B.Des Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 4 Years
Avg Fees: ₹2 - 4 LPA
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Roumik Roy

Updated on - Feb 16, 2024

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B.Des syllabus imparts comprehensive insight into the areas of design, consumer psychology, product branding, etc. BDes subjects include the study of Design Sketching, Ergonomics, Creative Narration, Product Design, Technical Design Drawing, etc along with specialized knowledge about Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Textile Design, and Fashion Communication.

B.Des syllabus assists aspirants to harness design-oriented skills and also helps them to conceptualize and validate creative ideas. Hence, the B.Design job scope has an extensive range of job roles from graphic designer, and UX designer to event coordinator in both private and public sectors.

Table of Contents

Semester Wise BDes Syllabus 

The B.Des syllabus is divided into eight semesters or four years and focuses on several core functionalities of design and branding of Multimedia, VFX, Visual Communication, and many more. Listed below is the semester-wise distribution of the BDes syllabus:

First-Year BDes Syllabus

The BDes subjects for the first year are given below:

Semester Ⅰ

Semester Ⅱ

Design Fundamentals Design Thinking 
Elements Of Design Principles Of Design 
Material Science  Color
Communication Studies In Design Physical Ergonomics 
Creative Visualization Techniques Geometry
Technical Design Drawing Visual composition
Sketching & Drawing Rendering & Illustration

Practical Topics in the first year BDes Subjects

Some of the practical topics in the 1st year B.Des syllabus are given below:

  • Drawing & Rendering 
  • Computer Basic 
  • Exposure to Materials
  • Freehand Drawing 

Second-Year BDes Syllabus

The B.Des subjects for the second year are given below:

Semester Ⅲ

Semester Ⅳ

Architectural Studies In Design Design Thinking
Communication Studies In Design Design Management
Model Making And Hand Tools Workshop Kinetic Art and Automata Design
Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Display And Control Design 
Specialization Electives Specialization Electives

Practical Topics in the Second Year B.Des Subjects

Some of the practical topics in the 2nd year B.Des syllabus is given below:

  • Aesthetic Skills 
  • Design Process 
  • Exposure to CAD
  • Exposure to Materials

Third-Year BDes Syllabus

The syllabus and structure start to differ after the third semester of the BDes course as initially the students are taught about the core fundamentals of Design as a course. The subjects in the third-year B.Des syllabus are given below:

Semester Ⅴ

Semester Ⅵ

Creative Narration Product Branding and Identity 
Humanities & Social Studies Materials and Processes in Design
Design Research methodology Sustainable Design 
Connectivity And Mobility  Control System In Design
Design Workshop  Product Design 
Specialization Electives Specialization Electives
Design Workshop Design Project 

Practical Topics in the Third year BDes subjects

Some of the practical topics in the 3rd year BDes syllabus are given below:

  • Visual & Cultural Studies 
  • Design & Environment 
  • Exposure to Manufacturing Techniques & Processes
  • Representation Techniques 

Fourth Year BDes Syllabus

The B.Des subjects for the fourth year are given below:

Semester Ⅶ

Semester Ⅷ

Professional Practice In Design Design Documentation
Universal Design  Specialization Electives
Packaging Design Design Degree Project
Industrial Training Moocs (For B.Des. Hons Degree)
Design Documentation -
Specialization Electives -
Design Project -

Practical Topics in the Fourth year B.Des subjects

Some of the practical topics in the 4th year Bachelor of Design syllabus are given below:

  • Technical Drawing 
  • User Interface Design
  • Systems Thinking in Design
  • Technically Complex Product Design

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BDes Subjects - Core & Electives

The B.Des subjects encompass a theoretical and practical knowledge of UI/UX design, Web design, Interior design, Motion graphic design, Product design, Graphics, Fashion Design, Typography, and many others based on design. Listed below are some of the popular Bachelor of Design subjects:

Core B.Des Subjects

B.Des syllabus includes core and elective subjects. Some of the core subjects in the Bachelor of Design syllabus are given below:

  • Representation Techniques
  • Elements of Design
  • Applied Science for Design 
  • Tinkering studio 
  • Electrical Sciences 
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Form, Order, and Structure
  • Principles of Visual Design
  • Visualization and Illustrations
  • Introduction to Computing

Elective B.Des Subjects

Some of the elective subjects in the Bachelor of Design syllabus are given below:

  • Sustainable Design
  • Furniture & Interior Design
  • Frugal Innovation
  • Design of Medical Equipment
  • Mobility and Vehicle Design
  • Aerospace Design
  • Videography and Filmmaking
  • Graphics and Animation
  • Typography
  • Interaction Design
  • Universal Design
  • Toy and Games Design
  • Mechatronics
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B.Des Subjects in Detail

The Bachelor of Design syllabus is widespread and consists of multidisciplinary knowledge based on several design-related fields. A detailed view of some of the Bachelor of Design subjects is given below:

B.Des Subjects

Topics Covered

Introduction to Design

Creative Thinking, Problem Identification, Design Process, Introduction to Experience Design

Design Thinking

Design thinking process, Tools and techniques, Case studies for implementation and application

Communication Studies in Design

Understanding the role of communication in culture,  Storytelling in communication, Practicing different mediums of communication

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Modeling and Generation of Curves and Surfaces, 3D Modeling of Assemblies, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping Systems

Product Branding and Identity

Principles of Visual Design Refresher, Visual Art, Aesthetic Experience, Branding and Identity

Sustainable Design

Impact of unsustainable practices on the Environment, Issues in design concerning the environment, Lean Manufacturing

Specialisation-wise B.Des syllabus

B.Des is an umbrella course where students can pursue different specializations. The syllabus for each specialization differs as it introduces students to in-depth knowledge they will need to build a career in that field. Listed below is the general syllabus from the third semester onwards for specializations.

