ISC 12th Preparation Tips 2024: Check Strategy & Guidelines

Result Date: 06 May '24
Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Oct 16, 2023

ISC 12th Preparation Tips 2024 should be taken seriously and planned well. It is highly recommended that students make notes for each subject and revise them thoroughly which will help them give a quick review of the important chapters before the exam.

Pre-planning and routine study are the key points to prepare for the ISC board exam effectively. A study plan helps students ace their ISC Board examinations.  Solving sample papers must be a priority as they assist students in preparing for the ISC exam efficiently. 

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ISC 12th Syllabus 2023-24 ISC 12th Exam Pattern 2024
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ISC 12th Preparation Tips 2024

Good preparation for the ISC 12th exam requires appropriate planning, thorough revision, and practice. Students should solve previous years' question papers and sample papers to know about the exam pattern, question formats, and marking allocation.   

How to prepare for the ISC 12th board exam 2024?

Some important points regarding the ISC 12th Preparation Tips 2024 are mentioned below. 

Follow the syllabus

Before starting preparation, you should go through the entire syllabus and mark which portions to study and focus more on. Follow the topics that are addressed as "Important" by your teachers. Mark them and revise them.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Before planning your preparation, identify your strong and weak areas. If you do not know them, ask your teachers to help. You have to work on strengthening your strong areas further and converting your weaknesses into strengths.

Plan your studies

Prepare a study plan and devote time to subjects according to your strong and weak areas. Focus on your weak areas first, then move on to the next ones.

Study Smart

Use Mnemonics, revision charts, flashcards, mind maps, or traditional lists. Choose the technique which helps memorize the best.

Solve previous year's question papers:

  • Try to gather previous years' question papers for up to 5 years and practice them. This will help you understand the question pattern and track your preparation.
  • Solve the papers within the stipulated time to learn time management.
  • According to the syllabus, practice diagrams, Venn diagrams, derivations, etc.

Prepare your notes

Prepare your notes while studying. Revising your notes helps in retaining the content better.

Practice writing

Always learn topics by writing them down. After completing each chapter, solve questions from the exercise. Practicing answer writing will enhance your speed, accuracy, and handwriting.

Resolve doubts instantly

Contact your teachers or friends and resolve them quickly whenever a doubt arises. Don't pile them up.

Find time for breaks

Fix a time for taking breaks between studies. Studying continuously for 4-5 hours weakens your brain's capacity and makes it difficult to focus and understand things. You can listen to soft music or read books during breaks. But stay away from your mobile phone or computer.


ISC 12th Preparation Tips 2024 subject-wise

Each subject under ISC 12 requires a different level of preparation that will guide students to score good marks in the exam. The vital ISC 12th preparation tips for each stream are given below:

Preparation Tips for ISC 12th 2024: Science Stream

The science stream consists of subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Solving sample papers and practicing the application-based questions by referring to NCERT books are highly recommended for building strong preparation. The ISC 12th 2024 Preparation Tips for subjects under the science stream are given below:

  • Mathematics: Schedule everything first, placing the topics you are most confident about first, the easier topics in the middle, and finally, the more challenging items at the end.
  • English: Students studying English can also use previous year's exam questions to find the types of questions asked and then revise. You can improve your exam insight and concept clarity by practicing more.
  • Physics: Many students dislike physics, while others don't do their best to prepare for it. Physics might get boring if you don't take an interest in it. It would help if you became interested in it.
  • Chemistry: Learn the properties of the elements by studying the Periodic Table. Make sure you understand analytical chemistry.
  • Biology: Practice equations and diagrams for biology every hour between concepts and subjects. Add charts and posters of various terms in your room so you can always refer to them.

Preparation Tips for ISC 12th 2024: Commerce Stream

Accountancy, Economics, and Business studies are the most important subjects under the commerce stream of ISC 12th. Practicing the previous year's question papers and sample papers is highly recommended to score good marks in commerce-based subjects. The following are the ISC 12th 2024 Preparation Tips for subjects under the commerce stream of ISC class 12. 

  • Accountancy: It is important to understand the theoretical aspects of each chapter of accountancy that will help them to solve the application-based questions along with accounting problems such as Final accounts, Ratio and analysis, Cash Flow Statements, etc. 
  • Economics: Students should gain a clear understanding of each chapter by knowing the subject matter. Students should practice the important formulas, diagrams, graphs, and tables.  
  • Business Studies:  Review the previous years' question papers to understand the question pattern and marking allocation. They should also review the answer keys to get clarity about the ideal pattern of answers. 

Preparation Tips for ISC 12th 2024: Arts Stream

The arts stream under the ISC 12th exam mostly consists of subjects such as Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology, etc. The ISC 12th 2024 Preparation Tips for a few subjects under the arts stream are given below. Students can apply similar suggestions for other arts-based subjects to score good marks in the ISC board exam. 

  • Geography: Students should thoroughly study and revise each chapter by referring to the NCERT Books. It is recommended to practice maps and make cue cards to know about the important locations and facts. 
  • History: Students are required to know about the exam pattern by solving the model papers and previous years' question papers.  They should prepare notes of each chapter and make charts of important historical events and dates. 
  • Sociology: It is recommended for students to understand the crux of each chapter of sociology. They should make notes, highlight important facts, and focus on the clarity of the concepts. A thorough revision before the exam will assist them in memorizing concepts and theories. 


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