ISC 12th Registration 2019

ISC 12th Board Registration 2019


ISC Result 2019 declared. Click on the link below to check Result.

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  • ISC 12th Registration Form was released online at the official site of the board. The Registration process can be through the online medium, the ISC affiliated schools are responsible to get the registration done for the board appearing candidates.

  • It is obligatory for the candidates to fill the ISC 12th Registration or Application Form at the latest the last date. The registration for the theory, as well as practical examination, will be done at once. Whereas for the private candidate's registration will be done online and candidates can contact their respective school to complete the process.

Steps to ISC 12th Fill Registration Form 2019:

Step by Step procedure to fill ISC 12th Registration Form is:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of the ISC 12th Board -

  • Step 2: Enter the User Name and Password in the space provided, and click on the Login button. 

ISC 12th Registration Form 2019

  • Step 3: In the Careers Home page, click on the e-Registration tile to open the Registration landing page.

Note: The Registration Module for ISC Examinations allows you to register the following categories of candidates:

  •  Candidates who have passed the Class 10th Examination from school.

  •  Candidates of other Boards who have secured eligibility from the Council.

  •  Candidates who have failed Class XI and have been detained from the school.

 Other Types of Candidates:

  •  Candidates who have passed the Class 10th Examination from other CISCE affiliated schools.

  • Step 4: In the Registration landing page, from the drop-down menu options under ISC, click on the Registration menu. 

ICSE Registration Process 2019

  • Step 5: At the bottom of the ISC Registration Activation screen, there are two radio buttons against the question. Select the Yes button, and click on the Finish button at the bottom right of the screen.

CISCE 12th Registration 2019

  • Step 6: After going through the instructions, click on the option I have read and understood the above instructions and click on the Proceed button.

CISCE ISC 12th Registration Form 2019

  • Step 7: Carry out the following to Register a New candidate
  1. In the blank Candidate details screen enter the required details.

  2. Upload a Passport size colored photograph of the candidate in school uniform with a white background. 

  3. Capture/Scan and upload the signature of the candidate.

  4. Enter comments if any in the Comments to the Principal text box.

  5. To the bottom right of the screen there are three options: Save, Save & Continue, and Submit to Principal. After entering all the details and uploading all the required documents, if you click on the Save option, the data will be saved in the system, and a confirmation message will appear on top of the screen. The screen will now be ready for Candidate Review. 

  1. After entering all the details and uploading all the required documents, if you click on the Save & Continue option, the data will be saved in the system, and the screen will be ready for candidate review. Blank Candidate Details screen appears on the screen enabling you to add the next candidate. 

  2. Click on the Submit to Principal button after uploading all the required documents. The data will now be saved in the system, and the screen will now be ready for Principal Review. Staff will not be able to make any further changes to the data after submitting the form to the Principal.
  •  Step 8: The page which you need to fill looks like this. Once You enter all the details click on Save and Submit.

ISC 2019 Registration Process

2019 ISC Registration Process 2019

a. All fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.
b. Candidates permitted Second Language Exemption must upload scanned copies of the supporting documents prescribed in the form.

c. Scanned copies of supporting documents must be uploaded if a Guardian's name is proposed.

d. In Group I, Subjects 01 and 50 are compulsory Subjects and will be selected by default.

e. Minimum 1 and maximum 2 Subjects to be selected from Group I apart from the default Subjects.

f. Minimum 2 and maximum 3 Subjects to be selected from Group II.

g. Only 1 Subject to be selected from Group III.

h. If Art is selected as the Subject in Group III, an additional box will open with 4 papers, out of which two must be selected.

i. Students permitted Second Language Exemption to need to study only the two default subjects from Group I. Other subjects in Group I will be disabled.

Steps For registration for ISC examination 2019:

Re-registering a Candidate Using the Search Function:

The Search function allows you to search for Class IX detained candidates from your own school, as well as withdrawn candidates from any CISCE affiliated school, using either the candidate’s Unique ID or Registration Number as the search criterion. To search and add a candidate to the list of candidates for registration, carry out the following steps:

1.. Click on the Search & Add button to the top right of the Candidate Details screen ( highlighted in red).

ISC Registration class 12th 2019

2. Click on the down arrow at the extreme right of the top band. This displays the search criteria options available, namely Unique ID and Registration Number

registration ISC board 2019

3. Enter either the Unique ID or Registration Number of the candidate in the field provided, and click on the Search button. The basic details of the candidate will be displayed below

class 12th ISC Registration 2019

4. Click on the Proceed button to the bottom right of the screen. This will display all the details of the candidate. Since the data displayed in the screen belongs to a candidate who had already been registered previously and is being re-registered, most of the data in the fields will not be editable. The only area where editing is possible is the choice of Subjects. Photograph and signature can be added if this was not uploaded at the time of the original registration.

5. Make the requisite changes and click on the Save button. The modifications made will be saved in the system, and the screen will now be ready for Candidate Review. You can re-visit the page later and make further changes if required.

6. After making the requisite changes, click on the Submit to the Principal option. The modifications made will be saved in the system, and the screen will now be ready for Principal Review. The Staff User will not be able to make any further changes to the data after submitting the form to the Principal.


Making Payment for ISC 12TH Class Registration:

Registration charges have to be paid to CISCE for all candidates, except Detained and Withdrawn candidates. The payment has to be made online using the CAREERS System. Payment options available are through Net Banking, and through use of Credit Cards and Debit Cards. To make payment, carry out the following steps:

  1. Go to the Payment Due row on the ICSE Registration Summary screen :

Registration 2019 isc 12th

2. Click on the View All button if you want to view the list of candidates and make payment for selected candidates from the list.

3. Click on the Pay All button if you want to directly make the payment from this screen. The CAREERS System is integrated with a secure payment gateway. Clicking the Payment button will navigate you to the payment gateway. Follow the usual procedure for making online payments. On completion of the transaction, you will be navigated back to the CAREERS System, where an acknowledgement will be provided with the full transaction details.

After the registration request is submitted to the Council for approval, the Council may get back to the school seeking more clarifications. This usually happens in the case of candidates with Guardian Exemption and Second Language Exemption. A task will then be created automatically, requiring the Principal to respond to the request for more clarification. The task will be visible to the Principal immediately on logging in.

 Registration For Rechecking Steps ISC 12TH Class:

The user can access the recheck link from the Council’s website ( Click on the Results 2019 Link.

ISC 12TH Rechecking 2019

When user clicks on the Apply Recheck button, the user would get navigated to the instruction screen where the user is briefed with the steps and details of the Recheck module. The user then would get the register button to get registered with the council for raising recheck requests. Back to results button is also provisioned for the user to navigate back to the result page.

 ISC 2019 Registration rechecking

The user would then be directed to the User registration page for the registration process further


The hyperlink Register now hyperlinks take the user to the registration form where the user need to provide the details for registration which are an email address, password and a captcha. On successful registration, the user would receive the activation link in the registered email address for activating the user account.

ISC Rechecking registration 2019