BA English Literature Jobs, Scope, Salary in India

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹2,000- 1,00,000 per annum
Ayesha Taneem
Ayesha Taneem

Updated on - Apr 25, 2024

BA English Literature jobs are available in both the public and private sectors such as a Teacher, Content Writer, Proofreader, grant writer, social media manager, etc. The average BA English Literature salary in India is approximately INR 2-6 LPA (Source: Ambition Box).

The average starting salary of a Lexicographer is INR 2.7 LPA, whereas, a Scriptwriter earns around INR 3.2 LPA. Graduates working in roles like  Advertising Copywriter can earn INR 6.0 LPA after having 3+ years of working experience, whereas a Marketing Manager can earn upto INR 7.7 LPA after having 5+ years of experience.

The BA English Literature course graduates can receive attractive remuneration in various fields such as Government Agencies, Marketing Companies, Human Resource Management, Law Firms, Publishing, News & Media, etc. 

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Salary Offered to BA English Literature Graduates in India

The scope of English Literature in India is combined with good opportunities and future potential. Moreover, the B.A English Literature salary is influenced by experience gained through internships, projects, training,and other factors.The average BA English Literature salary in India is INR 2-6 LPA. (Source: Ambition Box)

Designation Wise BA English Literature Salary

BA English Literature scope and salary in India vary according to job designations, such as Journalist, Academic Writer, Content Writer, Public Policy Analyst, Content Marketing Specialist etc. 

The entry-level salary for a Public Relations Officer is INR 2.6 LPA, and that of a Marketing Manager is INR 4.0 LPA. Listed below are the high paying jobs after BA English Literature and the average designation-wise salary:

Job Role Average Salary for Freshers (INR) Average Salary for 5+ Years of Experience (INR)
Copywriter 3.0 LPA 7.2 LPA
Journalist 4.0 LPA 7.0 LPA
Public Relations Officer 2.6 LPA 5.7 LPA
Scriptwriter 3.2 LPA  6.2 LPA
Social Media Manager 3.4 LPA 7.8 LPA
Content Executive 3.6 LPA 6.0 LPA
Marketing Manager 4.0 LPA 7.7 LPA

Experience Wise BA English Literature Salary

BA English Literature graduate average salary in India is influenced by factors which include job role, industry growth, applicant talent, experience, and other factors all have an impact on salary. As the graduates gain more practical expertise, their salary increases over time and varies from INR 10-12 LPA after 16+ years of service. 

The following table shows the range of average salaries based on experience:

Experience (in Years) Highest Salary (INR) Average Salary (INR) Lowest Salary (INR)
0 - 2 5.0 LPA 3.0 LPA 2.0 LPA
3 - 6 7.0 LPA 5.5 LPA 4.0 LPA
7 - 10 9.0 LPA 8.0 LPA 7.0 LPA
11 - 15 10.0 LPA 9.0 LPA 7.0 LPA
16 & Above 12.0 LPA 10.0 LPA 9.0 LPA

BA English Literature Salary Based on Sectors

BA English Literature job opportunities are available in both the private and public sectors in various job roles such as content marketing executive, social media manager, scriptwriter, etc.

The following is a list of top recruiters and average salaries of BA English Literature graduates in the public and private sectors:

Recruiters in Private Sector for BA English Literature Graduates

The average BA English Literature salary in the private sector ranges from INR 3-6 LPA based on skills and experience. The table below shows after jobs for English Literature students in India in the private sector:

Top Private Sector Recruiters Average Salary (INR)
Make My Trip 3-4.5 LPA
Zoho 3.5-4 LPA
Envestnet 4.8-5 LPA
Alembic 3.4-5 LPA
Genpact 3-4 LPA

Recruiters in Government Sector for BA English Literature Graduates

The average BA English Literature salary in the government sector is between INR 3-6 LPA, depending on requirements such as work experience, job designation, and work location.

