Syllabus and Subjects for Distance B.Tech:

Regardless of the stream you choose, for the first two semesters, the subjects are the same. Such common subjects are listed below:






Programming languages( if any)

Streams Available for Distance B.Tech:

There are numerous streams available. All the listed streams might not be provided by a university. So, before choosing the university, make sure that the stream which you opt for is available in it. The streams available in distance B.Tech is listed below:

Aeronautical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Petrochemical Engineering

Fire Protection Engineering

Automobile Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Genetic Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Plastic Technology

Geomatics Engineering

Architecture Engineering

Polymer Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Biochemical Engineering

Power Electronics

Heat Technology

Biomedical Engineering

Power System Engineering

Industrial Engineering


Printing Technology

Information Technology

Ceramic Technology

Production Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Leather Technology

Civil Engineering

Rubber Technology

Manufacturing Engineering

Clean Technology

Software Engineering

Marine Engineering

Computer Engineering

Space Technology

Material Science and Engineering

Computer Network Systems

Systems Science

Mechanical Engineering

Electrical Controls Engineering

Structural Engineering

Mechatronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Telecommunication Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

Textile Engineering

Mining Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Thermal Engineering


Energy Engineering

VLSI Design

Network and Security Systems

Engineering Management

Water Resources Engineering

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