MA Education Syllabus and Subjects:

The subjects involved in Master of Arts in Education are Educational Psychology, Guidance, Educational Technology, Counselling, Special Education, Curriculum Development, etc. A detailed syllabus structure is given below. 

MA Education Syllabus Part I (Sem. I)
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Philosophical & Sociological Foundations of Education I
2 Educational Psychology I
3 Educational Research and Statistics I
4 Educational Measurement and Evaluation I
5 Guidance & Counselling-I
6 Educational Technology I
7 Special Education I
8 Population education & Environmental Education I
9 Value education & Human Rights Education I
10 Educational Administration ;& Management I
11 Life-Long Education I


MA Education Syllabus Part I (Sem. II)
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 Philosophical & Sociological Foundations of Education- II
2 Educational Psychology- II
3 Educational Research & Statistics- II
4 Educational Measurement & Evaluation- II
5 Guidance & Counselling- II
6 Educational Technology- II
7 Special Education- II
8 Population Education & Environmental Education-II
9 Value Education & Human Rights Education- II
10 Educational Administration & Management- II
11 Life-Long Education - II


There would be 5 Papers in all, out of which 3 Papers i.e., Papers VI, VII & VIII will be Basic and compulsory for all the students and papers IX & X will be same as selected out of the 8 Specialization Papers to complete Five Papers of 100 marks each making 500 marks. A dissertation based on the synopsis proposed in semester III will be submitted in semester IV.

MA Education Syllabus Part II (Sem. III) 
Sl. No. Subjects of Study
1 History & Contemporary Issues of Indian Education I
2 Curriculum Development I
3 Dissertation Proposal
4 Educational Measurement & Evaluation III
5 Guidance & Counselling III
6 Educational Technology III
7 Special Education III
8 Population Education & Environmental Education III
9 Value Education & Human Rights Education III
10 Educational Administration & Management III
11 Life Long Education III


MA Education Syllabus Part II (Sem. IV)
1 History & Contemporary Issues of Indian Education- II
2 Curriculum Development- II
3 Dissertation
4 Educational Measurement & Evaluation- IV
5 Guidance & Counselling- IV
6 Educational Technology- IV
7 Special Education- IV
8 Population Education & Environmental Education- IV
9 Value Education & Human Rights Education- IV
10 Educational Administration & Management- IV
11 Life Long Education- IV

MA Education subjects:

SI No Subjects
1 Philosophy of Education
2 Psychology of Education
3 Methodology of Educational Research
4 Curriculum Studies
5 Environmental Education (Generic Elective


SI No Subjects
1 Sociology of Education
2 Advanced Educational Psychology
3 Educational Statistics
4 Comparative Education
5 Peace education (Generic Elective)


SI No Subjects
School Administration and Management
History and Contemporary Issues in Education
Personality Development
Peace Education/ Guidance and Counselling /Educational Measurement & Evaluation -I
Teacher Education/Research Proposal


SI No Subjects
Life-Long Education
Environmental Education
Human Rights Education Organization and
Administration of
Guidance Services in India
Educational Measurement & Evaluation -I
5 Dissertation


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