NIFT Reference Books 2021: Complete list of Best NIFT Books

Exam Date

Feb 14, 2021

Result Date

Jun 2, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Design


NIFT entrance exam is a highly competitive exam for design aspirants, which will be conducted in January 2021. There are no particular or recommended or specified NIFT books for the preparation of the entrance exam. It would be better for a candidate to refer certain books before giving the NIFT exam as it is tough to crack without enough practice. These books are just suggestions, and it entirely depends on candidates' interest to buy or refer to these books or not.

The students preparing for NIFT 2021 can refer to the below-mentioned NIFT books for guidance and achieve good results. These books are of good reputation, and many students were able to crack the NIFT exam and have made it into top Universities in India by referring to these NIFT books for their preparation.

Best Reference Books for NIFT Entrance Exam 2021 

To prepare for the exam, candidates must refer to the best study materials required to crack the entrance exam. Some of the NIFT books are often recommended by the experts and the toppers of the entrance test. NIFT books will help the candidates to prepare for the exam. Given below are some of the reference NIFT books suggested for the entrance exam, along with the author's names of the respective books. Candidates can refer to these books for the NIFT exam preparation.

NIFT Books
Name of the Book Author Cover Page

NIFT, NID & IIFT Entrance Exam Guide

By D Mittal

NIFT Reference books

NIFT NID/IIFT Admission Test (With Special Colour Supplement)

By Surendra Kavimandan


Guide To NIFT/NID For For Groups A, B And C

By R. P. Datson

NIFT reference books

NIFT Entrance Examination Preparation Course

By Prashant Kumar

NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Examination Guide

By Surendra

NIFT Reference Books

Self Study Guide – NIFT 10 Mock Papers

By D. Mittal



By Verma

NIFT Important books


By Sonia Sahney 

NIFT Reference books


By NIFT Alumni

NIFT MFM Preparation  Books 

By Govind Kumar Singh


How to Select the Best Books for NIFT Preparation?

To select the best NIFT books for the entrance exam of NIFT, candidates must consider these points:

  • Candidates must select the latest edition of the NIFT books to get the updated version of the syllabus. 
  • Aspirants should choose only books of renowned authors in the field of education.
  • Candidates can also refer to some NIFT preparation books which are suggested by the coaching centres.
  • Also, they must ensure that they should cover all the topics as per the syllabus of the entrance exam.

Apart from the NIFT books, candidates can also refer to the sample papers and previous year papers of the entrance exam. This will give an idea to the candidates of the questions that are asked in recent years. The sample papers of NIFT will include the questions from GAT, CAT and situation test. Also, candidates can attempt the mock tests for experiencing the real-time scenario of the exam. By solving these papers, candidates will get an idea of solving the questions in a tricky way, and it will also boost the confidence of the candidates. 

Benefits of using Reference Books

  • Reference books contain all the useful information in a very organised manner which contains the entire information about each topic in the subject. Candidates can refer to the reference books whenever they are stuck while reading or understanding something. 
  • With the help of reference books, candidates can develop a clear concept about the topics. It enriches the knowledge of the candidates and candidates can refer them as required.
  • For the question which is based on problem-solving, reference books can help a lot and candidates will be able to find the answers quickly.
  • Reference books also give lots of problems on a single topic which enables you to practice lots of problems for the preparation of many entrance exams.

NIFT Preparation Tips

Before starting the preparation for the NIFT 2021 exam, candidates must make sure all of the relevant material will be useful for them. There are numerous study materials and reference books out there. Out of them, candidates need to select the right ones that they think would actually help them in their preparation for NIFT. Along with the reference books, candidates can also refer to the NIFT previous year papers. Gathering all of this will give them a clear picture of how much they have to complete over the period they have allotted themselves. The preparation strategy for NIFT 2021 are:

  • Candidates must go through the eligibility criteria of the qualifying examination.
  • Understanding the exam pattern is one of the tips.
  • Candidates must be aware of the NIFT Syllabus.
  • Must have a conceptual knowledge of each & every topic.
  • Solve NIFT previous year papers to get an idea of what type of questions are being asked.
  • Refer to the study materials for better guidance of the subjects.
  • Must focus on the preparation strategies.


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