NATA Mock Test 2021: Download Free Sample Mock Test Papers Pdf

Exam Date

Apr 10, 2021

Result Date

Apr 15, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Architecture


All candidates should include NATA Mock test and sample paper in their preparation routine as one of the most essentials. Taking multiple NATA mock tests and practicing sample test papers plays a significant role in any exam preparation. The mock test is released on the official website by COA. As of now, there are no official dates for the same. Additionally, there are thousands of websites on the internet providing NATA mock tests. As for the NATA sample paper 2021, we have shared a couple of them right down below.

How to take NATA Mock Test 2021?

All the aspiring candidates can take the NATA mock test provided by the conducting authority- COA or any reputable website online by simply signing up and verifying their accounts. Below are some of the steps all candidates will have to follow to take the NATA mock test 2021.

Step 1: Visit the website you want to take the NATA 2021 mock test

Step 2: Sign up on the website if you don't have an account already, you will need a valid email ID.

Step 3: Click on the Mock Test option from the navigation panel

Step 4: Search "NATA 2021 Mock Test" and select the one

Step 5: Read the instruction and click on "Start" button

Benefits of taking NATA Mock Test 2021 

Taking multiple mock tests can help candidates to a great length. NATA mock tests are shared on the official website by the conducting authorities. However, the dates for its release have not been announced as of yet. Many websites on the internet also provide NATA mock test 2021, and candidates can also opt with one of the reputable websites, and most of these NATA mock tests will be provided for free. Below are some of the key benefits of taking the NATA mock test 2021.

  • NATA Mock test will give you a real time taste of the real exam.

  • Solving multiple mock test will help understand the NATA exam pattern in a better way.

  • Candidates will get familiar with the NATA syllabus

  • This can also help you in understanding the type of questions asked in the exam

  • Taking these tests will help you speed up solving process, eventually resulting in better time management.

  • The most important one, once they take an appropriate number of NATA mock test 2021 they will learn their weak areas.

NATA Sample Paper 2021 

Sample test papers are also very important study material for NATA 2021 exam. Similar to previous year question papers the sample papers help the candidates to improve on their speed, accuracy, and time management. Practicing the NATA sample papers will bring confidence to the candidates. They will know exactly which subject to work on and improve further. They will also be able to keep a check on their progress and accordingly make the required changes in their study plan.

Importance of solving NATA Sample Papers 2021 

Solving sample test papers is one of the essential preparation techniques one can follow since the NATA sample papers are designed precisely as the real question paper. Some of the key benefits of solving the NATA sample paper are given below.

  • Getting familiar with the NATA exam pattern, solving these NATA sample papers will improve the candidates familiarity with the exam pattern.
  • It helps in understanding the syllabus for the exam. Once a candidate starts solving a sample test paper, he/she will automatically store the syllabus.
  • Solving sample papers will immensely help the candidate to learn their weaknesses and work on them.
  • This can also improve the student's time management skills. 
  • Better distribute time to each topic and subjects as per their performance in the NATA sample papers.

The NATA sample test papers are provided below in the form of a PDF. Candidates can download them and start practicing.

NATA sample paper 1.pdf


NATA sample paper 2.pdf


NATA sample paper 3.pdf



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