Bachelor of Engineering Salary, Jobs, Scope, Placements in India

Duration: 4 Years
Avg Fees: ₹25K - 3 LPA

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BE jobs in the public and private sectors are diverse with job profiles such as Design Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Development Engineer, Technical Engineer, etc. The average Bachelor of Engineering salary in India is INR 5 LPA. 

BE syllabus equips students with the knowledge and technical proficiency needed to succeed in the field of engineering. The scope of BE course is vast, as recruitment possibilities exist across a wide range of fields from information technology, and education to the automotive industry.

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Salary Offered to BE Graduates in India

BE salary depends on the level of experience and qualification of the graduate. The BE course salary in India ranges from INR 0.2-11.4 LPA. The details of the Bachelor of Engineering salary are given below along with the job designations. 

BE Salary in India

The table below contains the BE course Salary breakdown in India

BE Salary in India


Average BE Salary


Highest BE Salary


Lowest BE Salary


top BE paying jobs in India

BE Salary Based on Job Designations

The BE job scope is broad, allowing graduates to develop their practical skills in various settings. The table below contains the average salary for different BE designations in India:

Job Role


Civil Engineer


Mechanical Engineer


Design Engineer


Data Analyst


Software Developer


Software Engineer


Bachelor of Engineering Course Details Engineering Scholarships

BE Salary Based on Specializations

BE salaries will differ according to specialization and factors like job type, area of recruitment, hiring company, and experience level. The table below contains the list of specialization-wise BE salaries:

BE Specialisation Average Salary
BE Civil Engineering INR 3.36 LPA
BE Automobile Engineering INR 3.1 LPA
BE Biomedical Engineering INR 3.75 LPA
BE Chemical Engineering INR 4.8 LPA
BE Biotechnology INR 4.9 LPA
BE Mechanical Engineering INR 5 LPA

BE Salary Based on Sectors

There are several opportunities for BE course jobs in both the public and private sectors for graduates. The BE course salary is divided down by the sector below.

Private Sector

In the private sector, the prospects for BE jobs include a variety of positions at leading companies. Check out the following table for BE course salaries in the private sector along with the top recruiters:

Top Private Hiring Companies

Job Profiles


Ernst and Young

System Analyst, Software Tester, etc.

INR 2 - 10 LPA


Technical Solutions Consultant, Vertical Business Manager, etc

INR 3 - 20 LPA

Renault Nissan Automotive India Private Limited

Production Engineer, Mechanical Design Engineer, Trainee, QA Engineer, etc

INR 3.5 - 17 LPA


Full Stack Developer, Networks Engineer

INR 3-19.5 LPA

Government Sector

There are several government job opportunities available for BE graduates. Check out the following table for government positions open to BE students and the average Bachelor of Engineering salary in the government sector:

Top Government Hiring Companies



Engineers India Limited (EIL)

Software Developer


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Aeronautical Engineer


Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

Electrical Engineer


Private Engineering Colleges in India Government Engineering Colleges in India

Bachelor of Engineering Salary Abroad

BE degree is one of the prominent and diverse degrees, where students have a chance to accelerate their growth in both domestic and international markets. BE course salary in other countries are given below. 

Country-Wise BE Salary Salary
BE Salary in USA USD 83,540-3,35,200
BE Salary in Canada CAD 65,500
BE Salary in Australia AUD 77,742

BE Jobs in India

Students will find that BE course jobs are numerous in the private as well as public sectors. Since engineers are required across many industries and sectors, the demand for Bachelor of Engineering graduates is relatively high in India. BE jobs are available in a variety of profiles with lucrative salary packages. Following is a list of several BE course jobs in India:

Entry-Level BE Jobs for Freshers

BE jobs are generally based on experience, specialization, expertise, and employment location. The average BE course salary for freshers is between INR 5 LPA. Following is a list of BE course jobs available to fresher graduates:

Job Profile


Service Desk Engineer

  • They serve as the point of contact for customers to assist them with IT issues.
  • Their primary responsibilities include promptly diagnosing, analyzing, troubleshooting, and resolving IT issues.

Technical Support Engineer

  • They conduct accurate and timely research, diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve customer issues.
  • They manage various systems, software, and hardware and follow conventional protocols for reporting unsolved issues to internal departments.

Networks Engineer

  • They are in charge of configuring and installing diverse network devices and services.
  • They perform network maintenance and system enhancements, including installing service packs, patches, hotfixes, and security configurations.

Assistant Instructor

  • They provide support and advice to individuals or small groups of students to help them comprehend the subject matter and complete their assignments.

Full-Stack Developer

  • They are in charge of front-end and back-end development procedures.
  • They design, develop, and maintain fully functional platforms that include databases or servers.

Technical Solutions Consultant

  • They provide information technology support to help organizations operate more efficiently.
  • Their responsibilities include implementing hardware and software solutions, improving IT systems, and addressing technical issues.

