BBM Jobs:

The areas of employment for Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] are enlisted below:

  1. Colleges & Universities
  2. Chemical Companies
  3. Fashion Companies
  4. Health Sector
  5. Grocery Sector
  6. Construction Companies

The vast scope of employability for graduates of BBM course and the large spectrum of job opportunities available to them are listed as below:

  1. Business Development Manager
  2. Relationship Manager
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Delivery Manager
  5. Business Operations Manager
  6. Associate Manager
  7. Financial Analyst
  8. Human Resource Manager
  9. Marketing Executive
  10. Executive Manager
  11. Operations/Marketing Manager

The top recruiters for Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] graduates can be listed as follows:

  1. Accenture 
  2. Genpact 
  3. TCS
  4. HCL Technologies 
  5. International Business Machines [IBM] Corp

The prospect of getting placed in a renowned company after BBM helps the aspirant to earn an extremely lucrative payscale while utilizing their existing business management skills in order to be an asset to the same organization. Placement opportunities not only connect students skills to the company's metabolism but also provides a platform to justify the course completed by an individual. 

Placement opportunities after completing BBM are in the areas of retail, distribution, hospitality and leisure; financial institutions, sales, marketing and production management. The individuals can also be recruited into professional services such as chartered accountancy, business consultancy, law and tax and finance (banking, city markets, insurance). Candidates can also opt for Human Resources and Recruitment Jobs.

BBM Jobs for Freshers:

The several job opportunities for freshers graduating from a Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] course are:

  1. Teacher & Lecturer
  2. Business Development Manager
  3. Marketing Coordinator
  4. Quality Assurance Analyst
  5. Business Consultant
  6. Trainer, Employee/Human Resources

BMS Government Jobs:

The several scopes for the employment of a graduate of Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] in the public sector are:

  1. Quality Specialist
  2. Marketing Coordinator
  3. Trainer, Employee/Human Resources
  4. Quality Assurance Analyst
  5. Business Consultant

BBM Private Jobs:

The job opportunities for Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] graduates in the private sector are:

  1. Quality Specialist
  2. Assistant Professor
  3. Teacher & Lecturer
  4. Business Development Manager.
  5. Operations Manager
  6. Executive Assistant
  7. Marketing Coordinator
  8. Account Manager
  9. Trainer, Employee/Human Resources
  10. Quality Assurance Analyst
  11. Business Consultant

Salary Scale for BBM Course:

The salary scale for different job roles for BBM course listed below:

Job Role Salary Scale
Financial Analyst
INR 186,564 - INR 727,185
Human Resource Manager
INR 177,539 - INR 1,210,188
Marketing Executive
INR 119,599 - INR 581,748
Executive Manager
INR 120,600 - INR 581,748
Operations/Marketing Manager
INR 297,988 - INR 1,242,907

Salary Packages Offered by the Top Companies in India for BBM:

The average salary packages  offered by several leading companies in India to graduates of Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] are:

Sl. No. Company Salary Package
1 ICICI Bank INR 6.6 lakhs
2 HDFC Bank INR 4.0 lakhs
3 Kotak Mahindra Bank INR 4.8 lakhs
4 Axis Bank INR 4.0 lakhs
5 IndusInd Bank INR 3.6 lakhs
6 Randstad INR 3.8 lakhs
7 Adecco PeopleOne India INR 3.0 lakhs
8 ABC Consultants NR 4.4 lakhs
9 IKYA Human Capital Solutions INR 2.6 lakhs
10 New Era India Consultancy INR 2.6 lakhs
11 Hindustan Unilever [HLL] INR 8.2 lakhs
12 Pepsi Foods INR 6.0 lakhs
13 Hindustan Coca Cola India INR 5.4 lakhs
14 ITC INR 8.3 lakhs
15 Nestle India INR 5.6 lakhs

Average Salary based on Job Position for BBM:

The average salary and the range of the same in various job prospects for Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] graduates are listed below:

Salary offered for Bachelor of Management Studies[B.M.S]

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for BBM:

The demographic distribution of salaries and gender ratio of pay scale of Bachelor of Business Management [BBM] graduates are listed as below:

Key stats for Bachelor of Management Studies[B.M.S]

Source: Payscale

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