BBA Finance Jobs, Salary, Scope

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: INR 7,000-3,50,000 Per Year
Thasleen Mohideen
Thasleen Mohideen

Updated on - Apr 18, 2024

The average BBA Finance salary ranges from INR 3,00,000 - 7,00,000 per annum (Source:AmbitionBox). The entry-level salary ranges from INR 3-4.5 LPA whereas professionals with 3+ years of experience in job roles such as Financial Analyst, Risk Analyst, Financial Advisor, etc can earn up to INR 12 LPA.

The BBA Finance course offers various entry level job opportunities in roles such as Junior Financial Analyst with a starting salary between INR 3-4 LPA, Financial Clerk with a salary ranging between INR 3-5 LPA, Banking Assistant with salary between INR 2.9 - 4.5 LPA, etc. 

The BBA Finance salary may vary based on various factors such as the job designation, experience, location, skill set, etc. Graduates can work in diverse fields such as Banking, Logistics, Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources, etc. 

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BBA Finance Jobs in India

BBA Finance jobs are available in both government and private sector in diverse fields such as logistics, banking and financial services, marketing, manufacturing, information technology, etc. in job roles such as Financial Planner, Budget Analyst, Operations Manager, Credit Analyst, etc. 

Entry-Level BBA Finance Jobs for Freshers

Some of the entry-level BBA Finance job roles for freshers are Banking Assistant, Financial Associate, Junior Business Analyst, etc. Listed below are the jobs after BBA Finance for freshers and their job descriptions:

Job Profile


Average Entry-Level Salary

Banking Assistant

Responsible for maintaining customer relationship by answering queries, assistance with loan application, etc to ensure customer satisfaction


Finance Associate

Preparing financial and budget report by analyzing the recent trends and financial data while coordinating with the team members


Credit Analyst

Responsible for verifying the potential of a client by reviewing their transaction history, loans, credit score, etc before offering any banking services


Junior Business Analyst

Responsible for gathering, visualizing and interpreting data to help organizations make financial and business decisions


Insurance Underwriting Assistant

Responsible for assisting the clients in insurance policies, loans, or other financial services by doing credit analysis, lost run, loss ratings, etc.


Junior Accountant

Involves in posting entries and journals, updating financial statements and maintaining financial reports


BBA Finance Government Job for Graduates

Government jobs after BBA Finance are offered in diverse roles such as Financial Advisor, Income Tax Officer, Audit Officer, etc. Listed below are the BBA Finance job opportunities and their job description:

Job Profile


Income Tax Officer

Assists in the maintenance and collection of tax from public welfare and government institutions by maintaining tax accounts

Audit Officer

Responsible for assessing the assets, liabilities of individuals to determine accurate income and tax payable by conducting audits and inspections as and when required

Financial Analyst

Responsible for analyzing data and interpret the findings to make financial investments and data driven business decisions

Budget Analyst

Summarizes the annual and monthly budgets and offer insight regarding funds requests and also reviews the budget request for accuracy and compliance

BBA Finance Private Jobs for Graduates

Private jobs after BBA Finance are offered in various sectors such as marketing, finance, digital marketing, information technology, etc in job roles such as Financial Advisor, Chief Investment Officer, etc. 

Given below are the BBA Finance private jobs and their job descriptions:

Job Profile


Risk Analyst

Responsible for finding the risks in making any financial investment by analyzing and interpreting large sets of data and research

Operations Manager

Oversees the operational activities in an organization such as strategising, planning, developing and implement various financial decisions for the company’s profit and growth

Investment Officer

Responsible for building portfolio and client relationship to communicate the organizational financial interest and opportunities for any investment. 

Probationary Officer

Responsible for overseeing the bank administrative process which involves training, organizing and even planning the budget. 

Asset Management Analyst

Involves in maintaining digital and financial asset in a company by preparing financial reports and business propagandas

BBA Finance Salary Offered to Graduates in India

The BBA Finance salary is determined by various factors such as the location, field of work, inter personal skills, technical skills, demand in the job market,etc. 

The entry level BBA Finance salary ranges from INR 3-4.5 LPA and the salary range can go up to INR 15 LPA with 5+ years of experience. Given below is the BBA Finance salary based on various parameters:

Designation-Wise BBA Finance Salary

BBA Finance graduates are employed in job designations such as Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Risk Analyst, Credit Analyst, etc with salaries ranging from INR 3-7 LPA. Listed below is the BBA Finance salary based on job designations:

Job Designation

Average Entry-Level Salary 

Salary After 6+ Years of Experience 

Finance Manager


INR 13.2 LPA

Credit Analyst



Financial Advisor



Audit Officer



Financial Analyst



Operations Manager


INR 11.4 LPA

Accounting Manager 



Risk Analyst



Experience-Wise BBA Finance Salary

The BBA Finance salary varies based on the experience level of the candidates that is a candidate with 0-2 years of experience earn a salary ranging from INR 3-4.5 LPA whereas candidates wit 3+ years of experience in the field might earn around INR 3.5-6 LPA

Listed below are the BBA Finance salary based on experience level:

Experience (in Years)

Highest Salary (INR)

Average Salary (INR)

Lowest Salary (INR)

0 - 2

4.5 LPA

4.0 LPA


3 - 5


5.5 LPA

4.5 LPA

6 - 9

15 LPA

12.5 LPA

10 LPA

10 - 15

20 LPA

18 LPA

14 LPA

16 & Above

More than 23 LPA

23 LPA

21 LPA

BBA Finance Salary Based on Sectors

The BBA Finance salary is comparatively higher in private sector than the government sectors as the salary ranges are determined by the budget allocation and pay scale of the government. Private jobs after BBA Finance salary ranges from INR 4-7 LPA and can go up to INR 12 LPA with 3+ years of experience. 

