The syllabus for MA English Literature is designed for two years having four semesters. The MA English Literature students are prepared to find a job as a teacher or writer. Some of the common subjects of MA English Literature are English Novel, English Poetry, English Drama, and English Prose and Essays.

Semester Wise MA English Literature Syllabus

The main objective of MA English Literature is to excel in Literature in terms of both ancient and modern ages. The students who have already done undergraduate can delve deep into higher education. The MA English Literature course also includes studies at an advanced level that fall under the categories of culture, politics, history, and philosophy. Here is the semester wise Master of Arts English Literature syllabus: 

MA English Literature First Year Syllabus

Semester I

Semester II

English Novel

Irish Literature

English Drama

Canadian Literature

English Poetry

Native-American Literature

English Prose and Essays

South African Literature

Literature in the 17th century

American Literature

Literature in the 18th century

African Literature

Literature in the 19th century

Australian Literature

Romanticism, Neoclassicism

Modernism and Post- Modernism


MA English Literature Second Year Syllabus

Semester III

Semester IV

English in India: Sociological and Historical.

Syntax and Structure

Indian Writings in English

Linguistic Approach to Literature

Literature in Indian English

Stylistic and Discourse Structure

Indian Writings Translated into English

History of English Language


Phonology and Morphology of the English Language


MA English Literature Subjects

The semester-wise Master of Arts English Literature subjects is designed to enhance the overall knowledge and give a deep understanding of the concepts to the students. The curriculum consists of both core and elective subjects. The MA English Literature subjects list is as follows:

  • English Novel
  • English Poetry
  • English Drama
  • English Prose and Essays
  • Indian writings in English.

MA English Literature Course Structure

The MA English Literature course enables the students to find out the interconnections between language and literature. Also, this course provides extensive knowledge and understanding of key concepts. It also provides a better understanding of the theoretical aspects of the English language. The course structure is as follows:

  • IV Semesters
  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Practical Workshops
  • Project/ Thesis Submission

MA English Literature Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The MA English Literature curriculum takes into consideration exclusive coaching methods. Along with lectures and realistic training, the scholars are educated in elective topics of numerous specializations. The coaching method is designed to provide industry-based totally mastering to the scholars. Listed beneath are the teaching method and techniques in general:

  • Group Projects
  • Conceptualized Learning
  • Traditional Classroom-Based Teaching
  • Practical Lab Sessions
  • Talks from guest speakers
  • Seminars
  • Semester Abroad Opportunities

MA English Literature Projects

The project topics for MA English Literature have to be chosen based on the interests that students possess. There are a wide variety of topics to choose from and the students should start broad to work on and then make it more specific for the readers. Some popular MA Projects in English Literature are: 

  • Dream, Fantasy & Realism In Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children
  • Thesis & Anti-thesis In George Bernard Shaw
  • Biographies of Gandhi In English
  • How To Do A Critique of Midnight’s Children?

MA English Literature Reference Books

Generally, reference books provide background information while searching for literary works. The MA English Literature books are available both online and offline. Searching for the best author and famous publications helps the MA English Literature students to study well for the examination. Some books are even available as full-text articles online or can find MA English Literature books PDFs online. Here are a few MA English Literature reference books.

MA EnglishLiterature Books

Name of Book


Doctor Faustus Christopher Marlowe
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning John Donne

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