Syllabus & Subjects for Bachelor of Arts [BA] (Hons.):

BA Hons Subjects

Area of Study



This course helps students to nurture strong skills in writing poems, articles, and essays related to the context.


This course provides an in-depth knowledge regarding the ancient history of India and more.


This course introduces the basics of Social behavior, its origin, organization, networks, and institution.

Public administration

This course focuses on the various aspects of Public Administration in India and is ideal for students choosing a career in Public Administration.


This course introduces the basic concepts of Mathematics and its various branches. Since the course includes application based modules, it is perfect for students with professional career aspirations.


This course explains the basic concepts related to Indian and Western Philosophy. This paper aims to explain the ethics, value, and culture of a society.

Political science

Political Science deals with the forms of government and channels of power and the application of the theory of Politics.


This course focuses on Hindi language and literature and delves into the grammar as well as the history of Hindi literature.


This course aims at introducing the basic concepts of Physical Geography and to acquaint the student with the use and application of Physical Geography in different environments.

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