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Rahil Ahmed

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Rahil Ahmed

Rahil Ahmed

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Rahil Ahmed

BBA Aviation jobs are available in top airline companies. A wide range of career options, including assistant manager, airport manager, safety, maintenance manager, ground staff manager, cargo manager, etc., are open to BBA Aviation graduates. The BBA Aviation salary in India varies as per location, designation, skills, etc.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for BBA Aviation

The BBA Aviation Management Salary in India is around INR 5.93 LPA (Source: Payscale). The BBA Aviation salary factors are the college of graduation, internship experience, technical skills, and soft skills. Students can seek BBA Aviation jobs in aviation and airline companies and work as pre-flight checkers, fuel and safety managers, flight dispatchers, etc. BBA Aviation course opens various job opportunities in the aviation industry.

Jobs after BBA in Aviation for freshers:

  • Airport Manager
  • Aerodrome Officer
  • Aerodrome Assistant
  • Cargo Manager
  • Store & Purchase Manager
  • Legal Officer
  • Housekeeping Manager

BBA Aviation jobs for experienced professionals:

  • Airport Manager
  • Program Manage
  • Airport Operations Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Airline Contracting Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Aviation Industry Manager
  • Credit Control Manager

Areas of Recruitment for BBA Aviation

Within the aviation industry, there are several domains where BBA Aviation jobs are available. Depending on their interest, skills, and the electives studied in the course, aspirants may choose a domain to work in. Following are the areas of recruitment are:

  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aviation Safety
  • Cabin Crew
  • Civil And Military Aviation
  • Pilot Training
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Aircraft Engineers

Salary Packages for BBA Aviation

The BBA Aviation salary in India is around INR 5.93 LPA, on average. The other factors that affect the salary packages include the type of sector aspirants can choose to work, experience, and communication skills in the aviation profession. The course has a wide scope in BBA Aviation job opportunities in different domains. BBA in Aviation Management Salary in India is as mentioned below:

BBA Aviation Salary in India
Designation Salary
Aircraft Mechanic INR 13.8 LPA
Aircraft Dispatcher INR 8.28 LPA
Assistant Controller INR 10.92 LPA

Source: Payscale

Government Jobs for BBA Aviation Aspirants

Government jobs are an excellent option if the aspirant prefers the perks offered in this sector. Listed below are the BBA Aviation jobs and salaries in the government sector:

BBA Aviation Government Jobs in India
Top Government Hiring Companies Job Profiles Salary
Air India Charters Limited Cabin Crew INR 4.79 LPA
IAL Airport Services Limited Junior Accountant INR 7.92 LPA
Airline Allied Services Limited  Ground Attendant INR 4.08 LPA
Air India Air Transport Services Limited Customer Service Executive INR 4 LPA
Air India Engineering Services Limited Junior Executive INR 6.2 LPA

Source: Payscale & Glassdoor

Some other posts in BBA Aviation management jobs are:

  • Airport Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Cargo Manager
  • Ground Staff Manager
  • Safety and Maintenance Manager
  • Customer Care Executive

Private Jobs for BBA Aviation Candidates

The BBA Aviation salary in India average ranges from INR 5.93 LPA. Aviation management professionals may get a higher salary in private companies. Private companies in India offer the following BBA Aviation jobs designations:

BBA Aviation Private Jobs in India
Top Private Hiring Companies Job Profiles Salary
VistaJet Flight Dispatcher INR 6.12 LPA
NetJets Safety Specialist INR 7.2 LPA
Delta Private Jets Customer Service Agent INR 9.36 LPA
Vimana Data Engineer INR 8.31 LPA
Indigo Customer Service Representative (CSR) INR 4.80 LPA

Source: Payscale

Some other BBA in Aviation management jobs in India in private firms are:

  • Sales and Advertising Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • Flight Schools
  • Airline Insurance Companies

Job Opportunities Abroad for BBA Aviation

BBA Aviation has wide job scope and opportunities abroad because aviation is spread worldwide. So, aspirants have a great chance to get employed abroad in aviation management. The specialization in aviation management deals with finances, and human resources for the smooth functioning of security checks, cabin crew, etc.

Top Companies

Below is a list of leading international companies that offer BBA Aviation jobs:

  • Boeing
  • Vistara
  • AirAsia India
  • Go Air
  • Air India
  • Indigo
  • Spicejet

Best Countries

Below is the list of top countries offering job opportunities for BBA in Aviation:

  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Finland
  • Germany

Various Career Designations Abroad for BBA Aviation Graduate

Leading international companies are always willing to hire promising BBA Aviation professionals. Here is the list of versatile BBA Aviation jobs abroad:

  • Aviation Human Resources Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Airline Safety Manager
  • Financial Analyst For Airlines
  • Senior Staff Analyst for Airlines
  • Operations Analyst for Airlines
  • Aviation Planner
  • Airplane Maintenance Manager

Best Aviation Professionals

Being an aviation professional is a critical role because it influences the passengers' safety and smooth operation of the aviation industry. It requires a high level of alertness and presence of mind. Aviation professionals have made a remarkable impact over the years. Following are some of the best aviation professionals:

  • Amelia Earhart
  • Wilbur Orville Wright
  • Charles A. Lindberg
  • Noel Wien
  • Paul Bowen

BBA Aviation Fee Structure

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