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Hafsha Qureshi
Hafsha Qureshi

Updated on - Apr 28, 2024

NATA rank predictor 2024 will help the candidates determine their respective ranks before the arrival of results. NATA 2024 rank predictor gives candidates a head start by letting them know their predicted or real score before the results are released. It does this by comparing the projected rank to the exam marks received.

NATA rank predictor is a useful tool that can help candidates to pursue a career in architecture appear for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA). It is a 5-year program organized by the Council of Architecture (CoA) for admission into the Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch).

NATA 2024 exam is conducted in both online and offline modes. Part A questions are completed online, and Part B drawing section is held offline. Candidates appearing for the exam in all the phases can check their rank with the help of GetMyUni's NATA 2024 rank predictor.

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What is NATA Rank Predictor 2024?

NATA rank predictor 2024 is a helpful tool that intakes the scores of the candidates to determine their probable rank. Candidates appearing for the NATA 2024 exam can check their ranks when the answer keys are released. NATA 2024 rank predictor calculation is based on the simple method.

NATA 2024 exam is held to provide a single framework for administering an aptitude test and make it easier for qualified applicants from across the nation to apply for admission to architecture seats at institutions dispersed throughout the country and avoid taking multiple aptitude tests. Based on data and trends from the prior year, the rank predictor aids in rank prediction.

How to Calculate the Scores for NATA 2024 Rank Predictor?

NATA rank predictor 2024 calculation is possible only when the official authorities release NATA 2024 answer keys. Candidates must visit the official NATA 2024 website to download the answer keys. Next, the analysis of scores begins. Additionally, there are 125 questions, and the total marks for the exam are 200. However, candidates must note that there is no negative marking in NATA 2024.

NATA 2024 Score Calculation Method

NATA Score = (Number of correct MCQ x 1) + (Number of correct MSQ x 2) + (Number of correct NAQ x 3)

NATA Marking Scheme 2024

Question Type








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How to Use the NATA Rank Predictor 2024 Tool?

The steps of using the NATA rank predictor 2024 are easy. Any candidate with a valid score can access the NATA 2024 rank predictor tool. Besides, candidates must register with GetMyUni to access the rank predictor of NATA 2024. Candidates already registered with us can access the NATA rank predictor 2024 immediately. Following are the steps involved in using the NATA 2024 rank predictor:

  • Candidates must visit the NATA rank predictor tool 2024 at GetMyUni.
  • Fill in all the required fields with correct information on NATA rank predictor.

The information needed is as follows:

  • Name
  • Mobile No.
  • Email ID
  • Registration Number
  • Total Marks
  • Paper Type
  • Category
  • City
  • Preferred Location

Now, click on the 'Predict My Rank' option.

NATA Rank List 2024 NATA Score Card 2024

Factors depending on NATA Rank Prediction 2024

Several elements influence the NATA cut off 2024 for the various participating institutes because they differ. Let's examine the numerous variables that affect the NATA Cut off 2024.

  • There were overall a lot of candidates that might take the NATA 2024 test.
  • The questions' degree of difficulty
  • Trends in NATA cut off from prior years
  • The overall number of institutions taking part
  • Existence of seats
  • The overall number of qualified candidates
  • NATA Application Category

Benefits of Using the NATA Rank Predictor 2024

Various benefits are associated with the NATA rank predictor 2024 tool. Candidates can check the official website and calculate the probable rank with that score. However, the candidates can calculate their likely scores once the official NATA 2024 answer keys are released. Some of the additional benefits of using the NATA rank predictor 2024 tool are mentioned in the points below:

  • Using the NATA rank predictor 2024 tool is easy and quick.
  • It helps the candidate sort out their desired colleges.
  • It derives a similar rank to that of the official NATA rank.
  • Further, it presents the idea about the performance in the exam.

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NATA Tie-Breaking Policy

The Council of Architecture prepares NATA 2024 merit list based on the student's marks in the entrance exam. The criteria for tie-breaking are considered when more than one student acquires the same score. NATA tie-breaking criteria, when such a situation occurs in the order of preference, are as follows.

