IIT JAM 2019 Reference Books

Exam Date : 10th February 2019
Result Date : 20th March 2019

IIT JAM Reference Books 2019

IIT JAM 2019 Reference Books

The below listed are the reference books for the preparation of IIT JAM

Physics Books

Mathematical Methods

  • Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

  • Mathematical Physics by H.K. Das

  • Introduction to Mathematical Methods in Physics – Mary L. Boas

Mechanics & General Properties of Matter

  • Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow

  • Mechanics by D.S. Mathur

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma

Oscillations, Wave and Optics

  • Physics of Waves and Oscillations by N.K. Bajaj

  • Optics by Ajoy Ghatak

Electricity and Magnetism

Introduction to Electrodynamics by David J. Griffiths

Kinetic Theory, Thermodynamics

  • Thermodynamics by Garg, Bansal and Ghosh

  • Fundamentals of Statistical Mechanics and Thermal Physics by F. Reif.

Solid State Physics, Devices and Electronics

  • Solid State Physics by Puri Babbar

  • Semiconductor Physics by Streetman

  • Electronic devices and circuit theory by Boylestad and Nashelsky

  • Op-Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits by Ramakant A. Gayakwad

  • Digital Fundamentals by Floyd

Mathematics Books

  • Integral Calculus: F. Ayres (Schaum’s), Gorakh Prasad

  • Vector Calculus: Murray R. Spiegel (Schaum’s), A.R.Vasishtha

  • Linear Algebra: Seymour Lipschitz (Schaum’s), H. Anton, A.R.Vasishtha.

  • Ordinary Differential Equation: Peter J. Collins, G.F. Simmons, M.D. Raisinghania.

  • Principle of Real Analysis: S. C. Malik.

  • Real Analysis: H. L. Royden.

  • Modern Algebra: A. R. Vasishtha 8. University Algebra: N. S. Gopalakrishnan.

Chemistry Books

Physical Chemistry

  • Atomic and Molecular Structure: Physical Chemistry–Peter W. Atkins

  • Theory of Gases: Physical Chemistry–Peter W. Atkins

  • Chemical Thermodynamics: Physical Chemistry–Thomas Engel & Phillip Reid

  • Chemical and Phase Equilibria: Principals of Chemical Equilibrium & Phase Rule –K.G. Denbigh

  • Electrochemistry: An Introduction to Electrochemistry–Samuel Glasstone

  • Chemical Kinetics: Chemical Kinetics – Keith J. Laidler

  • Solid State: Solid State–Peter W. Atkins

  • Adsorption: Introduction to Surface Chemistry & Catalysis – Gabor A. Somorjai

  • Basic Mathematical Concept: Differential Equation & Matrices–Shanti Narayan

Inorganic Chemistry

  • Periodic Table: Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee

  • Chemical Bonding and Shapes of compounds: Inorganic Chemistry – Meissler & Tarr

  • Main Group Elements (s and p blocks): Concise Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee

  • Transition Metal (d block): Concise Inorganic Chemistry – James E. Huheey

  • Analytical Chemistry: Quantitative Inorganic Analysis – A. I. Vogel

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry: Inorganic Chemistry – James E. Huheey

  • Instrumental Method of Analysis: Instrumental method – Skoog, Holler & Crouch

Organic Chemistry

  • Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry and Stereochemistry: Stereochemistry Conformation and Mechanism-P.S. Kalsi

  • Organic Chemistry: Clayden, Greeves, Warner and Wothers

  • Organic Chemistry: Carey & Sundberg

  • Natural Products Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Vol-II) – I. L. Finar

  • Heterocyclic Chemistry: Organic Chemistry (Vol-I) – I. L. Finar

  • Qualitative organic Analysis: Introduction to Spectroscopy – Pavia, Lampman, Kriz, Vyvyan

Geology Books

The Planet Earth

  • Physical geology- Mukherjee Geo-dynamic

  • Evolution of India- K S Valdiya


  • Geomorphology- M.J. Selby

  • Introduction to Geomorphology by Kale, VS, and Gupta

  • A Remote Sensing Geology by R.P. Gupta

Structural Geology

  • Structural Geology- Prof. Haakon Fossen

  • Structural Geology- S.K. Ghosh/Billings/Davis


  • Palaeontology: Ecosystems, Environments, and Evolution by Brenchley, P.J. and Harper, D.A.T.

  • Introduction to Paleontology by Arnold


  • Fundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of India by Ravindra Kumar

  • Stratigraphic principles and practice by J.M. Weller.


  • Mineralogy by Dexter Perkins/Cornelis Klein

  • Optical Mineralogy by Paul F. Kerr

  • Optical Mineralogy by P.K. Verma


  • An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic.

  • Petrology by John D. Winter

  • Igneous Petrology by M.K. Bose

Economic Geology

  • Industrial minerals and rocks of India by Deb

  • Economic Mineral Deposits by Bateman, A.M., and Jensen, M.L.

  • Ore deposits of India their distribution and processing by Gokhale, K.V.G.K. and Rao

Applied Geology

  • Hydrogeology- Todd and Karanth

  • Groundwater by H.M. Ragunath

Mathematical Statistical Books


  • Fundamentals of Mathematical statistics: S.C. Gupta & V.K. Kapoor

  • An introduction to probability and statistics: V.K. Rohatgi

  • Introduction to Mathematical statistics: Robert V. Hogg and Craig Mckean Hogg

  • Introduction to the theory of statistics: Mood and Graybill

Biological Science Books

  • Life Sciences: Fundamentals and Practice – I, II: Pranav Kumar, Usha Mina

  • Principles of Genetics: Gardner, Simmons, Snustad

  • Cell and Molecular Biology: Karp

  • Biochemistry: Jeremy M. Berg, Lubert Stryer, John L. Tymoczko

  • Developmental Biology: Scott F. Gilbert, Susan R. Singer

  • Kuby Immunology: Barbara A. Osborne, Richard Goldsby

  • Essentials of Physiology: Lauralee Sherwood

  • Molecular Biology of the Cell: Bruce Alberts

  • Microbiology: John P. Harley, Donald Klein

Biotechnology Books

  • General Reading (Chemistry, Math, Physics): CERT for General reading and MCQ Books by Dinesh or Pradeep

  • Microbiology: Microbiology by Prescott, Pelczar

  • Biochemistry: Biochemistry by Lehninger

  • Molecular Biology: Molecular Biology by Watson

  • Cell Biology: Bruce Alberts or Lodish

  • Development Biology: Gilbert

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Discussion Forum

what are the books referred for biological sciences and courses?????

what are the books referred for biological sciences and courses?????

Asked By: deepthi,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Deepthi,

The books which you can refer for IIT JAM for biological science are:

  • Life Science: Fundamentals and Practice by Pranav Kumar, Usha mina

  • Molecular Biology of the Cell by Bruce Alberts

You can also go through IIT JAM Reference Book, Click here.

IIT JAM Preparation books

Hello, I am a student of B.tech Computer Science and currently Preparing for the IIT JAM 2018 without coaching. I have to go for the M.Sc. in the Mathematics which is the best books for the preparation of IIT JAM 2018.

Asked By: twinkle ,

Answer By: GetmyuniEnterprise

Hi Twinkle,

To get and know about books you should refer, click here.

Good Luck.

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