B.E Marine Engineering Job:

Marine engineering is one of the prestigious course and being a marine engineer one can have a prestigious post and prestigious job in his life. Typically the marine engineers would be getting a salary of INR 7.13 lakhs per annum.

Below are the various jobs one can apply for after getting graduated in B.E Marine Engineering:

Job Type


Port manager

Port managers are responsible for the smooth transition of those ports so that they can reach at the destination on time.

Ship operator

Ship operators are responsible for ensuring technical tasks in relation to operating the machines.

Ship manager

Ship managers are responsible for managing all important documents such as pick slips, shipping notices, bills of lading, etc. They also track, prioritize, check, and route orders using essential software, etc.

Marine Surveyor

Marine surveyors are responsible for surveying the marine vessels such as dredges, hull, boats, ships, and equipment to determine repairs required for machines to meet the requirements.

ICAR Officer

ICAR officers work with the office of the Indian Council of Agriculture Research in the core speciality of fish breeding and management.

MPEDA Officer

MPEDA Officers work with the central government agency of MPEDA, specializing in aquatic life management. 

B.E Marine Engineering Job for freshers:

After completion of B.E Marine Engineering, there is a lot of opportunities opens up doors to the graduates. In the field of marine engineering, there is a constant demand for young talent, and the abundant jobs in offshore installations come with a handsome salary package and NRI status. With the sharp rise in the international sea traffic, the demand for graduates from marine engineering has elevated to astonishing levels.

Below are some of the roles where freshers can apply after graduation:

  • Second engineer
  • Third engineer
  • Fourth engineer
  • Junior (Fifth) Engineer
  • Pumpman
  • Harbor Master
  • Marine Engineering Officers
  • Navy Weapon Engineering Officer

B.E Marine Engineering Government Jobs:

B.E Marine Engineers can also get a job in government with a handsome package and with many more facilities. Below is the listing of government job post where one can apply for-

  • Chief Mechanical Engineer at Ports and Harbours
  • Port Manager
  • Marine Surveyor
  • At IMU (Indian Maritime University)

B.E Marine Engineering Private Jobs:

Below are the few job roles for the marine engineer in private industry:

  • Lead Senior Marine Engineer
  • Ship Manager
  • Maritime Educator
  • Marine Surveyor

B.E Marine Engineering Jobs Abroad:

There is a lot of scope in other countries for marine engineers after their graduation, the pay will be high in other countries, one can meet new people experience a new culture. Few examples of job post one can get in abroad are:

  • Marine chief engineer, Singapore
  • Chief Engineer(Yacht operator), Singapore
  • Marine structural approval engineer, UK
  • Marine senior engineer, UK
  • Lead marine engineer, Italy

Salary scale for B.E Marine Engineering Course:

The salary for a newly graduated B.E marine engineer is approximately INR 7.13 lakhs per annum. The salary might increase according to the post and the skills one has developed while doing B.E Marine Engineering.

Average salary based on job position for B.E Marine Engineering:

Below is the table showing the average salary of the employees according to their job position:

Sl.No Job Position
Average Salary Per Annum
1 Chief Engineer
INR 60 lakhs or more
2 Second Engineer INR 48 lakhs - 60 lakhs
3 Third Engineer INR 33 lakhs - 42 lakhs
4 Fourth Engineer INR 18 lakhs - 27 lakhs
5 Fifth Engineer/Engineering Cadet INR 420k - 900k

Key stats for B.E Marine Engineering:

Key stat showing the ratio of gender employed as a marine engineer:

source: payscale

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