  • The candidate with higher marks in the NATA Mathematics section is given preference.
  • The candidate with comparatively fewer incorrect answers in the Mathematics section is considered first.
  • The candidate with higher scores on the Aptitude Test is considered first.
  • The candidate with lesser wrong answers in the Aptitude Test is given preference.
  • The older candidate, concerning age, is given priority.

Top B.Arch Colleges in India

NATA Cut Off 2024

There will be two types of NATA cut 2024. The first will be the minimum marks the candidates must score to qualify for the NATA 2024 exam. The other NATA cut off 2024 will be the college cut off for which each different institute or college has different cut offs.

NATA Cut Off 2024
Part Minimum Marks to Qualify Total Marks
Part A - Mathematics 32 125
Part B - Drawing 18 75

NATA 2024 Qualifying Cutoff

To pass the entrance exam, candidates must score above the NATA 2024 qualifying cutoff. The candidate with the higher score will be considered if they have taken NATA 2024 in two phases.

NATA 2024 Qualifying Cut Off
Particulars Details
Qualifying NATA 2024 Cutoff 70

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NATA 2024 Mark vs Rank Category-wise

The Mark vs Rank details for NATA 2024 are not out yet. However, Applicants can view the merit scores and rankings from last year, as provided by individual universities, here:

NATA Mark vs Rank 2023
College Category Maximum Rank Merit Marks
M.S. University of Baroda- Department of Architecture General (Gujarat board) 10044 72.4
General (CBSE) 20003 80.95
SC (Gujarat board) 10337 64.23
ST (Gujarat board) 11132 54.66
SEBC (Gujarat board) 10152 68.05
CEPT University- Faculty of Architecture General (Gujarat board) 10026 74.05
General (CBSE) 20001 82
SC (Gujarat board) 10222 66.69
ST (Gujarat board) 11451 51.30
SEBC (Gujarat board) 10264 65.78
Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology General (Gujarat board) 10151 68.05
General (CBSE) 20038 72.50
SC (Gujarat board) 11607 48.90
ST (Gujarat board) 11668 47.42
SEBC (Gujarat board) 10460 62.25
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology General (Gujarat board) 10205 62.95
General (Other) 30185 68.95
SC (Gujarat board) 10611 60.15
ST (Gujarat board) 11628 48.46
SEBC (Gujarat board) 10813 57.90
Vadodara Design Academy, School of Architecture General (Gujarat board) 10708 59.2
General (Other) 30059 75.5
SC (Gujarat board) 11615 48.68
SC (CBSE) 20300 50.6

Participating Institutes Accepting NATA 2024 for Admissions

NATA 2024 ranks are accepted by these institutes, which are listed below:

NATA 2024 Seat Intake (State Wise)

NATA 2024 seat intakes are listed according to state-wise, for the applicants who will appear in the exam.

NATA Seat Intake 2023
State Seat Intake
Karnataka 896
Maharashtra 5167
Kerala 707
Gujarat 1710
West Bengal 88
Punjab 70
UP 1560
MP 330
Chhattisgarh 138
Goa 140
Haryana 610
Himachal 40
Rajasthan 270
Tamil Nadu 3010


What is NATA rank predictor 2024?

NATA rank predictor 2024 will aid students to determine their respective ranks before results announcements. It provides candidates a head start by letting them know their predicted score before the results are are officially announced by the authorities.

How to calculate scores using NATA 2024 rank predictor?

NATA rank predictor 2024 calculation can be done only when the official authorities announce NATA 2024 answer keys. Candidates must visit the official website to download the answer keys.

How to calculate NATA 2024 scores?

Students are advised to use the following method to calculate the NATA Score = (Number of correct MCQ x 1) + (Number of correct MSQ x 2) + (Number of correct NAQ x 3)

What are the factors depending on the NATA rank prediction 2024?

The rank prediction of NATA scores 2024 depends on difficulty of the exam, number of candidates who appeared for the exam, previous year NATA cut off trends, seat intake per university, and candidate's category.

What is a good rank in NATA exam?

Because NATA is scored on a 200-point scale, 150 or higher is considered a very good score, 120 to 150 is considered a good score, and 90 to 120 is considered average.

How to calculate NATA merit rank?

The NATA merit rank is computed by dividing the NATA score by two, adding it to the class 12 board exam percentage (out of 100), then dividing the sum by two.



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