B.Des job opportunities are pretty easy to find due to the newfound importance of design in society. Today people buy everything from their everyday products like tea, shampoo, etc., to expensive products like cars, houses, etc., which has resulted in a surge in demand for designers. Jobs like software designer, fashion designer, graphics designer, VFX technician, etc., are offered to them.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for a B.Des Graduate

Today, there are plenty of lucrative prospects for highly talented designers, whether they work in clothes, textiles, graphics, glass, leather, interiors, jewellery, ceramics, furniture, cars, animation, or exhibits. When businesses get more competitive, they choose to win more customers by appealing designs. How good it feels matters a lot. This course also focuses more on project-based learning and applying theory using project and design construction

B.Des is an exciting course. If an aspirant is thinking of taking this course to kickstart their future, choosing a good college to help them get started is essential. The average Bachelor of Design salary in this course is around INR 5 LPA. Fresher jobs and experience for B.Des are listed below:

B.Des jobs for students after completion of B.Des:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Teachers
  • Outside Sale Representative
  • Costume Designer
  • Fashion Stylists
  • Fashion Forecasters
  • Cutting Assistant

Job designations for B.Des graduates with experience:

  • Interior Designer Entrepreneur
  • Design Managers
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Cinematographer
  • VFX Director
  • UX Consultant
  • Chief Design Officer

Areas of Recruitment for B.Des 

Designers make a significant contribution to the artistic world surrounding us. In virtually every industry, artists have a lot of opportunities. An increasing number of manufacturing firms are hiring brand designers because their contributions often result in an added benefit in terms of improved performance, reduced manufacturing costs, and more attractive goods. As a result, design is quickly becoming a popular career choice. If an aspirant has a creative personality, the industry has many ways to demonstrate its abilities. 

Automobile manufacturers spend a lot of money on R&D and product designers. With adequate engineering support, a sleek car has a great chance of selling more. Brand designers work with consumer goods companies and independent design firms. These days, the IT industry is a tremendous recruiter of design graduates as they require user experience designers, website developers, etc. Listed below are some popular sectors of recruitment:

  • Corporate Houses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Design Production Management
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Furniture Manufacturing Units & Accessories
  • Fashion Media
  • Boutiques
  • Fashion Accessory Design
  • Fashion Show Management
  • Garment Manufacturing Unit

Salary Packages for B.Des Professionals 

B.Design salary on average for graduates is around INR 5 LPA. Many aspects affect pay, including the job sector, experience, personal knowledge, expertise, and skills. A general description of the salaries applicable to B.Des graduates following the successful completion of this course is given below:

Salary Packages for B.Des Professionals

Designation Average Salary
Graphic Designer INR 3.7 LPA
Fashion Designer INR 4.7 LPA
UX Designer INR 7 LPA
Product Designer INR 4.9 LPA

Source: Payscale

B.Des Salary in India

The average salary of a B.Des graduate ranges between INR 1.5 and 18 LPA. [PayScale source] The pay distribution of B.Des graduates in India is shown in the table below:

B.Des Salary Amount
Highest Salary INR 18 LPA
Lowest Salary INR 1.5 LPA
Average Salary INR 4.91 LPA

Source: PayScale

B.Des Specialization-Wise Salary

The table below shows the various specialization wise B.Des job profiles and their annual average salaries:

Job Profile Salary
Fashion Designer INR 4.28 LPA
Graphic Designer INR 3.54 LPA
Interior Designer INR 3.08 LPA
Product Designer INR 5.51 LPA
Industrial Designer INR 5.27 LPA
Textile Designer INR 4.33 LPA

Source: Payscale

B.Des Salary Abroad

B.Des is one of the most popular programmes worldwide, making it an appealing option for Indian students looking to study abroad. While studying B.Des overseas, students will have access to the greatest infrastructure, amenities, academic curriculums, and faculty.

They will also get the possibility to work and make good money after completing the training. A B.Des graduate's average annual pay abroad is USD 62,035 PA (Source: PayScale). 

