Syllabus and Subjects for Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics and Communication Engineering):


Topics Covered



Applications Of Differentiation, Partial Differentiation & Its Applications, Multiple Integrals And Their Applications, Vector Calculus

To apply mathematics concepts in accordance with electrical studies


Physical Optics, Laser, Wave And Oscillations, Special Theory Of Relativity, Nuclear Physics

To educate students with principles and elements of Physics

Network Analysis & Synthesis

Topology, Transient Response, Network Functions, Characteristics And Parameters Of

Two Port

Networks, Types Of Filters And Their Characteristics, Network Synthesis

To explain students different types of networks and how they function

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Magnetic Circuits And Induction, Principles Of Electromechanical Energy Conversions, Dc Machines, Induction Motor, Synchronous Machines

To educate students with detailed study about electromechanical Energy Conversion

Data Structures

Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists, Graphs, Sorting & Searching

To make students familiar with data structure and its


Semiconductor Devices And Circuits

P-N Junction Diode, Regulated Power Supplies, Transistors, Feedback Oscillators And Power Amplifiers, Field Effect Transistors

To educate students with different kind of semiconductor devices and circuits with its various applications and mechanism

Analog Communication

Noise, Modulation Techniques, Angle Modulation, Transmitter And Receiver

To teach students about the format in which signals are modulated

Basics Of Industrial Sociology, Economics & Management

Meaning Of Social Change, Meaning Of Industrial Economic, Fayol’s Principles Of Management, Marketing Management, Purchasing Management

To help students gain skills of Management and Economics

Computational Techniques

Matrix Inversion, Operational Research, Numerical Solution Of Algebraic & Transcendental Equation, Solution Of Simultaneous Equations, Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential Equation

To make students familiar techniques used to carry out computational operations.

Electronics Instrumentation And Measurements

Measurement And Error, A-C Bridges, Electronic Instruments, Digital Instruments, Transducers, Data Acquisition Systems

Different instrumentation techniques used for electronics is the main objective of this subject.

Digital Electronics

Fundamentals Of Digital Techniques, Combinational Design Using Gates, Combinational Design Using Mst Devices, Sequential Circuits, Digital Logic Families

To provide


the functional details of Digital Electronics.

Signal And Systems

Types Of Signals, Probability Concepts, Discretization Of Analog Signals, System Modeling

To provide students with essential topics about different types of signals and systems.

Fields & Waves

Electric Field And Current, Magnetic Field And Maxwell Equation, The Uniform Plane Wave, Transmission Lines And Waveguides

To make detailed study about electric fields and waves along with Magnetic Field

Antenna And Wave Propagations

Basic Principles And Definitions, Radiating Wire Structures And Antenna Arrays, Aperture Type Antennas, Propagation Of Radio Waves

To teach students basic principles of Antenna and Wave propagation.

Computer Hardware Design

Basic Structure Of Computer Hardware And Software, Processor Design, Control Design, Memory Organization, System Organization

To teach students elements of Computer Hardware Design and Organization