MCM Jobs:

There are a good number of jobs are available for MCM graduates. Some of the job descriptions are mentioned below:

Designations Details
Information Systems Manager
The individual has to work on the IT development related projects and manage a group of individuals who are working on it formally.
Computer Systems Analyst
The professional again have very much experience in the field of computer systems and its processor displacements.
Junior Programmer
The individual have to write codes and manage the projects related to the IT sector profession.
Computer Support Service Specialist
The specialist manage the services provided to the customers in regards to the computer and other applications.
Software Publisher
The professionals have to develop content on the basis of the requirement of the projects and task assigned in regards to the website development.
Computer Presentation Specialist
The specialist has to be a presentation fantasy guy where he/she have to develop presentations on the projects.
Software Developer
The developer has
to be the best in the domain of coding and other finer aspects of the same.
Commercial and Industrial Designer
The designer has to dedicate its entire time on the designing aspects in the domain of Industrial knowledge.
Systems Administrator
The administrator have to look after the system analysis and its other data administration activities.
Database Administrator
The database administration have to look after the entire scientific database and prolific requirements of the same to the employees.
Computer Scientist
The scientists have to produce the algorithms and link it to the system penetration with the right amount of acknowledgement.

MCM Jobs for Freshers:

MCM freshers are always in the market. The list of jobs available for MCM freshers are listed below:

  • Full Stack Java Developer
  • Commercial Analytics
  • Software Developer
  • PHP Programmer
  • .Net Developer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Program Engineer
  • Technical Support Associate
  • Test Engineer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Desktop Support Engineer

MCM Government Jobs & Private Jobs:

There are multiple job opportunities available for MCM graduates both in the public and private sectors. Some of the jobs are listed below:

  • Database Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Software Developer
  • cloud Developer
  • Software Publisher
  • Junior Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • PHP Programmer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Information System Manager
  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • Commercial and Industrial Designer

MCM Jobs Abroad:

There is a huge demand for MCM graduates abroad. These are the list of jobs available for MCM graduates abroad:

  • Data Specialist
  • Development Specialist
  • Administrative Assistant
  • IT Specialist
  • Associate Program Manager
  • Research Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Technical Specialist
  • Regional Manager
  • Technical Analyst
  • Data Management Specialist
  • Management Support Specialist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Center Computer Operator
  • Management Analyst
  • Customer Service Supervisor

Salary Scale for MCM Course:

The minimum salary of an employee with a degree in Master of Computer Management [MCM] is Rs.3,80, and the maximum salary may range Rs.8,00, Which differs based on one's skills and experience.

Average Salary based on Job Position for Master of Computer Management [MCM]:

Salary offered based on job position for MCM is mentioned below. Which differs based on one's skills and experience. 

Salary Offered for Master of Computer Management [MCM]

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Master of Computer Management [MCM]:

Key Stats based on gender, year of experience, cities and job satisfaction is mentioned below. 

 Key Stats for Master of Computer Management [MCM]:

Source: Payscale

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