Students who have completed BBA LLB Degree Course will have a lot of employment opportunities in administration, planning, management, banking, and industrial sector in addition to the judiciary & legal profession. One is able to study courses related to the market requirements and enhance their market value amongst other institutions of repute.

It also equips the students with the requisite knowledge of the diverse subject portfolios and enables them to handle situations efficiently. Businesses often require legal services and if a person is proficient in both business and law, he can acquire extra perks on account of holding two posts at one time.

BBA LLB Jobs for Freshers:

The job avenues open for BBA LLB freshers are:

  • Business Consultant
  • Advocate/Lawyer
  • Law Writer
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legal Office Manager
  • Law Compliance Officer
  • Legal Associate 
  • Notary
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Law professor

BBA LLB Government Jobs:

The opportunity for a BBA LLB graduate has a wider opening in public sectors. The need and demand for graduates in this particular course are very high. Some of the job opportunities in the public sector are:

  • Government Attorney
  • Banking Ombudsmen
  • Labour law Compliance Officer
  • Law Professor 
  • Trademark and copyright attorney
  • Labour Officer
  • Research Assistant
  • Assistant Magistrate
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor

BBA LLB Private Jobs:

Job opportunities for graduates of BBA LLB course in the private sector include:

  • Business Consultant
  • Advocate/Lawyer
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Assistant Advisor
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Attorney General
  • Finance Manager
  • Company Secretary
  • Management Accountant
  • Deputy Legal Advisor
  • Law Officer & Management Accountants
  • Law Reporter
  • Legal Advisor & Human Resource Manager
  • Notary

Salary Scale for BBA LLB Course:

The BBA LLB course salary ranges from INR 2L to 1Cr per annum and also varies from individual to individual based on the area of work and responsibility of the employees.

Salary Packages offered by the Top Companies in India for Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws[BBA LLB]: 

SI No Name Of The Company Salary Scale
1 Khaitan and Co. INR 3.5L to 5L
2 Trilegal INR 3.0L to 4.5L
3 AZB and Partners INR 6.0L to 8.5L
4 S&R Associates INR 15L to 20L
5 EY India INR 2.5L to 3.8L
6 Accenture INR 2.8L to 5L

Key Stats For Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Laws[BBA-LLB]:

Source: Payscale

Other Related Job Scope and Salaries:

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