Distance MA Psychology Subjects: 

The subjects that are followed in the curriculum of the Distance MA Psychology course is listed in the table below:

Distance MA Psychology Subjects
Year 1
SI No Subjects
1 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory
2 Lifespan Psychology
3 Personality: Theories and Assessment
4 Advanced Social Psychology
5 Research Methods in Psychology
6 Statistics in Psychology
7 Practicals: Experimental Psychology and Psychological Testing


Distance MA Psychology Subjects
Year 2
SI No Subjects
1 Psychopathology
2 Psychodiagnostics
3 Psychotherapeutic methods
4 Practicals: Clinical
5 Field Work
6 Project

Distance MA Psychology Syllabus: 

The syllabus followed in the curriculum contains a lot of self-study that is needed for the candidates of the course, the syllabus is listed in the table below:

Distance MA Psychology Syllabus
SI No Subjects
1 Perceptual defense/vigilance
2 Temporal perception
3 Phi-phenomenon
4 Emotional maturity scale
5 Serial learning
6 Zeigarnik effect
7 Interpersonal attraction
8 Measurement of stereotypes/prejudice
9 Alienation
10 Emotional maturity
11 Administration of a test of vocational interest
12 Rorschach
13 Anxiety Scale/ Death Anxiety
14 Reaction to frustration
15 Depression

Other Related Syllabus and Subjects: 

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