The following are the top government organizations hiring BA English Literature graduates:

Top Government Sector Recruiters Average Salary (INR)
Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India 3-4 LPA
Digital India Corporation 2-4 LPA
NeGD 3-4 LPA
The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) 3.4-4 LPA
State Public Services 2.2-3.5 LPA

BA English Literature Jobs in India

There is a steady demand for BA English Literature courses as the graduates may find careers in areas such as blogging, public relations, social media marketing, law, or other fields.

Graduates in BA English literature are highly sought after by government agencies. Additionally, it introduces students to a variety of lucrative job opportunities. The following is a list of BA English Literature jobs opportunities in India:

Entry-Level Jobs for BA English Literature Graduates

After completing the BA English Literature program, graduates can begin their careers as teachers, translators, journalists, content writers, editors, etc. 

The average BA English Literature jobs salary in India for freshers is in the range of INR 2-6 LPA. The salary of a Teaching Assistant ranges from INR 2.2 LPA, and the salary of an Advertising Account Executive ranges from INR 3.6 LPA.

Below is the list of various B.A English Literature jobs for graduates:

Job Profile Average Salary (INR) Description
Teaching Assistant 2.2 LPA Assisting with classroom education, method for monitoring student success and/or academic development.
Secondary School Teacher 2.3 LPA Teaching, assisting and guiding middle schoolers or high school students for academic development.
Copy Editor 3.2 LPA Reviewing text for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation for print or the web.
Lexicographer 2.7 LPA Helps in planning the content of dictionaries designed for particular users, based on these special needs, they have to decide what words to include in a dictionary and what words to leave out.
Advertising Account Executive 3.6 LPA Come up with creative ideas for advertising campaigns and act as a liaison between an agency and its clients.

Government BA English Literature Job Opportunities

There are plenty of government jobs after BA English Literature in India, with an average salary ranging between INR 2-4 LPA. Below are the government jobs for English Literature graduates:

Job Profiles Job Description
Teacher They are in charge of coming up with lesson plans that will impart the necessary skills to the students.
Translator Accurately translate written words between two languages and keep translation databases up to date using translation management tools.
Public Relations Officer Maintains a positive public image of the client and spreads information about the client's brand, including products, services and special events.
Grant Writer Research, draft, and submit proposals that help organizations or individuals receive grant funding.
Journalist Researching and covering current affairs and working on features and pieces that inform and shape public opinion.
News Editor In charge of the news desk at a newspaper or broadcasting organization and whose job is to oversee the selection and preparation of news items for publication or broadcast.

BA English Literature Private Jobs for Graduates

BA English Literature job opportunities in India have shown growth in the private sector, with an average salary in the private sector of INR 2-4 LPA. Below is a list of BA in English Literature jobs in the private sector:

Job Profiles Description
Linguistics Specialist Responsible for converting an audio file into a written text format.
Market Research Analyst Study consumer preferences, business conditions, and other factors to assess potential sales of a product or service.
Book Editor Responsible for the quality of the manuscript by checking the words, punctuation, grammar, and overall story
Marketing Specialist Specializes within a particular area of marketing, such as influencer marketing, SEO, social media, email marketing and so forth.
Human Resource Manager Oversees the administrative and organizational functions of a company and acts as a bridge between management and employees.
Copywriter Making compelling, understandable material for various advertising mediums, such as websites, etc.
Social Media Manager Responsible for developing strategies to increase followers, creating social campaigns, producing content, and communicating with key stakeholders in a company.

