NEET Study Material 2024: Subject-wise PDFs for Preparation

Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Jan 9, 2024

NEET Study Material 2024 consists of NCERT books, previous year question papers, sample papers, reference books for NEET 2024, online resources, flashcards and diagrams, and materials provided by the coaching institutions. Aspiring candidates must utilize these NEET #tear study materials for positive outcomes in the NEET exams.

The NEET exam covers Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, and candidates are advised to cover all three sections of each subject. The study materials should follow the current NEET Syllabus 2024 and pattern. Choosing the right study material for NEET to prepare for the exams is important for NEET candidates.

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NEET Study Material 2024

To prepare for the NEET exam, candidates have the option to access study materials both online and offline. When selecting study resources, it is important to ensure they comprehensively cover all the required topics. The materials should provide a comprehensive understanding of the exam format, test-taking strategies, and the topics covered on the NEET exam. 

Candidates should also consider using multiple resources to gain a well-rounded understanding of the concepts. It is recommended to practice with mock tests and previous year's question papers to gain familiarity with the exam format and identify areas that need more attention. By utilizing the right resources and strategies, candidates can confidently tackle the NEET exam.

NEET Study Material 2024

NCERT Books for NEET

The NCERT textbooks for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the fundamentals of NEET preparation 2024. The clarity and depth of concepts presented in these books make them indispensable for building a strong foundation. Candidates can download the NCERT textbooks from the link in the table below.

NCERT Textbooks Download Link Click Here

How to Download NCERT Textbooks?

Candidates can access the NCERT books from the official website. Follow the steps given below to download the NCERT textbooks.

  • Step 1. Visit the official NCERT website.
  • Step 2. On the homepage, navigate to the 'Publication' section.
  • Step 3. Click on 'PDF I-XII'.
  • Step 4. Candidates will be redirected to the 'Online Textbook Section'.
  • Step 5. Select the class, subject, and book based on the syllabus. Click 'Go' to access the PDF. For example, to get the NCERT Biology Class XII Book, select Class XII, Biology, and the book. 
  • Step 6. A page containing all the chapters PDF and the entire book PDF will open up.
  • Step 7. Download the PDFs chapter-wise or the PDF of the entire book.

NCERT Books PDF Download Link

NCERT textbooks are considered the best books for NEET preparation. For the ease of candidates, the direct links for NCERT textbooks containing a detailed breakdown of the chapters required for NEET exams are provided below: 

NCERT Textbooks PDF 
Standard NCERT Textbooks for NEET

Class XI
NCERT Physics 
NCERT Chemistry
NCERT Biology

Class XII
NCERT Physics
NCERT Chemistry
NCERT Biology

Reference Books for NEET 2024 Exam

While NCERT is crucial, certain topics may benefit from additional perspectives. For Biology, books by Trueman or Dinesh are popular choices. Authors like HC Verma, OP Tandon, or Morrison & Boyd provide supplementary insights into Chemistry and Physics.

A list of reference books for NEET is given in the table below.

Subjects Reference Books Authors

Concepts of Physics  H.C. Verma
NEET Objective Physics D.C. Pandey

Organic Chemistry for NEET O.P Tandon
Organic Chemistry Morrison & Boyd

Truman’s Objective Biology M.P Tyagi and Dr. Goyal
Dinesh Objective Biology K Bhatia and K.N. Bhatia

NEET Previous Year Question Papers

Solving NEET Previous Year Question Paper is an invaluable tool for understanding the exam's pattern and gaining insights into the types of questions asked. Regular practice with previous years' papers aids in refining time management skills and identifying recurrent topics.

Candidates can refer to the following previous year-wise question papers given below:

NEET Mock Tests

Mock tests, designed to simulate the exam environment, help candidates assess their preparation level. They offer a practical gauge of a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted improvement.

Candidates can download the NEET Mock Test 2024 given below and practice them.

NEET Mock Tests
NEET Free Mock Tests  Download PDFs
NEET Mock Test 1 Download
NEET Mock Test 2 Download
NEET Mock Test 3 Download
NEET Mock Test 4 Download
NEET Mock Test 5 Download

Making NEET Notes

Notes are considered the best personlised study materials for any exam. Making effective NEET Notes 2024 can be a crucial factor in cracking the exam. To make effective NEET notes, candidates must read through the syllabus and jot down important pointers for each topic. It is crucial to identify what to note down and what to omit.

Students must organize NEET Study Material 2024, notes well and avoid borrowing or copying notes. They must read through the topic multiple times before preparing notes, keep everything handy and make notes of their mistakes. Students must prepare notes with utmost care to create a personalized tool for revision.

Other Resources for NEET

Preparing for the NEET exam can be a daunting task, but with the right NEET Study Material 2024, resources and study techniques, it can be made easier. Listed below are some other resources that can help candidates prepare effectively for the NEET exam.

  • Youtube Learning: Utilize educational content available on YouTube. Many channels offer in-depth explanations, problem-solving sessions, and tips for NEET preparation. Channels like NEETprep, Biology by Dr. Akanksha Agarwal, and Physics Wallah provide valuable insights.
  • Utilize online platforms: Various websites and apps offer NEET study materials, video lectures, and mock tests. Platforms like Khan Academy, Embibe, and Aakash iTutor provide flexibility and interactive learning experiences.
  • Enhance memory retention: Use flashcards containing important formulas, reactions, and concepts. Visual aids like diagrams and flowcharts can also aid in better conceptualization and efficient revision.
  • Use coaching institute study material: Coaching institute study material is tailored to the exam's specifics. These materials often include structured notes of NEET study material pdf, practice questions, and assessments, providing a comprehensive approach to NEET preparation.



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