MA Development Studies Syllabus and Subjects


2 Years

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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

MA Development Studies is a 2-year postgraduate program pursued under the Arts stream. The course deals with the various aspects and challenges of development and public policy. The Master of Arts Development Studies syllabus includes various subjects such as Economics, Geography, Society and Human Growth, etc.

Semester Wise MA Development Studies Syllabus

The syllabus for the MA Development Studies course is designed with an aim to equip students with the historical changes in the configuration of the state, social institutions, and civil society and their increasing consequences on developing societies, such as India. The MA Development Studies course aims to ensure that that the students have access to all the vital information they need regarding the subject.

The semester-wise MA Development Studies syllabus PDFcan be availed online. The syllabus is listed below:


MA Development Studies First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

Concept, History, and Theories of Development

Principles of Economics: Micro-economics

State and Democracy

Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics

Methods of Social Research

Industrialisation, Globalisation and Labour

Anthropology and Development

Theoretical Approaches to Gender and Development

Development and Social Justice

Cities and Development

Social Research - Design and Applications

Geopolitics, Development, and Conflict


MA Development Studies Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

Public Policy: Theories and Processes

Philosophy and Postcolonial India

Political Economy of International Development

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Development

Public Finance

Modernity and Multiplicity: Critical and Experiential Histories

Agrarian Relations, Agriculture and Rural Development

Gender, Livelihoods, and Development

Social Movements and Social Change

Gender-Based Violence, Culture, and Human Rights

Population, Ageing, and Development


MA Development Studies Subjects

The course program is spread over two years which offers students a wide range of courses, both basic and elective, and project experience. The program consists of multiple disciplines, such as economics, sociology, political science, psychology, geography, women’s studies, media studies, and policy studies.

Some of the Master of Arts Development Studies subjects are:

  • Concept, History, and Theories of Development
  • Methods of Social Research
  • State and Democracy
  • Development and Social Justice
  • Geography of Development

MA Development Studies Course Structure

The course structure is designed to include both core and elective subjects. The course is composed of two years divided into four semesters. In addition, projects to be submitted by the end of the fourth semester are mandatory as per the curriculum. The course structure is as follows:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Industrial Training
  • Projects

MA Development Studies Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The course syllabus curriculum takes into account different teaching methods. Along with lectures and industrial training, the scholars are trained in elective subjects of various specializations. The teaching methodology is designed to provide industry-based learning to the students. Listed below are the different teaching methodologies and strategies in general:

  • Group Projects
  • Conceptualized Learning
  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching
  • Field-Based Learning
  • Practicals/Assignments
  • Internships

MA Development Studies Projects

The projects are given to students for interdisciplinary learning. Projects assist students in getting experience and training in industrial work. Projects are to be completed by the end of the fourth semester. Some popular MA Development Studies projects topics are:

  • Interrelations between education and success: A case study.
  • Impact of social movements and NGOs on upholding human rights.
  • Improving livelihood by addressing conflicts in a certain region.
  • Strategies that the Government could use to eliminate house planning problems and food insecurity.

MA Development Studies Reference Books

MA Development Studies books are available both online and offline by many authors and publications. Reference books are meant for better understanding of perspective on development practices across communities in various countries and are also available online in pdf format. Some of the best reference books are:

MA Development Studies Books

Name of the Books


Psychology of Sustainable Development

Schmuck, P., & Schultz, W.P

The Relationship of New Technologies, Human Behavior, and Sustainable Development


Experiential Learning: Changing Behaviour to Improve Performance


Behavioral Coaching: Building Sustainable Personal and Organizational Strengths

Skiffington, S. & Zeus

MA Development Studies Fee Structure

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