Career Scope for BA English Literature Graduates

Jobs for English Literature students in India is open at both the private and public sectors providing various range of roles, such as Academic Writer,  Editorial Manager, Copy editor, etc. Below is a list of areas for B.A English Literature jobs for graduates:

Area of Recruitment Job Roles
Publishing Industry Editorial Manager, Copy editor, Illustrator, Publisher, Production Manager
Advertising Firms Content Creator, Social Media Writer, Copywriter, Digital Media Executive, Marketing Specialist
Education Academic Writer, Teacher, Lecturer, Content Writer, Librarian
News Channels News Editor, Journalist, Proofreader, News Anchor, Reporter
Marketing Firms Content Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Executive, Content Marketing Manager, Content Producer, Copywriter  
PR management agencies Marketing Intern, Marketing Assistant,  Public Affairs Specialist, PR Manager, Brand Manager

Top BA English Literature Recruiters

 BA English Literature graduates are hired by many renowned companies such as Hindustan Times, Flipkart, upGrad, Social Beat, etc. job opportunities are provided by many leading companies across universities. Some of the top recruiters with an average jobs salary in India are:

Top Recruiters Type of Industry Job Role Average Salary (INR)
Social Beat Advertising Content Creator, Social Media Writer, Copywriter, Digital Media Executive 3.5-5 LPA
Hindustan Times News & Media Journalist, News Editor, Content Writer 4-5 LPA
Central Institute of Educational Technology Education Academic Writer, Lecturer, Teacher Assistant 4 LPA
Flipkart E-Commerce Content Writer, Content Editor, Proofreader 3.5 LPA
UpGrad Education Technology Content Writer, Content Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Strategist 4.7 LPA

Courses After BA English Literature

BA in English Literature in India has a vast scope with lucrative salaries; graduates can study further if they choose to enhance their career profiles. Following are the most popular courses that can be pursued further:

  • MA
  • M.Phil
  • MBA
  • LLB
  • PhD in English
  • Certification course in English for Written Communication
  • Advanced certification course in Literature of Natural World
  • Certification Course in Copy and Content Writing
  • Certification Course in Digital Marketing
  • Advanced certification course in Creative Writing

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing A Job

There are various factors to be considered such as “What is scope of english literature?”; “What jobs after BA English literature available in market?”; “What can I do after BA english literature?”. Some of the few factors for BA English Literature are listed below:

  • Pay, Benefits, and Terms and Conditions
  • Job Demand in Market
  • Industry Outlook
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Location

Skills Required for BA English Literature Jobs

The BA English Literature jobs in India are vast and lucrative for graduates with options for higher education. They require both soft and hard skills for success in the field in order to excel further. Below is a list of some of the skills:

  • Creativity and Imagination: Ability to generate original ideas and concepts and capacity to think outside the box and experiment with different artistic approaches.
  • Communication Skills: BA English Literature graduates should focus on sharpening their written communication skills, as most of the job roles associated with BA English Literature require these skills.
  • Time Management and Organization: Ability to manage time effectively to meet project deadlines and the capacity to work on multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining quality standards
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis: Analytical skills to deconstruct and interpret artistic works, including one's own creations and those of others and ability to critique and evaluate artwork constructively.

BA English Literature Fee Structure


What job can I get after BA English literature?

Candidates can work in various roles such as content writer, social media manager, teacher, social media manager, news editor, to name a few.

Is BA English Literature a good degree?

Yes, the degree opens avenues in many fields ranging from public sectors to private sectors. It is also a great way to develop academic knowledge.

What are a few certification courses available after BA English Literature that can lead to improved job opportunities and salaries?

Certification courses after BA English Literature include Certifications course in English for Written Communication, Advanced certification course in Literature of Natural World, Certification Course in Copy and Content Writing, Certification Course in Digital Marketing, etc

.What skills do BA English Literature graduates possess that make them suitable for certain jobs?

BA English Literature graduates must possess strong written and verbal communication skills, creative thinking, attention to detail, and cultural awareness to excel in their careers

Does BA in English Literature have scope?

BA English Literature graduates might find a variety of work options in India. BA in English Literature are in high demand in a variety of industries, including news and media, advertising, publishing, educational institutions, etc.

What is the highest salary of a Journalist in India?

Journalists in India can earn more than INR 6.5 LPA with 3+ years of experience.