MA Astrology: Course Details, Eligibility, Admission, Fees

Duration: 2 Years
Avg Fees: ₹5K - 5 LPA

MA Astrology is a two year program that provides advanced knowledge in the astrology industry. MA Astrology emphasizes the ancient art of astrology, concerned with deciphering future events and prophecies through maps and active calculations of stars and constellations. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to the basic methods and applications of astrology.

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MA Astrology Course Details

Degree Masters
Full Form Master of Arts Astrology
Duration 2 Years
Age There is no upper age limit.
Subjects Required BA in Astrology
Minimum Percentage 50%
Average Fees ₹5K - 5 LPA
Average Salary INR 3 - 5 LPA
Employment Roles Palmists, Astrologers, Numerology Experts, Vastu Experts, etc.

About MA Astrology

MA Astrology course covers a detailed analysis of an individual's natal chart or the positions of the planets at the time of an individual's birth to help unravel deep roots and personal problems. This course covers a variety of topics including the basics of astrology, Navgrah worship, yogas, etc. This course falls under the umbrella of MA Course.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Astrology

Students who wish to enrol in the MA Astrology program must pass their bachelor’s degree in related subjects from a recognized university with a minimum of 50% overall. Students must pass the common entrance examinations in addition to meeting the standard MA Astrology eligibility requirements. This course has no age limit.

Who Should Pursue a MA in Astrology Course?

MA Astrology is for students who wish to enter the field of astrology. The MA Astrology degree is in high demand among astrologers, palmists, Vastu astrologers, and face readers. Many astrology-related industries are always looking for MA in Astrology graduate degrees. As a result, students will have various job opportunities after completing this course.

When To Do MA Astrology Course?

If a student wants to pursue a career in Astrology, he or she should begin at the bachelor's level. They must pass a bachelor’s degree in relevant subjects from a recognized university.

How To Get Admission for MA Astrology?

Admission to the MA Astrology program is based on merit or solely on the candidate's qualifying examination. A candidate's performance on a national, state, or college entrance exam determines admission to the course. Some universities conduct their own entrance exams for the admissions process. Applicants must also meet the minimum requirements for admission to the MA Astrology, which include a bachelor's degree and an entrance exam.

Though the MA Astrology admission process varies from college to college, below are the steps one should generally go through to get admission.

How to Apply?

In consideration of the COVID scenario, the majority of institutions have moved their admissions processes entirely online. Students must therefore go to the official websites of the colleges to which they are applying and begin the application process by submitting information. Students can also go to the college of their preference for offline enrollment and fill out an application form with all required documents.

Types of MA Astrology Courses

Aspirants can pursue the course in full-time or part-time mode. Below are the types of MA Astrology courses in detail:

Full-Time MA Astrology

The full-time MA Astrology duration is 2 years. This course requires more practical knowledge than theoretical understanding. The advantage of a full-time course is that students can gain a lot more exposure, experience, and knowledge through direct interaction with their peers and faculty.

Part-Time MA Astrology

The part-time MA Astrology course is designed for students who cannot attend regular classes. The duration of the course is  2 years. The advantage of the part-time course is that students can pursue this course while simultaneously being engaged in employment, etc.

Distance MA Astrology

The distance MA in Astrology program lasts 2 years and is divided into four semesters of six months each. Distance learning is the ideal option for those who wish to pursue an MA degree in Astrology after their bachelor’s but don't have the time to attend normal classes.

Top MA Astrology Colleges in India

India is home to some of the best MA Astrology colleges for aspirants. Candidates are given choices as to the best MA Astrology course based on their preferences. Depending on the type of MA Astrology programs on offer, candidates must make the right choice.

