B.Tech Food Technology Syllabus and Subjects

Duration: 4 Years
Avg Fees: ₹35K - 2 LPA
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Roumik Roy

Updated on - Jan 4, 2023

B.Tech Food Technology syllabus educates and enlightens students about food science. The course helps aspirants to learn about how food is processed, preserved, produced, packed and labeled, and much more. B.Tech Food Technology syllabus is divided into eight semesters. The course is classified into 5 parts: basic introductions to food technology and its principles, core subjects, electives, lab practical, and project. 

Semester Wise B.Tech Food Technology Syllabus

B.Tech syllabus for food technology in the first semester concentrates on the course's introduction, basics, and principles. Semester two to five concentrates on core subjects only. In the sixth semester, there are few elective subjects that students can choose as per their desire. The final semester is allotted only for projects, or aspirants can do an internship. 

Apart from academic subjects, aspirants are also upskilled in professional English, foreign language, soft skills, personality development, seminars, practicals, and projects. Semester wise subjects in food technology B.Tech are listed below:

B.Tech Food Technology First Year Syllabus
Semester I Semester II
English Value Education
Mathematics I Biology for Engineers
Physics - I Principles of Environmental Science
Chemistry - I Mathematics II
Basic Engineering - I Material Science
Food biochemistry Advanced Engineering
Lab Practical
Physics Laboratory Environmental Science Lab
Chemistry Laboratory Computer Practice
Computer Literacy Workshop Practice
Engineering Drawing Engineering Drawing
Personality and Development – I Food Biochemistry Laboratory
B.Tech Food Technology Second Year Syllabus
Semester III Semester IV
Mathematics III Kinematics of Machinery
Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials Heat and Mass Transfer
Momentum Transfer Food Process Engineering
Stoichiometry and Engineering Thermodynamics Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Food Microbiology Crop Processing Technology
Unit Operations in Food Processing Kinematics of Machinery
Lab Practical
Food Microbiology Lab Kinematics of Machinery Lab
General Microbiology Laboratory Engineering Properties Laboratory
Unit Operations in Food Processing Laboratory Fruit and Vegetable Processing Laboratory
B.Tech Food Technology Third Year Syllabus
Semester V Semester VI
Refrigeration and Air - Conditioning Instrumentation and Process Control
Dairy Plant Engineering Elective I
Post-Harvest Physiology of Fruits and Vegetables Food Fermentation Technology
Fat & Oil Processing Technology Food Industry Waste Management
Biochemistry of processing & Preservation Food Plant Safety and Hazard Analysis
Computer Skills Elective II
Lab Practical
Food Analysis Laboratory Food Process Equipment Design and Drawing Laboratory
Food Engineering Laboratory Food Microbiology and Fermentation Laboratory
Industrial Training - I Elective Lab
B.Tech Food Technology Fourth Year Syllabus
Semester VII Semester VIII
Elective III Project or Internship
Elective IV Elective V
Management of Food Processing Industries Elective VI
Bakery & Confectionery Technology -
Food Packaging Technology -
Lab Practical
Bakery & Confectionery Laboratory -
Computer-Aided Drafting in Food Processing -
Industrial Training II -

B.Tech Food Technology Subjects

The syllabus of B.Tech in Food Technology covers core, elective, and lab subjects for gaining overall knowledge of this industry. Listed below are the B.Tech in Food Technology subjects under each category:

B.Tech Food Technology Core Subjects:

  • Basic Engineering
  • Food Biochemistry
  • Principles of Environmental Science
  • Material Science
  • Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  • Momentum Transfer
  • Stoichiometry and Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Kinematics of Machinery
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Food Process Engineering
  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing
  • Crop Processing Technology

B.Tech Food Technology Lab Subjects:

  • Food Biochemistry Laboratory 
  • Kinematics of Machinery Lab
  • Engineering Properties Laboratory
  • Fruit and Vegetable Processing Laboratory
  • Food Microbiology Lab
  • General Microbiology Laboratory
  • Unit Operations in Food Processing Laboratory
  • Food Process Equipment Design and Drawing Laboratory
  • Food Microbiology and Fermentation Laboratory
  • Food Analysis Laboratory
  • Food Engineering Laboratory
  • Bakery & Confectionery Laboratory

B.Tech Food Technology Elective Subjects:

  • Cane Sugar Technology
  • Beverage Processing
  • Boiler And Steam Engineering
  • Food Plant Layout and Design
  • Biostatistics for Food Process Engineering
  • Enzyme Technology
  • Emerging Non-Thermal Methods of Food Preservation
  • Total Quality Management in Food Industry
  • Fish Processing Technology
  • Operations Research
  • Meat & Poultry Processing Technology
  • Food Biotechnology

B.Tech Food Technology Course Structure

B.Tech in Food Technology course is a four-year under-graduation course with eight semesters. As discussed earlier, the course consists of 5 parts, including basic engineering, core, elective, labs, and projects. The B.Tech Food Technology 1st year syllabus touches on the basics of physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. The core subjects are the compulsory subjects to complete; the elective subject is the specialization which students can select, labs are like workshops to gain practical knowledge.

The course structure is as follows:

  • Core Subjects
  • Elective Subjects
  • Lab Section
  • Seminar
  • Workshops
  • Research Paper
  • Internship
  • Mini Project
  • Main Project

B.Tech Food Technology Teaching Methodology and Techniques

The B.Tech Food Technology teaching methodology combines theoretical and practical coaching to understand the course in real-time. Colleges provide a great learning experience with well-equipped labs, qualified staff, detailed study materials, training in new technologies and techniques. Listed below are a few teaching methodology and techniques:

  • Group projects
  • Practical sessions
  • Research papers
  • Thesis writing 
  • Online
  • Workshop
  • Labs
  • Seminar
  • Viva
  • Projects

B.Tech Food Technology Projects

B.Tech Food Technology course is all about the study of food science. Many of the B.Tech Food Technology students are working on NASA projects. B.Tech Food Technology projects can be done under topics like food processing methods, preservation of dairy products, rice, spice, milk, cereal, oil, and so on. Team projects help aspirants to work with team coordination. Research paper surveys and publications help students to invent something new.

 Popular B.Tech Food Technology projects are:

  • Food Science for Human Nutrition
  • Effects of Processing on the Storage Stability
  • Evaluation of Oil Obtained from seeds
  • The Effects of Blending Soy Milk with Cow Milk for Yoghurt Quality
  • Economic Assessment of Methods Adopted in Yoghurt Production

B.Tech Food Technology Reference Books

Listed below are few reference books for B.Tech Food Technology:

B.Tech Food Technology Books
Books Authors
Preservation of Fruits & Vegetables  Girdhari Lal, G. S. Siddappa, G. L. Tandon,
Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice P. Fellows 
Handbook of Food Preservation Shafiur Rahman M.
4 Emerging Technologies for Food Processing Da-Wen Sun 
Introduction to Food Processing Jelen P.
Handbook of Analysis and Quality Control for Fruit and Vegetable Products. Ranganna S

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