Syllabus & Subjects for Master of Arts [MA] (History):

  • The syllabus and subjects might vary from to college to college and university to university.
  • The core subjects might remain same for a majority of the universities but then a lot of courses might vary depending on the college, specializations

    and universities you are enrolled into.
  • The pay and salary also depend on the courses you select.

Subjects Offered under Master of Arts [MA] (History):

The gist of the syllabus and subject details are below: 

  • Medieval Europe: Transition from Ancient Society to Medieval Society; Feudal Institutions; Medieval State and Church; Clergy and its Socio-Economic Role.

  • Feudalism: Agrarian Structure and Relations; The Manorial System - Changing Position of the Peasantry; Agrarian Technology Organisation of Non-Agricultural Production; Major Non-Agricultural Productions; Artisans and Merchants Local Trade under Feudalism; Growth of Foreign Trade and Commerce; Urbanisation: Urban Centers and Society; Decline of Feudalism Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism in Europe; Renaissance and its Impact; Reformation and its Impact; Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution

  • Rise of Capitalism: Mercantile Revolution – Origins, Nature and Impact; Economic Developments during the 16th Century: Shift of Economic Balance from the Mediterranean Region to Atlantic Region; Old Colonial System and its Consequences

  • Rise of Liberalism: ‘Glorious’ Revolution – Nature and Impact; American Revolution – Nature and Impact; French Revolution – Nature and Impact

  • Growth of Capitalism: Industrial and Technological Revolution – Origins, Nature and Impact; Nationalism in Central Europe; Imperialism: Origins, Interpretations and Consequences

Suggested Reads for Master of Arts [MA] (History):

  • Bartbelt, C.J.  - Peace, War and European Powers 1814-1914

  • Cipolla, C.M. Fontana Economic History of Europe, Vol. III

  • Chauhan, D.S. Europe of Itihas (Hindi)

  • Evans, J. The Foundations of Modern State in 19th Century

  • Grant and Temperley: Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

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