CEED Syllabus 2021: Subject-wise Syllabus and Weightage Pdf Download

Exam Date

Jan 17, 2021

Result Date

Mar 8, 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Design


Knowledge of the syllabus that subjects of an exam pertain to is the most important step in preparing for the examination. The CEED 2021 syllabus will help candidates in preparing themselves and making strategies to excel in the examination. Before the exam, candidates should know the CEED 2021 Syllabus and CEED 2021 Exam Pattern so as to get a clear idea about all topics included in the same.

The candidates can go through the previous question papers in order to know the type of questions asked in the CEED 2021 exam.  The difficulty level is moderate as it contains high school Maths and English which is easy to crack provided the candidate's practice in an efficient manner. The use of these resources is a must for candidates in order to prepare for the upcoming exam and be successful in it. As the examination for 2021 has been announced by the IIT Bombay Board of examinations, CEED 2021 will be held on January 17, 2021. IIT Bombay is also the main authority that sets the CEED 2021 syllabus as well the CEED exam pattern and any changes made here will be implemented in the conduction of the examination. 

CEED Syllabus 2021 Highlights

Common Entrance Exam for Design is conducted by IIT Bombay for candidates to enrol into institutions affiliated for design technology courses offered by the same. Likewise, the syllabus also will be produced by IIT Bombay. CEED 2021 entrance exam syllabus is curated to cover all the topics that are crucial for a career in Design Technology. Before writing the exam candidates should be familiar with the CEED 2021 syllabus and the subjects to anticipate the questions that might be asked in the examination. To score good marks, candidates should complete all the topics of the syllabus. CEED 2021 syllabus is mentioned below

As mentioned earlier, CEED 2021 is conducted in two sections, where Part A is a Computer-based Test and Part B is Pen and Paper-based Test. Candidates who qualify in Part A will be eligible to sit for Part B. This is the pattern of evaluation that will be followed by the board. The syllabus for Part A consists of topics such as Visualization, Environmental and social awareness, Language, creativity and problem solving and more which are very crucial knowledge to incur for any candidate who aspires to excel in design technology. CEED syllabus for Mechanical and engineering candidates is the same as above and for candidates coming from any discipline and stream of subjects.

CEED 2021 Syllabus for Part A

  • Visualization & Special Ability: Pictorial and diagrammatic questions to test the understanding of transformation and manipulations of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships. CEED 2021 Visualization and special ability is a crucial design subject.
  • Environmental & Social Awareness: Awareness of environmental factors like climate, population, water, vegetation, pollution, weather, natural resources etc. and their implications on the design of products, images, infrastructure, etc.; awareness of design terminologies, social and cultural connection with the design, history of the design, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design responses; the history of art, sculpture and literature.
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning: Ability to analyze given information logically and select the most appropriate solutions; Ability to weigh opinions, arguments or solutions against appropriate criteria; Ability to use logic and structured thinking to deduce from a short passage, which of a number of statements is the most accurate response to a posed question.
  • Language & Creativity: Ability to understand passages commonly used in the English language; Ability to think creatively in terms of alternatives, distinguish innovative options and think out of the box.
  • Design Thinking & Problem Solving: Ability to understand the context, the users, and the constraints and select the most appropriate solution for a given design problem. 
  • Observation & Design Sensitivity: Ability to detect concealed properties in day-to-day life and analyze them critically; Ability to discern subtle differences in visual properties and aesthetic outcomes.

Important Topics for CEED 2021 Part A Exam 

The topics given below are some of the important topics which are to be prepared for the CEED 2021 Part A examination. However, CEED is an open-ended examination therefore, the preparations for it should not be restricted to these topics.