Software Tester

  • They are in charge of creating test scenarios for software usability, conducting these tests, and reporting to the production team on the effectiveness and flaws.


  • Their duties include attending meetings and conducting desk and field research
  • They carry out all practical and administrative tasks assigned by the supervisor, travel to other sites when necessary, assist with projects, give suggestions for improvement, and prepare reports.

BE Government Jobs for Aspirants

There are several employment opportunities that the BE course opens up in the Government sector after course completion. The following are some of the government jobs that are available to Bachelor of Engineering graduates should they choose to join the public sector:

Job Profiles


Aeronautical Engineer

  • They are predominantly involved in designing aircraft and propulsion systems, as well as investigating the aerodynamic performance of aircraft and construction materials.
  • They explore the theory, technology, and flight practices within the Earth's atmosphere.

Electrical Engineer

  • They develop, build, and maintain electrical systems for buildings, transportation systems, and power distribution networks.
  • They work in multiple industries, including construction, transportation, energy, building services, and manufacturing.

Civil Engineer

  • They design, plan, and oversee the construction of infrastructure projects, including buildings, bridges, roads, dams, pipelines, water, and sanitation systems.

Maintenance Engineer

  • Their duties include inspecting, repairing, and maintaining apparatus, equipment, systems, and infrastructures.
  • They guarantee the smooth and reliable operation of industrial machinery and equipment.

Site Engineer

  • They are responsible for planning, outlining, and levelling construction sites before the start of any building work.
  • Additionally, they construct roads, drainage systems, and other essential infrastructure to ensure the success of construction initiatives.

System Safety Management Engineer

  • They contribute to developing, refining, and maintaining safety protocols and software that regulates a large system.
  • They ensure that even if portions of the system fail, the entire system is not compromised.

Instrument Engineer

  • They analyze existing equipment, identify areas of inefficiency, and then design and develop instrumentation to meet these requirements.
  • They collaborate with other engineers to develop precise and efficient equipment.

Mechanical Engineer

  • They work to produce machines such as generators and engines.
  • Additionally, they design other types of machinery, such as refrigeration systems for grocery store food storage areas.

Project Engineer

  • They are in charge of handling a project's engineering and technical aspects.
  • They coordinate with multiple teams, manage schedules, ensure adherence to quality standards, and provide team members with technical guidance.

Chief Engineer

  • They are in charge of an entire engineering department and lead a team in completing multiple projects.
  • They collaborate with other engineers and technicians to approve designs, calculate costs, negotiate contracts, and execute plans efficiently and safely.

Private Jobs for BE Graduates

The IT sector has been growing in recent years, and today it is one of India's largest booming sectors. In this sector, the aspirants can find several jobs and a very high pay scale. 

Listed below are the top private companies that hire engineers in India, along with the average starting salary for the graduates: 

Job Profiles


System Analyst

  • They work to improve the user experience of software applications.
  • They advise employers and clients on which software programs they may require, implement the software, and communicate with users to ensure the programs function properly.

Production Engineer

  • They are responsible for overseeing and enhancing production in sites and factories.
  • They support engineering teams, create safety protocols, and devise strategies to increase profit and efficiency.

Quality Analyst Engineer

  • They run tests that detect software flaws before product release. 
  • They submit their findings to stakeholders, who work together to resolve program faults or problems.

Mechanical Design Engineer

  • They design, develop, and test new products such as devices, robotics, instruments, and sensors.
  • Their primary responsibilities include creating new products and designs, revising existing products, and creating technical operation documentation for installation support.

Corporate Trainer

  • They are responsible for increasing productivity by providing employees with new skills and information.
  • They use seminars, lectures, and team-building exercises to update employees on the organization's objectives and procedures.

Project Manager

  • They are responsible for planning and allocating resources, preparing budgets, monitoring progress, and communicating with stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

Biomechanical Engineer

  • They design equipment and devices, including artificial internal organs, substitute body components, and machines for diagnosing medical issues.
  • They collaborate with manufacturing personnel on the efficiency and safety of biomedical equipment.

Software Developer

  • They are responsible for software program research, development, implementation, and management.
  • They test and evaluate new programs, identify areas for modification in existing programs, and then develop those modifications.

