MBA in Hotel Management syllabus aims to train students in different hotel industry areas, including food and beverages, events and meetings, tourism facilities, lodging, entertainment, etc. The course also aims to prepare students in accounting, corporate law, human resources management, financial management and marketing.

Semester Wise MBA in Hotel Management Syllabus

The main subjects in MBA Hotel Management syllabus include food and beverage management, event management, hospitality law and many more subjects are included in the curriculum which will focus on making professionals in the hotel management industry. Semester wise MBA in Hotel Management subjects are listed below:

MBA in Hotel Management First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Accommodation Management Human Resource Management
Food and Beverage Management Marketing Management
Nutrition & Dietetics Bar Management
Food Microbiology Accounting for Management
Office Management Marketing of Services
Customer Relationship Management Event Management
MBA in Hotel Management Second Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Financial Management Hospitality Sales and Marketing
Energy Conservation & Management Competitive Marketing 
Facilities Management Strategic Management
Hospitality Law Management Information System
Tourism Management Research Project

MBA in Hotel Management Subjects

MBA Hotel Management syllabus can be divided as practical, projects, theory, seminars and case studies. Students can choose elective subjects in MBA Hotel Management based on their personal interests, career scopes or future education goals. Core Subjects:

  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Management for Hospitals
  • Biostatistics and Operation Research
  • Epidemiology Concepts
  • Healthcare Information System
  • Quality Assurance
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration

Apart from core subjects, there are some elective subjects for each semester. Students can choose their electives from the options provided to them by their institution. Some of the elective subjects are:

  • Quality Management and Insurances
  • Networking
  • International Healthcare Management 
  • Management of Super Speciality Systems
  • Ambulance and Transport Management
  • Medical Tour Operations Management
  • Research Methods In Business 

MBA in Hotel Management Course Structure

The course structure is designed as core and elective subjects along with strategy and research-based projects. In the first year of the program, the student will be introduced to all the core and basic management subjects as the foundation. After the necessary foundation is strong, in the second year of college, the students are given a choice of topics to choose their elective according to their preference and areas of interest. The students will also have to do a significant project in their specialization and summer internships to get an insight into the business world's functioning.

MBA Hotel Management Teaching Methodology and Techniques

An MBA in Hotel Management in India teaches various concepts relevant to hotel management professionals. Hotel. Teaching methods and techniques should be effective for the aspirants to gain in-depth knowledge of the hotel industry. The various methods of teachings include lecture-based, case study, group projects, research projects and internships. Practical training and case-based study will help the students gain more experience to excel in their careers.

MBA in Hotel Management Projects 

MBA Hotel Management involves hotel and management concepts. The purpose of the project is to employ hotel management tasks in a project that will help improve the industry's understanding. A project in this field will also motivate the students to learn more and obtain essential skills for the hotel management industry in today's world. Popular Hotel Management projects are:

  • Methods of Increasing Preventative Care Measures
  • Medical Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Safety and Privacy Regulation Compliance
  • Benefits and Problems with Hospital Ratings
  • A Cost Analysis Study in General Ward of a Hospital to Develop User Charges

MBA in Hotel Management Reference Books

Some of the books an MBA in Hotel Management graduate can refer are:

Book Author
Hotel Hostel and Hospital Housekeeping Joan C Branson & Margaret Lennox
Clinical Dietetics & Nutrition F.P.Anita
Principles of Food Science Borgstrom & Macmillon
Business Communication K.K.Sinha
Effective Human Resource Development Neal E. Chalofskey, Carlene Reinhart
Hospitality Facilities Management & Design David M Stipanuk & Harold Hoffman
Text Book of Hotel Maintenance MS Swaminathan

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