BBA Aviation Jobs, Salary, Scope in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: INR 10,000-2,00,000 per year
Thasleen Mohideen
Thasleen Mohideen

Updated on - Mar 28, 2024

BBA Aviation jobs are available in both the private and public sectors in various roles such as Airport Manager, Aerodrome Officer, Cargo Manager, Airline Contracting Manager, Credit Control Manager, etc. The BBA Aviation salary in India ranges from INR 3-7 LPA based on the domain knowledge and expertise.

Apart from Aviation Industry, BBA Aviation graduates are hired by diverse industries such as hospitality, healthcare, information technology, finance and banking, logistics, marketing firms, etc. BBA Aviation course focuses on enriching the students with the required skills and knowledge to thrive in diverse industries in various job roles. 

The Cargo Manager's starting salary ranges from INR 4.30 LPA whereas the entry-level salary of an airport manager ranges from INR 4.5 LPA. The salary range can go up to INR 12 LPA with 3+ years of experience in the industry.

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BBA Aviation Jobs in India

BBA Aviation job opportunities are offered in various industries in both the government and private sector in India. The Indian Aviation Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.08% by the end of 2030 and is expected to reach 26.08 billion USD thus increasing the demand for skilled professionals in the aviation industry.

Given below are the BBA Aviation jobs in India and their job descriptions.

Entry-Level BBA Aviation Jobs in India

The entry-level BBA Aviation salary in India ranges from INR 3-4.5 LPA based on the candidate’s skills and domain knowledge in job roles such as Assistant Airport Manager, Customer Service Representative, Ground Staff Manager, Housekeeping Manager, etc. 

Listed below are the BBA Aviation jobs for freshers and their job descriptions:


Job Description

Average Entry-Level Salary

Assistant Airport Manager

Responsible for handling any emergency situation that may arise in the airport by coordinating with different teams


Aircraft Mechanic

Responsible for inspecting the aircraft for any defects or repairs and coordinating with engineers for the overall aircraft maintenance


Airline Reservation Agent

Works closely with airline companies to ensure the travel plans of the passengers are as per the requirement by answering queries and addressing issues. 


Aviation Meteorologist

Responsible for creating and documenting weather reports from time to time to ensure that the pilot has clearance to fly


Government BBA in Aviation Jobs 

BBA Aviation jobs in the government sector have a huge demand due to the increased need for skilled professionals in the aviation sector. Some of the BBA Aviation job roles in the government sector are airport security officer, Air Traffic Controller, Climate and Cooling Analyst, Avionics Instructor, etc. 

Listed below are the BBA in Aviation Management Government jobs and their job descriptions:

Government Jobs 

Job Description

Air Traffic Controller

Connected to radio devices, responsible for communicating with the pilot about the aircraft's direction as they travel through the sky. 

Avionics Instructor

Responsible for training the cabin crew and ground staff on how to handle any emergency crisis and aircraft safety protocols

Risk and Compliance Lead

Responsible for assisting and developing the information security systems, privacy policy and standards

Airport Security Officer

Ensures the safety of the passenger in the airport and aircraft by scanning the baggage for any hazardous materials or weapons

Aviation Policy Analyst

Works for airlines or consulting firms to analyze and research the recent trend in the aviation industry to provide insights and recommendations to the stakeholders

Aviation Regulatory Compliance Officer

Responsible for ensuring that the rules and regulations are being followed inside the aircraft and airport to avoid any complications. 

Private Jobs for BBA Aviation Graduates

BBA Aviation graduates are recruited by private companies in job roles such as Aerodrome Officer, Cargo Manager, Store & Purchase Manager, Credit Control Manager, Airline Contracting Manager, etc. 

Listed below are some of the private jobs after BBA in Aviation Management graduates and their job descriptions:

Job Role

Job Description

Cargo Manager

Responsible for maintaining the cargo operations by ensuring that the safety regulations are being followed during the loading and unloading process. 

Credit Control Manager

Responsible for managing and collecting debts of company debtors from time to time by sending credit requests. 

Aerodrome Officer

Responsible for coordinating with the ground staff and other teams to supervise the movement of aircraft at the aerodrome.

Airport Retail Operations Manager

Responsible for managing and documenting the purchase request, supplier relations, pricing and timelines of all the procured materials and goods

Airport Business Development Manager

Responsible for creating and implementing strategies to increase aviation and non-aviation sales and attain customer satisfaction

Aviation Finance Analyst

Responsible for developing and managing complex financial models and credit analysis to help organizations make financial decisions

Aircraft Leasing Coordinator

Assist in the preparation of aircraft forecasting cash flow models and templates based on commercial and technical requirements by identifying the aircraft leasing models in the market

Salary Offered to BBA Aviation Graduates in India

The BBA Aviation salary in India is based on various factors including the job location, experience, skill set, qualification, type of company, etc. Graduates will be able to earn more by doing internships or by pursuing additional certifications. 