B.Des in Fashion Design Syllabus

Fashion Design is the study of creating original designs in garments, footwear, jewelry, luggage, etc., and a study of the ever-changing trends in the fashion industry and market. The subjects as per the B.Des Fashion Design syllabus are listed in the table below.

Fashion Art Illustrations Environment Design
Garment Manufacturing Techniques Fundamentals of Textile
Elements of Design Design and Fashion Science 

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B.Des in Interior Design Syllabus

B. Des. (Interior Design) degree course generally covers the study of some of the specialized fields in Interior Design such as business design, institutional design, landscape designing and residential design. The table below contains the B.Des in Interior Design course syllabus.

Hypothesis of Design Ethnography & People Design
Anthropometry and Ergonomics Theory of Interior Construction 3
Fundamentals of Interior Materials 2 Analysis of Cost Estimation

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B.Des in Game Design 

Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) Video Game Design is a 4-year full-time undergraduate course. The course aims to enhance the student's creativity and passion for gaming. The table below lists the syllabus of B. Des Game Design.

Introduction to Games Fluid Engineering
Game Programming Language FX for Games
Game Analysis  Studio Design & Project Management

B.Des in Textile Design 

B.Des in Textile Design covers the study of the concepts and processes of creating designs for knitted, woven, or printed fabrics, embroidery designs, print, weave, color detailing, texture, etc. The subjects as per the B.Des Textile Design syllabus are listed in the table below.

Textile science Fluid Engineering
Art design FX for Games
Game Analysis  Studio Design & Project Management

B.Des in Product Design 

Product design is the process designers use to blend user needs with business goals to help brands make consistently successful products. The table below contains the B.Des in Product Design course syllabus.

CAD-Photography & Videography Product Packaging Design
Product Photography Material & Process
Ergonomics Design Studio

B.Des in Communication Design Syllabus

B.Des in Communication Design is a mixed discipline where students are introduced to both design concepts as well as information development. The syllabus for the B.Des Textile Design is listed in the table below.

Art appreciation Design methods and process
Introduction to digital techniques Color concepts
Narrative structure Introduction to printing technology

B.Des in Graphic Design 

B. Des (Graphic Design) is a Bachelor of Graphic Design. Creative minds interested in the creation of advertisements, logos, websites, films, and other visual media can pursue this course and can hone their skills. The table below lists the syllabus of B. Des Graphic Design.

Design fundamentals Design methods and process
Introduction to digital techniques Color concepts
Narrative structure Introduction to printing technology

B.Des in User Experience Design 

User interface & experience design (UI/UX design, UXD, UED, or XD) is the process of creating evidence-based, interaction designs between human users and products or websites. The table below contains the B.Des UI/UX design course syllabus.

Basic UI Development Ethnography & People Design
Integrated Studio for UX Design Research Documentation
Visual Design Tools UX for Assistive Design and Digitalization

B.Des Course Structure 

The B.Des syllabus is divided into eight semesters and gives a thorough understanding of design concepts. Seminars, projects, group discussions, research papers, and internships are essential components of the curriculum. The general Bachelor of Design course structure is given below:

  • Core and Elective Subjects
  • Ⅳ Semesters
  • Projects
  • Research Papers
  • Surveys
  • Studio
  • Seminars
  • Design Project
  • MOOC
  • Design Documentation

B.Des Teaching Methodology and Techniques 

B.Des syllabus focuses on building holistic learning of design through projects and fieldwork. The teaching methodology for B.Des involves a mix of classroom teaching and real-world application through case study projects, building a comprehensive understanding of genomics, artificial modeling, etc. Some of the training methods are given below:

  • Discussions 
  • Field trips
  • Practical Learnings
  • Problem-based 
  • Projects
  • E-learning
  • Co-curricular activities 

B.Des Projects

Projects under B.Des syllabus helps students to grasp the theoretical concepts in a realistic setting. The project work is required to be submitted at the end of the eighth semester. Listed below are some popular project topics under the B.Design syllabus:

  • Branding and Logo Design
  • Iconography
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Packaging Design
  • Print Collateral
  • Typographic Poster or Album Art

B.Des Books 

Reference books are essential in the field as they give an excellent understanding of design principles. Listed below are some of the popular books for B.Des:



Design and Form I. Johannes
Digital Imaging M. Galer and L Harvat
Computer Graphics D. Hearn and M. P. Baker
Digital Design Media W. Mitchell and M.McCullogh
Digital Imaging J. Farace
Ecological Approach to Designing Geraldine Gay

BDes Fee Structure


What are the core subjects in the B.Des course?

The core subjects in the B.Des program include Introduction To Design, Elements Of Design, Material Studies In Design, Design Sketching, etc.

What are the elective subjects in the B.Des course?

The B.Des course elective subjects include Sustainable Design, Typography, Frugal Innovation, Universal Design, Toy and Games Design, etc.

What are some of the B.Des projects?

Some of the most popular B.Des course projects are Branding and Logo Design, Iconography, Marketing Campaigns, Packaging Design, Print Collateral, etc.

What are the important B.Des books?

Some of the popular design reference books are Design and Form by I. Johannes, Digital Imaging by J. Farace, Ecological Approach to Designing by Geraldine Gay, etc.

Which B.Des specialization is best?

The most popular and in-demand B.Des specializations include Fashion Design, Graphic Design, UX Design, Interior Design, and Product Design.