B.Tech MBA Integrated Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 5 Years
Avg Fees: ₹10 - 20 LPA

Updated on - Aug 22, 2023

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Dual Degree B.Tech MBA syllabus is a five-year-long integrated course whereby the students obtain a B.Tech degree followed by direct admission to the MBA program. The Dual Degree B.Tech MBA subjects are divided into ten semesters, upon completion of which the students will have a sound knowledge of the two streams.

Semester Wise Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Syllabus

The Dual Degree B.Tech MBA course syllabus can differ according to the specialization that the students decide to pursue. Aspirants can choose their specialization in B.Tech and MBA at the time of admission in the course. The Dual Degree B.Tech MBA course combines these two to give an integrated degree qualifying its graduates in both streams. There are some subjects that are common across all institutions despite the specialization. Dual Degree B.Tech MBA subjects list is given below according to the semesters:

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Engineering Physics

Engineering Chemistry

Mathematics - I

Mathematics - II

Engineering Physics Lab

Engineering Mechanics

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Electrical Devices


Strength of Materials

Microprocessors Lab

Thermodynamics Lab

Digital Electronics Lab

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Third Year Syllabus

Semester V

Semester VI

Sensors and Instrumentation

Elective - III

Structural Analysis Lab

Hydraulics Lab

Industrial Automation Lab

Circuit Design Lab

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Fourth Year Syllabus

Semester VII

Semester VIII

Excel Spreadsheet Modelling

Indian Economy in the Global Context

Organizational Behaviour

Managing Stakeholders and Legal Processes

Marketing of Products and Services

Managing Financial Resources


Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Fifth Year Syllabus

Semester IX

Semester X

Leveraging IT for Business

Integrated Decisions Making

Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

Leadership Development

Analyzing and Mitigating Risk

Applied Business Research Project

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Subjects

The Dual Degree B.Tech MBA subjects in the curriculum are designed keeping the needs of the employers of the industry in mind. If aspirants opt for a B.Tech undergraduate course and then pursue an MBA, it would be a six-year long degree. Through this integrated programme, students will be able to finish their education in five years. Listed below are the Dual Degree B.Tech MBA course syllabus and subjects that are core in the curriculum and the students study about:

  • Power Electronics
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning
  • Power Electronics Lab
  • Applied Business Research
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving and Consulting Skills
  • Data Science Using R and Python

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Course Structure

The Dual Degree B.Tech MBA course structure is designed keeping in mind the industry trends in mind. Students learn about topics through a combination of both core and elective subjects. The core subjects are subjects that are considered vital for the student's learning. The elective subjects make the curriculum flexible and diverse. The course structure is given below:

  • X Semesters
  • Dual Degree Integrated Course
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Research Project

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The teaching methodologies of the Dual Degree B.Tech MBA are designed with a mixture of traditional lectures, practical sessions, seminars and group discussions. The course has teaching methodologies and techniques designed to ensure that the students pursuing this course have access to all the infrastructure and facilities available. Listed below are the teaching methodology and strategies in general:

  • Lectures
  • Practical Sessions
  • Research Papers
  • Seminars
  • Group Discussions
  • Internships

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Projects

When pursuing the B.Tech MBA Dual Degree, in the final semesters the students are expected to work on research projects. These research projects are a means for the professors to assess the student’s understanding of the specialization. Some of the popular Dual Degree B.Tech MBA project topics undertaken by the students are mentioned below:

  • Pick and Place Robots
  • Stock Prediction Model
  • CNN-based live tracking
  • A study to identify the retail penetration level of Airtel prepaid cards
  • A comparative study on consumer behaviour about Colgate and Pepsodent paste

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Reference Books

When pursuing a Dual Degree B.Tech MBA, books can be a great investment for the students as they can really help them learn about their specialization in a great depth. Books can be a source of information for the students whereby they can further learn about topics of their interest. Students can rent out the reference books from libraries, download them online or purchase them. Listed below are some of the popular Dual Degree B.Tech MBA books that the students can invest in:

Dual Degree B.Tech MBA Reference Books

Name of Book


Superintelligence: Path, Dangers, Strategies

Nick Bostrom

The computer networking: A top-down Approach

James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross

Bankable Business Plans

Edward Rogoff

The Psychology of Selling

Brian Tracy