BA Sanskrit Hons: Course Details, Eligibility, Fees, Admission

Duration: 3 Years
Avg Fees: ₹5K - 30K PA
Kripal Thapa
Kripal Thapa

Updated on - Feb 19, 2023

BA Sanskrit Hons course is a three-year undergraduate degree that deals with the Sanskrit language, its development in linguistics, and Sanskrit's analytical and propositional future. The subject's goal is to teach students about Sanskrit, its history, development, and future prospects.BA Sanskrit Hons graduates work in fields such as Professor, Data Collector, Sanskrit Historian, Teacher, and so on.

BA Sanskrit Honours Course Details

Degree Bachelors
Full Form Bachelor of Arts in Sanskrit with Honours
Duration 3 Years
Age No age limit
Subjects Required Should have studied Sanskrit in 10th and 10+2.
Minimum Percentage 55%
Average Fees ₹5K - 30K PA
Similar Options of Study BA (Sanskrit), BA (Persian) [Hons], BA (Urdu) [Hons], BA (English) [Hons] etc
Average Salary INR 4.15 LPA
Employment Roles Data Observer & Collector, Operator or Orator - Sanskrit News Channels, Customer Care Specialist, Interpreter, Teacher - Sanskrit, Translator, Tutor - Sanskrit language, Researcher etc
Opportunities Education, Business, Tourism, Media, Research, Sales, Law and Legal Jobs (translating work), Media and TV Jobs, Writing and Publishing Jobs, Teaching etc

About BA Sanskrit Hons

BA Sanskrit Hons full form is Bachelors of Arts in Sanskrit (Honours) is a subject that emphasises the historical significance of Sanskrit while also shedding light on Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Indo-Aryan culture. The research in this BA course is entirely focused on the conventional and traditional structure of Sanskrit and its branches.

The course is available as a full-time or distance learning option. According to, “Sanskrit is regarded as the ancient language in Hinduism, where it was used as a means of communication and dialogue by the Hindu Celestial Gods, and then by the Indo-Aryans. Sanskrit is also widely used in Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism.”

Table of Contents

Eligibility Criteria for BA Sanskrit Hons

The eligibility for BA Sanskrit Hons in India varies by university. For BA Sanskrit Hons admission the aspirant must have a 10+2 grade point average of 50 per cent or higher from a recognised board. A candidate must have Sanskrit as an elective subject in 10+2 to be eligible for the BA Sanskrit Hons. Most of the universities enrol students on the merit- base rather than examination. There is no upper age limit for BA Sanskrit Hons.

How to get Admission for BA Sanskrit Hons?

Candidates applying for BA Sanskrit Hons must meet the eligibility criteria set by the universities, which may vary depending on the course. The following are the general admission guidelines for the course:

How to Apply?

Aspirants can apply online or offline to the universities of their choice, but they must meet the eligibility criteria of the universities in order to be considered for the next round of entry. The aspirant can apply online through the university's admission portal or in person by visiting the university.

Selection Criteria

Some BA Sanskrit Hons universities in India may require a written examination to be taken before enrolling in the course. Some universities do not hold entrance examinations, instead opting for merit-based selection, followed by a P.I (Personal Interview) or G.D (Graduate Diploma) (Group Discussion).

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Many colleges in India hold entrance exams for admission to the BA Sanskrit Hons Course. Here is the list of some of the popular entrance course conducted by universities:

A Quick Glance At The BA Sanskrit Hons Entrance Course

The entrance exam is the entry point to top universities. The top BA Sanskrit Hons colleges in India hold entrance exams to determine the final merit list. Here's a quick rundown of the BA Sanskrit Hons entrance exam:

  • In most cases, the entrance exam is taken offline.
  • The exam will last 2.5 hours.
  • The questions are of the objective variety, with a total of 100 points.
  • The exam is designed to assess qualitative ability, data interpretation, and computer skills.

Top 10 BA Sanskrit Hons Colleges

Many BA Sanskrit Hons colleges can be found in India. Students can select a college based on their merit and specialisation requirements. The following are the top ten BA Sanskrit Hons Colleges in India:

BA Sanskrit Hons Colleges


Name of College


Daulat Ram College, Delhi


St. Stephen’s College, Delhi


Asansol Girls College, West Bengal


APC College, West Bengal


Banki College, Orissa


Barasat Government College, West Bengal


Zakir Hussain College, Delhi


Bangabasi College, Kolkata


New Alipore College, Kolkata


Aligarh Muslim University, UP

Fee Structure For BA Sanskrit Hons

There are approximately 3,000 colleges in India that offer BA Sanskrit Hons. On average, the BA Sanskrit Hons fee structure in India ranges from INR10,000 - INR20,000 PA. BA Sanskrit Hons course fees vary by college and university across the country, depending on the infrastructure and faculty available. The following is a list of some of the best BA Sanskrit Hons Colleges and their fees:

Fee Structure For BA Sanskrit Hons

Sl No.