Given below is the BBA Finance salary details based on private and public sector:

Recruiters in the Private Sector for BBA Finance Graduates

BBA Finance graduates are recruited by top private companies such as Muthoot Finance, Tata Capital, BNY Mellon, HDFC, etc in diverse job designations with salary ranging from INR 18,000 - 80,000 per month. Listed below are the private jobs after BBA Finance and their salary details:

Top Recruiters

Average Monthly Salary (INR)


18,000 - 46,000

BNY Mellon

22,000 - 62,000


26,000 - 80,000

Tata Consultancy Services

39,000 - 70,000


INR 23,000 - 75,000

Recruiters in the Government Sector for BBA Finance Graduates

The salary range in the government sector for BBA Finance graduates ranges from INR 20,000 - 74,000 per month in top companies such as SBI, ONGC, TNPSC, etc, Listed below are the top government sector recruiters for BBA Finance and their salary details:

Top Recruiters

Average Monthly Salary (INR)


20,000 - 75,000


23,000 - 60,000


22,000 - 55,000


24,000 - 74,000


25,000 - 68,000

Career Scope of BBA Finance

The BBA Finance scope is vast in the public and private sectors, ranging from Marketing to Banking and Finance. Below is a list of career after BBA Finance in different areas or sectors:

Areas of Recruitment

Job Roles

Banking and Finance

Probationary Officer, Banking Assistant, Operations Manager

Consulting Firms

Inventory Controller, Financial Consultant, Financial Advisor

Information Technology

Financial Analyst, Policy Officer, Business Analyst


Credit Analyst, Corporate Finance Officer, Fund Manager


Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Investment Officer

Insurance Companies

Credit Analyst, Finance Executive, Risk Analyst

BBA Finance Placements

BBA Finance placements are offered by various private and government college and institutions during the final semester through on-campus and off-campus recruitment campaigns. Listed below are top BBA Finance colleges offering placements and their top recruiters:

College Name

Top Recruiter

Average Placement Package

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research

Deloitte, KPMG, Tata Digital


Amity University, Mumbai

Evalueserve, Genpact, BYJU's, VMWare


KJ Somaiya Institute of Management

DE Shaw & Co, Accenture, BNY Mellon


Top BBA Finance Recruiters in India

BBA Finance graduates are recruited by top private and government companies in India ranging from KPMG to ONGC on various job roles. Listed below are some of the top BBA Finance Recruiters in India:

Top Recruiters


Job Position Offered

Average Entry-Level Salary (INR)


Banking and Finance

Credit Analyst, Finance Manager, Operations Manager

4.5 LPA

BNY Mellon

Financial services

Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Budget Analyst

3.8  LPA

Muthoot Finance Ltd

Corporate Finance

Financial Advisor, Risk Analyst, Business Analyst

4.8 LPA


Accounting & Auditing

Audit Officer, Tax Analyst, Chief Investment Officer

3.2 LPA



Cheif Financial Officer, Budget Analyst, Operations Executive

3.9  LPA

Courses After BBA Finance

Graduates can pursue higher education in the field of finance or business administration after completing BBA Finance course to enhance their skill set and for better career opportunities. Listed below are the courses after BBA Finance jobs students can opt for:

  • MBA Finance
  • MCom Finance
  • MCom in Accounting and Finance
  • MCom Banking and Finance
  • MPhil Finance
  • PhD Finance
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification
  • Certificate in Investment Banking
  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Finance

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing a BBA Finance Job

The career students choose will determine their future, so it is essential to consider a variety of factors, such as “What is the scope of BBA Finance in India?”; “What are the job opportunities after BBA Finance in India?" 

Listed below are some of the factors students must consider before choosing a BBA Finance job:

  • Short-term and long-term future scope
  • Company Reputation
  • Salary Range and Compensations
  • Work Ethics and Culture 
  • Growth and Career Development Opportunities
  • Legal Terms and Conditions
  • Feedback from current or former employees

Skills Required for BBA Finance Jobs

The BBA Finance students must demonstrate a combination of interpersonal skills and technical skills to land in their dream job after graduation. Listed below are some of the important skills required for BBA Finance Jobs:

  • Accounting Skills: This goes hand in hand in any finance related job designation so it is recommended that candidates have a basic accounting skills.
  • Analytical Skills: As BBA Finance graduates often work with financial statements and large sets of data, they must develop analytical skills.
  • Decision-Making: It is a crucial skill that a graduate must develop as they are involved in data-driven financial decision-making.
  • Management Skills: Students must have the ability to plan, execute, schedule and organize various levels of communication, investment decisions, and client relationships.

BBA Finance Fee Structure


What is the scope of BBA finance?

BBA Finance has a vast scope in various fields such as marketing, banking, insurance, corporate finance, etc in diverse job roles such as investment banker, financial analyst, risk manager, etc.

Is BBA finance difficult?

The difficulty level of the course vary as per the individual’s learning abilities and interest. However, the BBA Finance course work is not considered much challenging and found easier by candidates who are passionate about finance, accounting and management.

What is the salary for BBA Finance in India?

The average BBA Finance salary ranges from INR 3-7 LPA based on various factors like job designation, location, experience, skill set, etc.

Which job is best for BBA finance?

The high paying jobs after BBA Finance are Financial Analyst, Risk Analyst, Investment Banking Associate, Loan Officer and Budget Analyst.

Can I get bank job after BBA Finance?

Yes, candidates can work in Banking sector in job roles such as Finance Manager, Bank Manager, Credit Analyst, Probationary Officer, Loan Officer, Customer Service Officer, etc.

What is BBA Finance salary per month in Mumbai?

The average BBA Finance salary in Mumbai ranges from INR 19,000 - 47,000 per month.