BBA Aviation Salary in India

The BBA Aviation salary in India ranges from INR 3-7 LPA based on the domain expertise and knowledge of the candidate. The salary range can go up to INR 12 LPA with 3+ years of experience. Listed below are the BBA Aviation salary ranges based on job designation, experience and sector.

Salary in India


Highest Salary

More than 7 LPA

Average Salary


Lowest Salary


BBA Aviation Salary Based on Job Designation

The BBA Aviation salary differs as per the job designation as junior level positions like assistant aircraft manager, cargo manager, and assistant aircraft mechanic earn an average salary of INR 3-5 LPA whereas senior level job designations with few years of experience like Credit Control Manager, Air Traffic Controller, Aerodrome Officer, etc earns around INR 4-7 LPA

Given below is the BBA Aviation Salary based on various job designations in India:

Job Designation

Average Entry-Level Salary

Salary After 3+ Years of Experience

Credit Control Manager



Aerodrome Officer



Store & Purchase Manager



Air Traffic Controller



Avionics Instructor



Risk and Compliance Lead



Airport Security Officer



Assistant Airport Manager



Aircraft Mechanic



Airline Reservation Agent



BBA Aviation Salary Based on Sectors

BBA Aviation graduates are hired by public and private sector companies in diverse job roles such as Airline Reservation Agent, Aircraft Mechanic, Aerodrome Officer, Airport Manager, etc. Given below is the BBA Aviation salary range based on sector:

Recruiters in the Private Sector for BBA Aviation Graduate

The salary range for BBA Aviation in the private sector ranges from INR 18,000 - 66,000 per month. Listed below are the salaries after BBA Aviation along with the recruiter's details:

Top Recruiters

Average Salary Per Month

Vista Jets

INR 45,000

Net Jets

INR 52,000

Delta Private Jets

INR 66,000


INR 35,000


INR 18,000

Recruiters in the Government Sector for BBA Aviation Graduate

The BBA Aviation salary in the government sector per month ranges from INR 20,000 - 50,000 in India and the candidates are recruited by companies such as IAL Airport Services Limited, Air India Charters Limited, Air India Air Transport Services Limited, etc. 

Listed below are the salary after BBA Aviation in the Government sector:

Top Recruiters

Average Salary Per Month

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

INR 26,000

IAL Airport Services Limited

INR 21,175

Air India Charters Limited

INR 46,000

Airline Allied Services Limited 

INR 35,000

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing a BBA Aviation Job

Several elements influence the course's demand and its salary ranges, such as "What career prospects are available after BBA Aviation?" and "What is the scope of BBA Aviation?" Some of the factors are as follows:

  • Future Scope
  • Employee Benefits
  • Skills Required
  • Industry Growth
  • Salary, Incentives, etc.
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Career Development
  • Company Culture and Work Environment

Skills Required for BBA Aviation Jobs

Candidates must develop certain skill sets such as communication, time management, teamwork, etc. for better career advancement. Given below are some of the skills required for BBA Aviation Jobs:

  • Communication Skills: The candidate must demonstrate excellent communication skills as the job role involves communicating with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Time Management: Another important skill for BBA Aviation graduates is the ability to manage time efficiently as the job role might have flexible shits
  • Team Work: Working in the aviation industry requires the candidate to be a good team player as it involves coordinating with multiple teams to get a job done. 
  • Customer Service: This plays a major role in the aviation industry right from ticket booking to boarding the aircraft and reaching the destination as it enhances the customer experience. 
  • Negotiation and Contract Management: The job role might also require the candidate to use their negotiation skills in proving their fact or to bring a resolution about a certain issue or query raised. 