Specialization-Wise BE Jobs

The BE course has many specializations that students can opt for based on their aptitude and preferences. Given below are a few of the BE Specializations:

  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

The following are the specialization-wise BE course jobs available for graduates:

BE Automobile Engineering Jobs

The average salary of a BE Automobile Engineering graduate is INR 4.09 LPA. The following are the BE Automobile Engineering jobs for freshers after graduation:

  1. Automotive Engineer
  2. Design Engineer
  3. Project Engineer
  4. Mechanical Design Engineer

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BE Computer Science and Engineering Jobs

BE Computer Science Engineering is one of the most pursued specializations in the field of engineering due to its great prospect in terms of salary, growth, etc. The BE Computer Science Engineer graduate salary is INR 6 LPA. The job roles include:

  1. Software Engineer
  2. Senior Software Engineer
  3. Software Developer
  4. Sr. Software Engineer
  5. Developer

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BE Mechanical Engineering Jobs

The average salary of a BE Mechanical Engineering graduate is INR 5 LPA. The following are the BE Mechanical Engineering jobs for freshers after graduation:

  1. Mechanical Engineer
  2. Instructional Designer
  3. Project Engineer
  4. Production Engineer

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BE specialization salary

Other Specialization-wise BE Jobs 

Here are some other BE specialization jobs:

Skills Required for BE Jobs

In India, job prospects for students with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree are diverse and plentiful. However, because it is a technical position, the candidate must possess the following skill sets:

  • Logical Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Scientific and Numerical Skills
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Flexibility
NIRF Ranking Engineering Colleges in India Tier 1 Engineering Colleges in India

Areas of Recruitment for BE Graduates

Bachelor of Engineering jobs are available in numerous forms of fields. The BE be course salary in India is also quite attractive. The Bachelor of Engineering course molds a character with the selection and excessive analysis thereby making them eligible for the profiles for the tedious selection procedure.

Job Areas:

  • Research and Development Organization
  • Software Company
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Robotics Engineering Companies
  • Telecom Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Scientific Research Centers
  • Defence 

BE Placement

In India, a number of prestigious colleges host placements for BE graduates. The following are some of the top companies that offer BE jobs in India, along with Bachelor of Engineering salary:

College Name

Top Recruiter

Average  Salary 

BITS Pilani

Goldman Sachs, ICICI Bank, Intel, Microsoft, Ola Cabs, Samsung, Uber Technologies Inc., Morgan Stanley


NIT Trichy

Amazon, Sony, Google, Facebook, Infosys, Morgan Stanley, Honeywell, Ford


Jadavpur University

Amazon, L&T, Siemens, CESC, Google, Airbus


IIT Kanpur Facebook, Microsoft, Flipkart, HUL, etc. INR 6 LPA

Career Scope of BE

BE scope is extensive. After graduation, there are tremendous opportunities for BE graduates in terms of employment, based on their specializations. The graduates have various job opportunities that are available in various industries including manufacturing, automobile, information & technology, etc.

Career Options After Bachelor of Engineering

BE fresher salaries are adequate at the entry-level. Jobs for a Bachelor of Engineering depend on the respective specialization and demand. The scope of the Bachelor of Engineering is diversified into different sectors.

The bachelor of Engineering course aims to ensure that the students have access to all the vital information they need to be successful. The most common Bachelor of Engineering jobs that hire graduates is:

  • Project Software Engineer: They apply engineering, mathematics, and computer science principles and methods to the creation, creation, and testing of computer software.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer: They are responsible for evaluating the technical design papers' quality to make sure they are current, relevant, and efficient.
  • Technical Officer: They launch and oversee initiatives to evaluate, verify, and enhance internal procedures, and deliver regular updates to management and high management.

Courses after Bachelor of Engineering

After earning a Bachelor of Engineering, students have a variety of employment opportunities, but if they desire to pursue further education, they have the following options:

Factors to be Considered Before Choosing A Job

Several factors such as "What career opportunities are available after BE?" and "What is the scope of BE?" influence the demand for the course. The important factors are the following:

  • Range of job roles
  • Employee Benefits
  • Skills Required
  • Industry Growth
  • Salary, Incentives, etc.

Top BE Recruiters

Several renowned organizations in both the public and private sectors offer employment opportunities for BE graduates. Following is a list of the best recruiters in India who hire graduates with BE degrees along with their salaries:

Top Recruiters

Average Annual Salary 


INR 3 - 19.5 LPA


INR 6 - 46 LPA


INR 3 - 17.46 LPA


INR 2.6-21 LPA

Goldman Sachs

INR 4-14.6 LPA

Bachelor of Engineering Fee Structure


What are the jobs after a Bachelor of Engineering?

Graduates after a Bachelor of Engineering can obtain several career opportunities in the public and private sectors with several job designations that include Design Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Development Engineer, Technical Engineer, etc.

What are the top companies that hire BE graduates?

Infosys, Microsoft, Wipro and Accenture are the top companies that hire BE graduates.

Which industries hire BE graduates?

There are various areas of recruitment where BE graduates can get hired that includes Research and Development Organizations, Software Companies, Information Technology & Robotics Engineering Companies, etc.

What are government jobs available after BE?

Several government jobs are available after a Bachelor of Engineering with various job profiles, including Aeronautical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, etc.

What is the salary for BE freshers?

The salary for BE fresher graduates ranges between INR 2-7 LPA.