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Roumik Roy
Roumik Roy

Updated on - Oct 12, 2023

ISC 12th books 2024 are curated based on the recent curriculum of the board exam which will be conducted by the CISCE from February 2024 to March 2024 (tentative). Students will require the books prescribed by CISCE to perform better in the ISC 12th board exam.

CISCE issues a new list of ISC books for class 12 every year with numerous suggestions for reference books for each subject. Students can pick up any book from the list for each subject. The ISC 12th 2024 books can be purchased from any online store or offline bookshop. 

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ISC 12th Books

The ISC 12th board exam 2024 booklist is prepared according to the recent curriculum. Candidates are required to study every chapter in each book to attain all the questions in the ISC 12th examination. The table below represents the names of ISC books for class 12 for all streams:

ISC Booklist for Science Stream

ISC 12th 2024 books for the science stream are divided into groups that include theoretical and practical aspects. The list of ISC 12th books 2024 for the subjects of the Science stream is given below:

ISC Science Stream Books
Subjects Books
Physics (Theory) ISC Physics Book II for Class XII by P. Vivekanandan, D.K. Banerjee & Anand V. Karthik
ISC Nootan Physics Class 12 by Kumar.Mittal Nageen Prakashan
New Simplified Physics, For Class 12th by S. L. Arora
Modern’s ABC Of Practical Physics for Class-12 by Ashok Sharma
Physics (Practical) Nootan ISC Physics Lab Manual Class XII
Chemistry ISC Nootan Chemistry Class 12 by HC Srivastava
S Chand ISC Chemistry for Class 12 by RD Madan and BS Bisht
Physical and Inorganic Chemistry by KL Chugh
Modern’s ABC Of Practical Chemistry for Class-12 by S. Kiran, Kavya
The Language of Chemistry or Chemical Equations by G.D. Tuli & P.L. Soni
Physics Chemistry NOOTAN ISC Chemistry Lab-Manual XII
Biology S. Chand A Textbook of ISC Biology Class 12 by Importance of ISC 12th Books

ISC Booklist for Commerce Stream

The table below lists the books under the Commerce stream for ISC Class 12:

ISC Commerce Stream Books
Subjects Books
Economics ISC Economics Book II for Class XII by Dr. Abhijit Das and Dr. Kalyan Basu
Frank ISC Economics Class-12 by D K Sethi, U Andrews
Essentials of Economics: Textbook for ISC Class 12 by I.C. Dhingra
Understanding ISC Economics Class- XII by B L Gupta
Accountancy New ISC Accountancy Class – XII (Volume I and II) by D.K. Goel and Rajesh Goel
An Aid to Accountancy – ISC XII by T.S. Grewal, H.S. Grewal, G.S. Grewal, R.K. Khosla
ISC Accountancy for Class XII (Part A and B) by Balbir Singh
Commerce S Chand’s ISC Commerce -Volume II (for Class-XII) by Dr. C B Gupta
Essentials of Commerce: Textbook for ISC Class 12 by Sandhita Purbi Vijay Kapur
ISC Commerce Class- XII by T.N. Chhabra and Ankur Chhabra
Concepts of Commerce: Textbook for ISC Class 12 by Najmi Salim, Naresh Handa and Swarup Biswas
Business Studies ISC Business Studies Part 2 for Class XII by C.B. Gupta

ISC Booklist for Arts Stream

Find below the names of reference books for the ISC Arts stream to prepare for the final exam:

ISC Arts Stream Books
Subjects Books
History ISC History For Class XII by Sachhidananda Banerjee
ISC History Class XII by Sonia Ismail and Piya Ray
Sociology ISC Sociology For Class – 12 by Manjir Ghosh
Principles of Sociology with an Introduction to Social Thought by Shankar Rao
Social Anthropology by Madan & Majumdar
Geography ISC Geography for Class 12 by D.R Khullar
Oswaal Question Bank Class 12 Geography Book by Oswaal
Political Science ISC Political Science Class 12 by K.K. Ghai
MBD Class 12 Political Science by V.K Puri

ISC Booklist for General Subjects

The ISC 12th books for general subjects are given below:

ISC General Subjects Books
Subjects Books
English Paper I (Language) Complete Course In ISC English – I by Oswal Publishers
Complete Course Workbook English 1: ISC Class 12 by Oswal Publishers
Total English ISC XII by Xavier Pinto, Pamela Pinto
English Paper II (Literature) Textbook: Much Ado About Nothing by CGP Publication
Drama Reference Book: Key Stage Three Shakespeare
Prose: ISC Collection of Short Stories by Inter-University Press Pvt. Ltd.
Poetry: ISC Collection of Poems by Frank Brothers and Co. (Publishers Ltd)
Physical Education Nootan ISC Physical Education Class XII by Dr. M.L. Kamlesh, Nageen Prakashan
Health and Physical Education, Dr. V.K. Sharma, New Saraswati House India Pvt. Ltd.


The selection of proper books for the ISC 12th exam can be confusing as there are several books for each subject. However, each book contains diverse knowledge and insights that can be useful in understanding the subject matter and relevant concepts. Students can also use the additional books as references. The following are some of the ways to select ISC 12th 2024 Books.

  • Students should select the books according to the recent ISC 12th syllabus 2024. 
  • Many schools also provide ISC 12th 2024 Books based on the standard curriculum. 
  • Candidates should choose books that provide concepts and topics that are easy to understand and written in an uncomplicated language. 
  • It is recommended to follow the NCERT books to cover all the important chapters for the ISC 12th exam. 
  • Students can also refer to ISC 12th 2024 Books from previous academic years. 


ISC books for class 12 are essential for students to understand the subjects and prepare for the examination thoroughly. Concepts covered in class 12th standard textbooks can assist students to succeed in their board exams and later in competitive exams.

  • ISC books for class 12 are essential for students to understand the subjects and prepare for the examination thoroughly.
  • Concepts covered in class 12th standard textbooks can assist students to succeed in their board exams and later in competitive exams.
  • ISC 12th books are updated concerning the latest syllabus.
  • Follow the ISC 12th books and if needed, purchase reference study materials.


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