Average Fees


Asansol Girls College

INR 4,000 PA


Zakir Hussain College

INR 9,620 PA


Aligarh Muslim University

INR 7,000 PA


Barasat Government College

INR 10,000LPA


Bangabasi College

INR 3,768 PA

Syllabus and Subjects BA Sanskrit Hons

BA Sanskrit Hons in India, courses teach students about Sanskrit as a historical language, its impact and role on other languages, and its contribution to the world. The course examines Sanskrit in-depth and looks ahead to the language's propositional future. In India, the first year of a BA Sanskrit Hons course focuses on familiarising students with Sanskrit and its branches. They will learn Vedic Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit.These are the subjects for BA Sanskrit Hons:

  • Poetry or Shlokas
  • Literature or Upanishads and Puranas
  • Grammar
  • History

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Why Choose BA Sanskrit Hons?

Before enrolling in BA Sanskrit Hons, students frequently inquire about the course's specifics. Students may wonder, "What is a BA Sanskrit Hons?" and "Why choose BA Sanskrit Hons?" before deciding on a career. To clearly understand answers to these questions, we have framed the following three pointers:

What is BA Sanskrit HonsAll About?

BA Sanskrit Hons is the discipline that allows you to understand Sanskrit as one of the important languages and how it played a significant role in India's development, from political to economic. Graduates are typically hired as Professors, Teachers, Translators, Museum Curators, Ancient Scripture Conservators, and so on.

What Does a BA Sanskrit Hons Graduate Do?

BA Sanskrit Hons graduates work in both the public and private sectors. They work in news media companies, historical television production companies, government translation agencies, archaeological societies, museums, and historical language societies. They hold positions such as Professors, Teachers, Translators, Museum Curators, Ancient Scripture Conservators, and others.

Translator: A Translator is someone who translates Sanskrit into English, Hindi, or other languages for a correspondent or a third party. A person in this field must be fluent in three or more languages.

Reasons Why BA Sanskrit Hons Can Fetch You a Rewarding Career?

People who want to learn more about the deeper aspects of language should take this course because it influences their understanding of the history of language in India and its ancient cultures. Graduates can also study Astrology in addition to their main subject of Sanskrit. Following the Masters in Arts in Sanskrit, career options include Sanskrit project members, teaching, and tutoring students.

Scope and Demand: Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan provides vocational training in shorthand typing and cataloguing manuscripts, which makes the candidate more qualified for employment in library departments that handle Sanskrit manuscripts and books.

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Preparation Tips For BA Sanskrit Hons

Here are some of the preparation listed below: 

Make Sure To Keep Your Computer Practice On Point: The key element is never to lose computer practice skills and keep yourself updated with the latest technological gizmos.

Get Advice And Consultation Regarding Syllabus: Make sure you know what the syllabus is all about and if in doubt consult with seniors or advisors.

Take A Month-Long Preparation: Make sure to keep a month’s gap for proper preparation. Note what you need to study and practice and start working on it.

Scope For Higher Education

After completing the course, the aspirant has the option of continuing his or her education in computer applications. The program's goal is to develop scholars into researchers capable of making significant contributions to the field of Sanskrit. Here is a list of Higher Education after post-graduation:

Salary for BA Sanskrit Hons

The average BA Sanskrit Hons salary in India (according to Payscale) is INR 3.9 LPA for freshers. The salaries and annual earnings depend on the specific kind of practice and performance, expertise, and other related aspects.

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Career Options After BA Sanskrit Hons

There are a plethora of career options for a BA Sanskrit Hons graduate. India has many agencies which hire BA Sanskrit Hons for various positions. Here is list of some of the top recruits:

  • Universities
  • Media Houses
  • Museums
  • Archaeological Societies
  • Government Agencies

Skills Required For BA Sanskrit Hons

An aspirant wishing to pursue BA Sanskrit Hons needs to have the necessary skills to develop in the course. The course is a practical based course where linguistic skills are required. Here is list of a few skills an applicant should have:

  • Passion for the language
  • Reading books about Sanskrit
  • Watching tutorials to hone basic Sanskrit
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