Below is the list of the 10 best MA in Astrology Colleges in India:


Name of the College


Ranchi University, Ranchi


VELS University, Chennai


Mewar University, Chittorgarh


Himalayan University, Itanagar


Apex Professional University, Pasighat


Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology, Udaipur


Pragyan International University, Ranchi


Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University, Hyderabad


Osmania University, Hyderabad


Career Point University, Rajasthan

Top MA Astrology Colleges in Delhi

India’s capital city is home to some of the best institutions for MA Astrology in India. Check the table below for the top MA Astrology colleges in Delhi:




Bharti Institute of Vedic Astrology


International School of Astrology


Tatyam School of Design


All India Institute of Occult Science


Parshiva Institute of Astrology and Vastu

Top MA Astrology Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu also has some of the best institutions for MA Astrology in India. Check the table below for the top MA Astrology colleges in Tamil Nadu:




Karpagam Academy of Higher Education


VELS University


Alagappa University


Periyar University


PRIST University

Top MA Astrology Colleges in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is home to some of the premier institutions for MA Astrology in India. Check the table below for the best MA Astrology colleges in Rajasthan:




Mewar University




Maharshi College of Vedic Astrology


Shree Kallaji Vedic University

Top MA Astrology Colleges in Madhya Pradesh

Check the table below for the best MA Astrology colleges in Madhya Pradesh:




Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya


Institute of Vedic Astrology


Renaissance University


SAGE University


Shri Krishna University

Top MA Astrology Colleges in Uttarakhand

Check the table below for the best MA Astrology colleges in Uttarakhand:




Graphic Era Hill University


Uttarakhand Sanskrit University


Indian Palmistry Institute


Gurukul Kangri University


Indian Institute of Vedic Astrology

Study MA Astrology Abroad

MA Astrology course abroad is for a minimum of 3 years, depending on the type of course, college, and country. The benefits of studying a MA Astrology program overseas provide students with access to some of the best resources, facilities, and faculty, as well as global exposure to the subject matter and other cultures.

In addition, students must achieve good grades in their bachelor’s degree and have good English language skills. Below are some of the top MA Astrology colleges abroad and the relevant fees structure:

Top MA Astrology Colleges Abroad

The table below contains the list of some of the best colleges abroad for MA Astrology:



Australian National University

AUD 700

Portland School of Astrology, USA

USD 3,000

Holistic Astrology School, USA

USD 3,500

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, UK

GBP 10,000

London School of Astrology, UK

GBP 8,000

Sydney Astrology School, Australia

AUD 550

Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology, Australia 

AUD 600

Arizona’s Astrological Institute, USA

USD 5,300

Top MA Astrology Colleges in USA

The USA is home to some of the best universities and colleges offering top-notch MA Astrology programs in the world. The table below contains the list of top colleges for MA Astrology in the USA:




Cornell University


University of Wisconsin


Ohio State University


University of Georgia


Wayne State University

Top MA Astrology Colleges in the UK

The table below shows the top colleges for MA Astrology in the UK:




University of Wales Trinity Saint David


London School of Astrology


Faculty of Astrological Studies


Mayo School of Astrology

Top MA Astrology Colleges in Australia

For many students, Australia, also known as the 'Land Down Under,' has emerged as one of the top locations for higher education. The list of top colleges for MA Astrology in Australia is as follows:




Australian National University


University of Western Australia


Sydney Astrology School


Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology

Fee Structure for MA Astrology

The MA Astrology fee is not fixed and depends on many factors. Some of the factors which affect the MA Astrology fees include location, faculty, demand, infrastructure, and the facilities available to the students. The average MA Astrology course fee in India is around INR 2000 - INR 5 LPA.


Name of the College

Total Fee Structure (INR)


Ranchi University, Ranchi



ABVHV, Madhya Pradesh



KAHE, Tamil Nadu



VELS Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, Chennai


Syllabus and Subjects for MA Astrology

The MA Astrology course is designed to give students both a theoretical and practical study approach. Students can successfully learn the abilities required in the fashion industry. The MA Astrology course follows a set pattern. The following is a list of the general topics that will be covered during the course:

  • Fundamentals of Astrology
  • Predictions Based on Graha and Upgrade
  • Yogas and Other Astrological Branches
  • Prasna Astrology

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Why Choose MA Astrology Course?

