BE Production Engineering Jobs:

Graduates of B.E. Production Engineering are very much in demand in the production and manufacturing field. Indigenous production and manufacturing are prime contributors to a country’s development scale and graduates are entitled to receive various job opportunities from the public sector like MSME, DRDO, etc. Graduates can join in a research and development team, production management, machinery technician, etc. in various domains.

BE Production Engineering Government and Private Jobs:

Job Roles
Production Engineer
Production Support Engineer
Quality Manager
Management Engineer
Engineering Plant Production Manager
Product Engineering Architect
Foundry Production Engineer and Manager
Asst. Production Manager

Salary Scale Based of Job Position for BE Production Engineering Course:

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Key Stats BE Production Engineering:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though production engineering and mechanical engineering have some similar subjects, they're ideally different since production engineering focuses on manufacturing and management and mechanical is a combination of production engineering and automobile engineering.

Candidates can pursue post-graduation courses that aim at specializations of a particular domain in Production engineering. Students can also opt for M.Tech Production Engineering offered by various universities in India.