Master of Public Administration Course Syllabus:

The syllabus for MPA does not vary much across the universities as this course is in relevance to the Public Administration. Master of Public Administration syllabus includes Administrative Political Theory, Ethics of Governance, Public Administration concepts and theories.

MPA Semester I Syllaus
S. No MPA Semester I Syllaus
1 Contemporary Political Theory 
2 Administrative Thinkers - I
3 Ethics in Governance 
4 Public Policy
5 Public Administration: Concepts and Theories
6 Public Governance: Concepts and Theories


MPA Semester II Syllaus
S.No   MPA Semester II Syllabus
1 Personnel Administration in relation to India
2 Organizational Behavior
3 Political System of India: Institutions and Constitutions
4 Administrative Thinkers - II 
5 Comparative Public Administration


MPA Semester III Syllabus
S.No MPA Semester III Syllabus
1 Disaster Management with reference to India
2 Indian Administration: Structure
3 Indian Administration: Process
4 Administrative Improvement and Office Management
5 Rural and Urban Government with reference to India 
6 Indian Financial Administration 


MPA Semester IV Syllabus
S.No MPA Semester IV Syllabus
1 Development Administration of India
2 Indian Political Economy and Development 
3 Corporate Governance within India 
4 Project and Viva-Voce
5 Administrative Law

The courses such as Administrative Law, Office Management and Administrative Improvement are designed to enhance the skills and abilities of the learners.  The courses including Indian Political Economy, Ethics in Governance and Comparative Public Administration are all designed as choice based courses based on the interests and needs of the candidates.  All these subjects are designed with the motive to cover all the complexities of the government principles and laws and the management courses are aimed at enhancing the skills of the aspirants. So this course acts as a bridge connecting the study of rules and regulations of the nation and management of a wide sector effectively. 

Other Related Subjects and Syllabus: 

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