When students decide to pursue B.Sc in Fashion Technology, they should first research MA Astrology course details to ensure that they know the course they are enrolling in. Breaking down the question "Why to choose MA Astrology?" into three brief questions simplifies the answer:

What is MA Astrology All About?

The MA Astrology program is a two-year program that provides advanced knowledge in the astrology industry. MA Astrology emphasizes the ancient art of astrology, concerned with deciphering future events and prophecies through maps and active calculations of stars and constellations. Throughout the course, students will be introduced to the basic methods and applications of astrology.

What Does a Diploma in Astrology Graduate Do?

Graduates who successfully complete this course can work in a variety of astrology-based industries. Students who have a keen interest in the field of astrology and understand how to study it thoroughly can open their own astrology centres. These are some of the most common features:

  • Astrologists: They study and understand the position of the planets and other celestial bodies in the universe along with reading horoscopes with the aim of making correct predictions of solutions according to the client’s requirements.
  • Numerologists: They study numbers and numerical patterns associated with a person's event, name, and date of birth to make pseudoscientific inferences for predicting the near future.

Reasons Why MA Astrology Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

After earning a MA in Astrology, students can pursue a variety of career opportunities. It depends on the skills, academic record, skills, and experience of the individual. Some of the reasons are as follows:

Demand: MA Astrology is a great career option for those with a lot of imagination and ideas. Graduates are always in the market among astrologers, palm readers, and numerologists. Students have a wide range of career opportunities. 

Career Growth: Graduates of MA Astrology have a wide range of career opportunities. Candidates can advance their careers after gaining experience as an astrologer. 

Skill Development: Students get a lot of opportunities in enhancing their astrology skills that are required in the world of astrology.

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MA Astrology Course Comparison

MA Astrology deals with the ancient discipline of foretelling and making prophetic statements based on accurate planetary and star alignments. Below is a comparison of the MA Astrology course with the other courses.

MA Astrology vs Diploma in Vedic Astrology

The table below showcases the differences between MA in Astrology and Diploma in Vedic Astrology:





MA Astrology

Diploma in Vedic Astrology




Course Duration

2 years

1 year


Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with minimum 50%

10+2 from a recognized board

Entrance Exams

CET, CUET, etc.

CET, etc

Top Colleges

Ranchi University, VELS Institute

Delhi University, Mumbai University, etc.


INR 1 - 5 LPA

INR 0.05 - 2 LPA

Preparation Tips for MA Astrology Course

There are many tips that students must note when deciding to pursue a MA in Astrology. Some important preparation tips are listed below to ensure that the students crack the course and pass the exams without any hurdles. 

Syllabus: Students must be well-versed in the course syllabus. This is the first and most fundamental step in the preparation process.

Exam Pattern: Understand the examination patterns and the kind of questions that are commonly asked. Students will most likely be asked multiple-choice questions. 

Important topics: Students should concentrate more on the important areas, as these are where questions are most usually asked. These sections must be focused on while reviewing the chapters.

Practice: Practice questions from past years' question papers and sample papers.

Scope for Higher Education

Aspirants can pursue higher studies after obtaining a B.Sc in Fashion Technology. Some of the top courses for higher studies in the field of Fashion Technology are as follows:

Salary of a MA Astrology Graduate

The salary for MA Astrology graduates varies depending on the specialization chosen by the candidates. Other factors that can affect MA Astrology's salary in India include experience, geography, and the industry they are working in. 

Graduates can increase their salary by getting more work experience. The average MA Astrology job starting salary for graduates is around INR 2 - 10 LPA [Source: PayScale].

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Career Options After MA Astrology Graduation

There are plenty of jobs available for MA Astrology students in both the public and private sectors. The job roles will differ based on the specialization that one has opted for. MA Astrology graduates have abundant job opportunities with good salary packages that include the following job profiles:

  • Astrologers
  • Palmist
  • Vastu Expert/Consultant
  • Teacher
  • Mathematician
  • Numerologist
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Fortune Teller, etc.

Skills That Make You The Best MA Astrology Graduate

Some of the abilities that MA Astrology students should have:

  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Empathetic Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Leadership Skills

MA Astrology Fee Structure

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