PUNJAB PMET 2019 Reference Books

Exam Date : 14th July 2019 To 15th June 2019
Result Date : 16th July 2019

Punjab PMET 2019 Reference Books

There are no fixed books demanded by PMET, but here is a list of few recommended books which can be useful.

  • Universal Self Scorer Biology

  • Oswaal 10 Mock Test Papers.

  • LP Golden Excel by Dr. J.K. Juneja, S. Jawa, Dr. J. P. Sharma

  • Edusys Advanced Explorer

Since the questions are based on the 11th and 12th Class, the NCERT Books can be referred for basic study which is as follows:

Name of the Reference Book


Book Cover 

NCERT Physics 11th and 12th


NCERT Physics 11th
NCERT Physics 12th

NCERT Chemistry 11th and 12th



NCERT Maths 11th
NCERt Chemistry 12th

NCERT Biology 11th and 12th



NCERT 11th Biology
NCERT 12th Biology

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