The table below shows a list of international job profiles and their corresponding annual salaries:

Job Profile Salary
Graphic Designer USD 46,314 PA
Interior Designer USD 52,568 PA
UX Designer USD 75,311 PA
Product Designer USD 88,783 PA
Art Director  USD 67,669 PA
Design Architect  USD 61,331 PA
Event Coordinator USD 42,270 PA

Source: Payscale

Government Jobs for B.Des Aspirants

Today every company is recruiting individuals for design, and the design community is scattered all over the universe. Many people believe that designers can only find employment in private businesses. With the increased usage of the internet, many government organizations are also employing designers to design their websites, products, ad campaigns, PR campaigns, etc. Listed below are some popular government jobs:

Government Jobs for B.Des Aspirants

Top Government Companies

Job Profile

Average Salary

Center for Development of Advanced Computing  Graphic Designer  INR 4 LPA
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Project Assistant INR3.6  LPA
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Curator INR 5 LPA
Indian Council For Cultural  Design Consultant INR 5 LPA

Source: Payscale

Some other government jobs for B.Des freshers in India are:

  • Textile Designer
  • Teachers
  • Cinematographer
  • VFX Director
  • Product Manager

Private Jobs for B.Des Candidates

The private sector has considerable scope for design aspirants. Listed below are some of the top jobs in the private sector:

Private Jobs for B.Des Candidates

Top Private Companies 

Job Profile

Average Salary

Godrej Designs Product Designer INR 7 LPA
Tanishq Jewellery Designer INR 9 LPA
Tata Motors Automobile Designer INR 6.5 LPA
eBay UX Designer INR 7 LPA

Source: Payscale 

Some other private jobs for B.Des freshers in India are:

  • Outside Sale Representative
  • Costume Designer
  • Fashion Stylists
  • Fashion Forecasters
  • Cutting Assistant
  • Chief Design Officer

Career Scope of B.Des

B.Des is one of the most diverse degrees in terms of not only work options but also the spectrum of higher education available to graduates.

Students will be able to locate relevant work in their field or find the appropriate course for future education depending on the B.Des concentration they choose. Whether a graduate chooses to work or continue their education, a B.Des has a wide range of scope.

Courses after B.Des

After completing their undergraduate studies, B.Des graduates can pursue further education. B.Des graduates have a variety of possibilities to pick from, based on their BA specialization. The following is a list of courses that B.Des graduates can pursue after finishing the programme:

  • MA Interior Design 
  • MA Fashion Design Technology
  • M.Des (Master of Design)
  • MFA Fashion Design
  • MA Fashion Design

Career Options after B.Des

B.Des graduates can work in a variety of fields right after graduation. In terms of job options for graduates, B.Des is one of the most diverse courses. The following are some of the employment options available to B.Des graduates:

Fashion Designer: Fashion designers create clothing for ladies, men, and children. Sportswear, maternity wear, outerwear, underwear, formalwear, eyeglasses, and footwear are examples of this. Belts, scarves, hats, wallets, and hosiery are all designed by accessory designers. Fashion designers promote their collections both on the runway and in their own retail stores.

Art Director: An art director usually supervises other designers and artists that create pictures for television, movies, live performances, ads, or video games. They decide on the general style or tone for each project and communicate their ideas to artists who provide artwork, graphics, pictures, or stage and cinema sets.

Graphic Designer: Using various forms of technology, a graphic designer develops usable, meaningful, and functional graphics. General designer responsibilities may include generating visual assets to assist a marketing campaign, designing a graphic overlay for social media postings, formalizing the layout for a print ad, and retouching pictures for digital signs, among other things.

Design Manager: A design manager is in charge of managing design work and bringing together the various teams involved in the construction process, from the design thinking team's work, architects, and the planning phase, to studio work and final construction.

Job Opportunities Abroad for B.Des

Design as a discipline will begin to grow over the next five years into a hybrid industry that is both technical and creative. Job opportunities, especially abroad, will demand a surge in demand as the consumers will prefer more aesthetically pleasing things. 

Countries like the USA, Canada, UK, etc., will see a surge in demand for designers. Jobs like graphic designer, textile designer, UX designers will be available abroad. By 2025, demand for commercial, product, and industrial design employment is expected to skyrocket.

Top Companies for Graduates

  • Pentagram
  • Landor
  • Wolff Olins
  • Michael Kors
  • Bobby Brown
  • Gucci
  • Armani
  • Prada
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford
  • Renault
  • Microsoft
  • Samsung

Top Countries for Graduates

  • USA
  • China
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • Israel
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • France
  • Japan

Various Career Designations Abroad for B.Des Student

With experience, B.Des professionals will advance to senior positions and find attractive career prospects abroad. Some titles for B.Des aspirants abroad are:

  • Web Developer
  • Graphic Designer
  • VFX Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Teachers
  • Cinematographer
  • VFX Director
  • Product Manager

Best Design Graduates

The design field has produced many great designers who have changed the world Listed below are some famous design graduates in the world:

  • Michael Kors
  • Tom Ford
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee 
  • Calvin Klein

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