B.Tech Food Technology Jobs:

B.Tech food technology has a wider scope across the globe. The common job role and its short details are listed below:

Designation Details
Food Scientist
The professionals have to work on the food quality and preservatives to be added to making the food more long-lasting.
Process Engineer
The engineer have to work on the process which is regarding the Packaging and other aspects regarding the same.
Food Researcher - Government
The Government agencies provide the resource and opportunity to work on the detailed research and contemporary engagement of technologies with a food processor.
Project Manager
The Manager has to lead a project which can vary on the requirement for the organisation/venture.
Food Consultant
The consultant has to be dynamic regarding the ideas and several other aspects while consulting regarding the food.
Research & Design Engineer
The Engineer while completing his/her Research on the Technologies have to work on the Designing aspects of the technologies.
Food Technologist/Food Technology Consultant or Researcher
The consultant have to provide his/her valuable advice on the basis of the Information gathered for the specific segment.
Production Manager
The manager has to deal with the production and its processing aspects with highly acclaimed engineers and others professionals.
Food Application Specialist
The specialist have to work on the food application and other finer aspects regarding the same.
Product Development Specialist
The aim for the professional is to have to Increase the sales and development of the organisation working.
Sensory Specialist
The specialist have to deal with the sensor and other aspects with general and arbitrary information about the same.
Food Sales Representative
The representative have to work on the sales and marketing aspects to increase the domain for the organisation.

B.Tech Food Technology Jobs for Freshers:

There is a huge demand for freshers in the market for the food technology sector. Some of the jobs for B.Tech Food Technology is listed below:

  • Food Technology Consultant
  • Process Engineer
  • Food Safety Auditor
  • Food Technologist
  • Scientific Lab Technician
  • Quality Executive
  • Nutritional Therapist

B.Tech Food Technology Government Jobs:

There is a good number of jobs available in the government sector for B.Tech food Technology graduates. Some of the government jobs are listed below:

  • Food Technologist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Scientific Lab Technician
  • Product and Process Development Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Toxicologist
  • Technical Brewer
  • Regularity Affairs Officer

B.Tech Food Technology Jobs Abroad:

There is a huge demand in the abroad market for Food Engineers. Abroad jobs for B.Tech Food Engineers are listed below:

  • Food Technologist 
  • Research Scientist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Scientific Lab Technician
  • Research Food Technologist
  • Food Safety Technologist
  • Food Scientist 
  • Application Technologist
  • Operations Manager for Food Manufacturing
  • Product Development Manager 
  • Quality Food Technologist
  • Process Technologist

Average Salary Based on Job Position for B.Tech Food Technology:

The average salary is given according to the job role for B.Tech Food Technology Engineering graduates is listed below:

Source: Payscale

Key Stats for Bachelor of Technology Food Technology:

The estimated key stats for B.Tech Food Technology for gender and year of experience are listed below: 


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Other Related Job Scope and Salaries: