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Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

Kripal Thapa

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Kripal Thapa

The B.Tech Automobile Engineering syllabus offers hands-on experiences over four years. The students learn modern upgraded technologies involved in the automobile industry and the fundamental engineering subjects. Students develop hands-on skills to work with engine spares, design components of automobiles, and design automobiles' fabrication. B.Tech Automobile Engineering subjects cover the engineering principles used in vehicle engineering, such as trucks, cars, motorcycles, buses, etc.

Semester Wise B.Tech Automobile Engineering Syllabus

The B.Tech Automobile Engineering course includes theoretical and practical subjects. B.Tech Automobile Engineering syllabus is divided into eight different semesters. The main B.Tech Automobile Engineering subjects are included from the 2nd year of the course. Below is the semester wise syllabus of B.Tech Automobile Engineering:

B.Tech Automobile Engineering First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
Technical English Engineering Mathematics I
Engineering Mathematics I Introduction to Electronics
Engineering Physics Engineering Graphics (Theory+Lab)
Engineering Chemistry Engineering Physics 2
Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing Technical English 2
Chemistry Laboratory Manufacturing Technology Lab
Computer programming Physics Laboratory
CAD laboratory Engineering Mechanics
Basic Mechanics Engineering Problem Solving Using C
 B.Tech Automobile Engineering Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV
Strength of Materials Theory of Machines
Applied Thermodynamics Automotive Chassis
Solid Mechanics Automotive Petrol Engines
Automotive Engines Mathematics 4
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery (Theory + Laboratory) Automotive Electrical System
Mathematics 3 Measurement and Instrumentation
Thermodynamics Laboratory Automotive Chassis Laboratory
Automotive Engine Components Laboratory Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
 B.Tech Automobile Engineering Third Year Syllabus
Semester V Semester VI
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Automotive Chassis Design
Engine Components Laboratory Vehicle Body Engineering
Automotive Design and Styling Laboratory Automotive Aerodynamics
Automotive electrical and Electronics Control Systems
Material Science and Technology Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Automotive Diesel Engines Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory
Material Science and Technology Control Systems Laboratory
Automotive Transmission Elective 4
 B.Tech Automobile Engineering Fourth Year Syllabus
Semester VII Semester VIII
Vehicle Diagnostics Transport Management and Automobile Industry
Computational Fluid Dynamics Elective 6
Operations Research and Industrial Management Elective 7
Automotive Instrumentation and Embedded System Final Project
Elective 5 Comprehensive Viva-voce
Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Vehicle Diagnostics Laboratory

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Subjects

The syllabus of B.Tech Automobile Engineering is classified into two different parts like core and elective subjects. Students have to submit the internship report in the final year. Students can choose the elective topics as per their area of interest in the automobile sector. Following are the core, lab and elective subjects in B.Tech Automobile Engineering.

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Core Subjects:

  • Automotive Aerodynamics
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Computer Simulation of IC Engine Processes
  • Two and Three-Wheeledskillsets Vehicles
  • Off-road Vehicles
  • Tractor and Farm Equipments
  • Modern Vehicle Technology
  • Vehicle Performance Characteristics
  • Production Management
  • Tool Engineering and Design
  • Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • Foundry Engineering

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Lab Subjects:

  • Chemistry Lab
  • Manufacturing Technology Lab
  • Thermodynamics Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Automotive Chassis Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab
  • Automotive Design and Styling Lab
  • Vehicle Dynamics Lab
  • Engine Components Lab
  • Control Systems Lab
  • Vehicle Diagnostics Lab

Elective subjects in the B.Tech Automobile Engineering course are:

  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Automotive Air-Conditioning
  • Alternative Source of Energy
  • Automotive Pollution and Control
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Microprocessor-based System Design
  • Material Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Facilities Planning

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Course Structure

B.Tech Automobile Engineering syllabus involves lots of practicals. The course is designed to impart experiential knowledge to the students. Hence, the B.Tech Automobile Engineering subjects are both theoretical and practical. The basic course structure is as follows:

  • Core Theory
  • Labs
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Project Work
  • Internship

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Teaching Methodology and Techniques

Understanding the internal combustion engine, automotive structure process, electrical systems, workshop infrastructure, motor transport operations, and research are all included in the B.Tech Automobile Engineering syllabus. Hence, the following teaching methodologies are used in the B.Tech Automobile Engineering course:

  • Theory Lectures
  • Pedagogical Experience
  • Practical Work Experience
  • Research
  • Research Findings Presentation

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Projects

These projects can be used as mini-projects or mega-projects in the B.Tech Automobile Engineering syllabus. Projects are carried out mainly in the third year and final year. To brainstorm plans, conduct research, and innovate, automobile engineering students must act as a squad. It's an excellent way for students to bring their experience and talents together.

Popular B.Tech Automobile Engineering projects are:

  • Electromagnetic Brakes
  • Four-wheel Steering
  • Four-wheel Steering Using Gear and Motor
  • Gearless Power Transmission System
  • Propeller Car
  • Zero-turn Vehicle
  • Two-stroke Engine to Increase the Torque
  • Analysis and Assessment of Dual Brake Circuits
  • Design and Analysis of Crop Cutter
  • Fabrication of Motorized Tri-Cylinder Air Compressor
  • Hand Operated Pneumatic Robot
  • Automatic Traffic Clearance during Emergency
  • Vehicle Fuel Theft System
  • Mechanical Braking System
  • Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Reference Books

Students must consider reading beyond the B.Tech Automobile Engineering syllabus and be proactive in knowing the current trends and possibilities. Here is a list of some reference books for B.Tech Automobile Engineering course:

B.Tech Automobile Engineering Books
Books Author
Vehicle Dynamics: Theory and Application Reza N. Jazar
Thermal Engineering R N Bahi
A Textbook of Automobile Engineering S K Gupta
Mechanical Vibration Dr F B Sayad
TechOne: Automotive Engine Repair Elisabeth Dorries

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