Areas of Recruitment for BBA Aviation Graduates in India

BBA Aviation graduates are recruited by diverse industries ranging from aviation, and hospitality to logistics in various job roles such as ground staff manager, cargo manager, reservation officer, etc. Given below are the areas of recruitment for BBA Aviation graduates in India:

Areas of Recruitment

Job Designation


Airport Manager, Aerodrome Manager, Air Traffic Controller, Airport Security Officer


Cargo Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, Warehouse Manager, Logistics Coordinator


Operations Executive, Sales Manager, Reservation Officer


Ground Paramedic, Food and Beverage Executive, Medical Administrative Assistants

Educational Institution

Aviation Trainer, Flight Instructor, Ground Staff Trainer

BBA Aviation Placements

BBA Aviation placements are offered to students during the final semester by most colleges and universities with average salary packages of INR 3-7 LPA. Listed below are the top colleges offering BBA Aviation course and their placement packages:

College Name

Top Recruiter

Average Salary

Hindustan University

Civil Aviation Department, Tata Advanced Systems, Air India, Mahindra Aerospace, Taneja Aerospace,


Galgotias University

Delhivery, KPMG, ICICI Securities, International Tractors


Parul University

ICICI Prudential, 99Acres, Indigo, Vistara, Capgemini


Vels University

Axis Global Automation Pvt. Ltd., Accel Frontline, Eureka Forbes


Career Scope for BBA Aviation Graduates in India

BBA graduates in India have great career scope in various fields due to the increase in demand for skilled professionals in the industry. In addition, graduates can enrol in higher education to accelerate their career growth. Hence, the scope of BBA Aviation is substantial in terms of appropriate career growth. 

Career Options After BBA Aviation

Here are some of the jobs after BBA Aviation course in India and their job description:

  • Airport Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airport Security Officer
  • Cargo Manager
  •  Credit Control Manager
  • Aerodrome Officer
  • Store & Purchase Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Avionics Instructor
  • Risk and Compliance Lead
  • Airport Security Officer
  • Assistant Airport Manager
  • Aircraft Mechanic
  • Airline Reservation Agent
  • Aviation Finance Analyst
  • Aircraft Leasing Coordinator

Courses After BBA Aviation

BBA Aviation graduates can opt for higher education after completion of the course for better career prospects and to enhance their knowledge further. Listed below are the courses after BBA Aviation:

  • MBA Airport Management
  • MBA Aviation Management
  • MSc Aviation
  • MBA Airline Management
  • MBA Air Travel Management
  • Certification Course in Cargo Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Operations and Management
  • Master of Aviation Management

Top Recruiters for BBA Aviation Graduates

Most renowned private and government companies hire BBA Aviation graduates in India in salary packages ranging from INR 3-7 LPA. Listed below are the top BBA Aviation recruiters and their salary packages:

Top Recruiters

Type of Industry

Job Position

Average Entry-Level Salary

Apollo Hospitals


Medical Administrative Officer, Food and Beverage Coordinator, Ground Paramedic

INR 2.5 - 3.2 LPA

Shiprocket Fulfillment 


Cargo Manager, Warehouse Manager, Logistics Coordinator

INR 3-7.9 LPA



Ground Staff, Aerodrome Manager, Airport Manager, Airport Security Officer

INR 3.5-6.4 LPA

Sheraton Hotels


Receptionist, Reservation Officer, Customer Relations Officer

INR 4.7-6.2 LPA

Ministry of External Affairs


Aircraft Mechanic, Airport Engineer, Aviation Manager

INR 4.5- 7.5 LPA

BBA Aviation Fee Structure


Is BBA in aviation good for girls?

Yes, the course is suitable for all genders as the curriculum focuses on equipping the students with the knowledge and skills related to aircraft maintenance and business management.

Can I join the Air Force after BBA Aviation?

Yes, candidates can apply for job roles related to logistics and administration in Air Force after completion of BBA Aviation in India

What is the salary of a BBA aviation fresher?

The BBA Aviation salary for freshers ranges from INR 3.0 - 4.5 LPA based on their domain knowledge and experience.

What is the highest salary of an airport manager in India?

The average airport manager's salary ranges from INR 5–7 LPA and the range can go up to INR 12-15 LPA with 3-5 years of experience

After BBA Aviation, which course is best?

BBA Aviation graduates can opt for higher education courses such as MBA Airport Management, MBA Aviation Management, MSc Aviation, MBA Airline Management, etc to enhance their knowledge further and for better career prospects.

Which sectors within the aviation industry offer the highest salaries for BBA Aviation graduates?

The logistics industry pays better salary packages with average salary ranging from INR 3-7.9 LPA compared to other sectors within the aviation industry

Are there opportunities for BBA Aviation graduates in other sectors apart from the aviation industry?

Yes, BBA Aviation graduates are recruited by various private and government organizations in diverse sectors such as healthcare, logistics, educational institutions, hospitality, etc.

What skills are essential for Airport Operations Officers?

The Airport Operations Officer must demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills along with organizational skills, leadership skills, problem solving, time management and stakeholder management skills.