics management?

The syllabus of MBA logistics includes subjects such as Operations Management, Accounting and Financial Management, IT Skills, etc.

Is MBA in logistics good?

Yes, MBA in Logistics Management is one of the best courses in terms of career scope and opportunities.

How many subjects are there in MBA logistics?

In MBA Logistics syllabus, there are about 4 major courses; Logistics, Operations, Planning and Sourcing.

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