Job, Scope, Salary, & Placements for Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Marine Engineering):

Job Roles for Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Marine Engineering):

Job Type


Port manager

Port managers are responsible for the smooth transition of those ports so that they can reach at the destination on time.

Ship operator

Ship operators are responsible for ensuring technical tasks in relation to operate the machines which are executed in accordance with the organization’s procedures.

Ship manager

Ship managers are responsible for managing all important documents such as pick slips, shipping notice, bills of lading, etc. They also track, prioritize, check, and route orders using essential software, etc.

Marine Surveyor

Marine Surveyors are responsible for surveying marine vessels such as boats, ships, dredges, hull, and equipment to determine repairs required for machines to meet the requirements.

ICAR Officer

ICAR Officers work with the office of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research in the core speciality of fish breeding and management.

MPEDA Officer

MPEDA Officers work with the central government agency of MPEDA, specializing in aquatic life management. 

Salary offered for Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Marine Engineering):

Average Salary For Marine

Engineer: Rs. 1,00,000

Bonus: Rs.35,000 Profit Sharing: Rs.22,500
Total : Rs.1,50,000 approx.

Key stats for Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Marine Engineering):

Key Stats - BE Marine