B.Tech Information Science engineering course is one of the most sought after  Information Technology course due to its growing popularity in the jobs market and its increasing demand over recent years due to the developments and advancements in the field of Information Science, which has proven to be a key part in information technology that has greater contribution towards economy. However, to enhance their learning vision and manage several domains under Information Science and data management along with data processing and network management, fundamental engineering subjects are combined with basic programming languages and Applied Information Science engineering subjects in the field of data retrieval and analytics and human-machine communication, to equip the graduates with the required skills to manage all domains within Information Science engineering scope and equip themselves with good technical skills to improve their job roles in a highly competed sector and enhance their practical knowledge and hands-on experience on the subjects. The syllabus is designed according to the current trends in B.Tech Information Science jobs and the requirements posed by the data handling and processing companies. The curriculum is designed to provide both technical and practical knowledge in the field of Information Science and their applications along with major specializations based on which students can branch out. The following subjects are included in the curriculum which provides a basic understanding of engineering concepts and a deeper understanding of data processing and information management and its applications on a wider scale. Visit B.Tech subjects for other major Specializations subjects apart from Information Science Engineering.

B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects:

Information Science Engineering Syllabus consists of the following subjects which are pursed during this course:

B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester I
SI No Subjects
1 Technical English
2 Engineering Mathematics– I
3 Engineering Physics
4 Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5 Computer Programming( C/ C++)
6 Computer Programming Laboratory
7 Physics laboratory
8 Engineering Mechanics


B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester II
SI No Subjects
1 Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing
2 Technical English-2
3 Digital Logic and Microprocessor
4 Engineering Physics
5 Mathematics-2
6 Application-based Programming in Python
7 Computer-Aided Engineering Drawing Lab
8 Digital Logic and Microprocessor
9 Python Programming Laboratory


B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester III
SI No Subjects
1 Computer Architecture
2 Database Management Systems
3 Electronic Circuits
4 Object-Oriented programming
5 Mathematics-3
6 Data Structures
7 Programming Laboratory
8 Database Management Systems Laboratory
9 Electronic Circuits Laboratory


B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester IV
SI No Subjects
1 Design and Analysis of algorithms
2 Graph Theory and Combinatorics
3 Mathematics-4
4 Software Engineering
5 Operating System Principles
6 Java Programming
7 Computer Organization
8 Design and Analysis of algorithms
9 Computer Lab


B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester V
SI No Subjects
1 Big Data Technologies
2 Computer Networks
3 Automata Theory and Computability
4 Department elective-1
5 Open Elective 1
6 Financial & Business Analytics
7 Computer Networks lab
8 Systems Software Laboratory
9 Electives Lab
10 Systems Software


B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester VI
SI No Subjects
1 Cryptographic and Network Security
2 Web Programming
3 Data Mining
4 Department Elective 2
5 Department Elective 3
6 File Structure
7 Software Testing Lab
8 Web Programming lab
9 Computer Networks Lab


B.Tech Electronics and Electronics Engineering Subjects
Semester VII
SI No Subjects
1 Information Retrieval and Storage
2 Information Systems
3 Machine Learning
4 Software Architecture
5 Department Elective 4
6 Department Elective 5
7 Software Architecture Lab
8 Machine Learning Lab
9 Electives Laboratory


B.Tech Information Science Engineering Subjects
Semester VIII
SI No Subjects
1 Department Elective 6
2 Department Elective 7
3 Final Project
4 Comprehensive Viva Voce

B.Tech Information Science and Engineering Electives:

Elective Group A

1 Operations Research
2 Compiler Design
3 Data Compression
4 Pattern Recognition
5 Computer Graphics and Visualization

Elective Group-B

1 Advanced DBMS
2 Embedded Computing Systems
3 JAVA and J2EE
4 Multimedia Computing
5 Advanced Software Engineering
6 Neural Networks

                                                             Elective III Group-C

1 C# Programming and Net
2 Digital Image Processing
3 Game Theory
4 Artificial Intelligence
5 User Interface Design
6 Fuzzy Logic

Elective Group D

1 Mobile Computing
2 Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications
3 Storage Area Networks
4 Network Management Systems
5 Information and Network Security
6 Microcontroller

Elective Group-E

1 Ad hoc Networks
2 Information Retrieval
3 Supply Chain Management
4 Service-Oriented Architecture
5 Grid Computings
6 Decision Support Systems

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