  1. Indians who are globally recognised in the technology, sports, fine arts sector or any other famous international personality
  2. Famous designers, innovative products and the design terminologies 
  3. Application-based questions in mathematics from permutations and combinations, surface area geometry etc 
  4. General awareness
  5. Biomechanics 
  6. Movements of art history (Including the literature and sculpture)
  7. The basic fundamental of Science 
  8. Awareness about the architecture ( history of monuments, terminology and elements)
  9. Material and manufacture processes
  10. Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning 
  11. sciography, lights, mirroring, tessellations and shadows 
  12. English Vocabulary and Comprehensions 
  13. Colour Theory 
  14. Typography 
  15. Logical reasoning 
  16. Photography terms and techniques 
  17. Popular logos of organisations, automobiles or companies 
  18. Animation terms 

CEED 2021 Syllabus for Part B

  • Drawing: Draw products, people or scenes in proportion with good line quality, composition, proportion, perspective, and shading.
  • Creativity: Ability to think outside the box and come up with unique/diverse solutions.
  • Form Sensitivity: Ability to analyse the sensitivity of various aspects of a design model with respect to changes in design parameters in order to facilitate structural modifications.
  • Visual Sensitivity: Ability to communicate concepts and ideas clearly with the help of text and visuals.
  • Analytical & Problem Solving Skills: Ability to understand the user and the context, knowledge of properties of materials and process and their appropriate use in design, originality of solutions; Ability to create characters, plots, and stories, etc.

Important Topics for CEED 2021 Part B Exam 

The topics given below are some of the important topics which are to be prepared for the CEED 2021 Part B examination. However, CEED is an open-ended examination therefore, the preparations for it should not be restricted to these topics.

  1. Problem-solving related to Design 
  2. Still life drawings
  3. Human and animal figures 
  4. Drawings of objects, interiors and exteriors with perspective 
  5. Comic strips, character study etc 
  6. Automobile and product sketches 
  7. 2D Graphic- abstract posters, logos etc 
  8. Creative writing 
  9. Character Design and Storyboards 

CEED 2021 Exam Pattern

The two parts of CEED 2021 examination will be conducted in two modes. Part A of the CEED examination will be conducted through a computer-based exam whereas Part B will be conducted on a Pen and Paper mode. The duration of the entire examination will be for 3 hours. There will be a total of 200 questions in the entire examination. Candidates are to make note of the exam pattern in order to familiarize the conduct of the examination.

The complete breakdown of the CEED exam pattern 2021 is mentioned in the Exam Pattern page along with a thorough discussion of the marking scheme. There have been changes in the allotment of marks according to the board from 2020 but the following corrections have been made. 

An overview of the CEED Exam Pattern 2021 is mentioned below, For Part A, There are 6 topics and concepts mentioned in the CEED 2021 syllabus. The questions are framed in a way that incorporates a section of NATs, MCQs and MCQs which have a different number of questions as well as marking schemes as given below.

CEED Exam Pattern Part A
Section No. of Ques. Total Marks
NAT 8 24
MSQ 10 30
MCQ 23 46
Total 41 100

For Part B, a set of 5 questions will be asked where each question is from the set of 5 topics given as per the CEED 2021 syllabus. These questions are to be given in pen and paper mode. This is to test the skills of the candidates in the crucial concept of drawing and creativity which is required for any design technology career. The breakdown of Part B is given below. 

CEED 2021 Exam Pattern Part B
Subjects Number of Questions Marks Per Question
Sketching/Drawing  1 20
Creativity 1 20
Form sensitivity  1 20
Visual Sensitivity  1 20
Problem Solving 1 20
Total 5 100

The total marks for CEED 2021 is 200 including parts A and B, each for 100 marks each. The time duration is 3 hours/ 180 minutes with no breaks in between. Candidates must prepare according to the CEED 2021 syllabus that is discussed extensively above to achieve a good score.


Vivekananda Global University, [VGU] Jaipur

B.Des~M.Des (Total Fees) Rs. 10,00,000


Vogue Institute of Art and Design (formerly Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, VIFT), Bangalore

Fashion Design


Arch College of Design and Business, Jaipur

Bachelor of Design [B.Des]~Master of Design [M.Des]


Indian Institute of Art and Design, [IIAD] New Delhi

BA Fashion Design (Total Fees) Rs. 468397


AAFT School of Fashion and Design, Noida

School of Design


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