TOEFL Books 2023: Best Books for TOEFL Preparation

Nov 18, 2023 | Education, Science


TOEFL 2023 books are to choose which books that can guide candidates which are best and they first determine which category they belong to beginner, expert, or solely focused on vocabulary or grammar. Then candidates have to choose the books that are best suited to their needs. They can't just prepare with a book because the TOEFL is a simulated exam that requires candidates to listen to audio recordings and speak with an emphasis on their accent and pronunciation.

The TOEFL test is conducted by the ETS tests and evaluates the candidate's English language ability and proficiency that are accepted in institutions abroad.

ETS knows that even if the candidate’s English language ability is good in order to get the best score he or she can, they have to prepare. So ETS has released several reference materials which range from a mobile application to online test services to books.

If you have the motivation and self-discipline then you could prepare well by yourself with the right reference materials and resources. But however, if you feel that you need some professional assistance then it would be better to join a TOEFL Coaching Centre. This will give more knowledge about the exam structure and how to face it.

Check the TOEFL Exam Dates and start preparing well before your chosen test date.

TOEFL 2023 Books

The most popular books and guides for TOEFL preparation are listed below.

The Official TOEFL Study Guide

It's the perfect book for newcomers to the English language who want a quick review of the test and some basic guidance. ETS, the TOEFL's regulating body, publishes the official handbook. On a CD, there are three practice tests. It is ideal for students who are just starting their TOEFL preparation.

TOEFL iBT Premier by Kaplan

Many TOEFL experts regard this book to be a great introduction to all portions of the test. In some ways, some say it's even better than the official guide. There are four practice examinations included, as well as online and mobile resources. It consistently appears on lists of highly recommended TOEFL books.

Collection of Official TOEFL iBT Tests

This is the official regulating agency of ETS's resource collection. This book comprises five TOEFL tests that ETS has previously delivered.

Writing and Speaking Techniques for the TOEFL iBT

The written and speaking components of the test are subdivided and simplified in this book. It outlines what should be included in a decent essay and speech without wasting time on irrelevant explanations and descriptions. This book assumes you are familiar with the test and focuses on the tactics you will need to produce effective responses.

Seven Practice Tests from Delta's Key to the TOEFL iBT

This is a set of realistic practice tests that can be used in conjunction with the official practice tests. The integrated writing practice in this book is a little more realistic than in others.

To Ensure Your Success On The TOEFL Exam, You Must Know The Following Grammar Rules:

This is a quick reference guide to the grammar you'll need to ace the TOEFL. This book covers a variety of grammar rules, with an emphasis on the ones that students are most likely to use on test day.

TestDen offers online education.

These online courses are for students who seek practice examinations with graded speaking and writing components. There are four tests in all, each containing components for speech and writing that are graded by human examiners. Students who have completed the four tests can upgrade to receive four additional tests.

TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcard Kit is a must-have for anyone taking the TOEFL.

Flashcards are an excellent way to begin practising vocabulary, and combining them with your various reading habits will only help you increase your word bank more quickly.

Reference Materials For TOEFL 2023

Candidates should make it mandatory to learn and revise with the help of reference books in order to score very high on the TOEFL Test. Preparing with the help of reference books or materials not only ensures that candidates understand the topics, but also the types of questions that will be generally asked and their distribution in the question paper. 

The reference materials which are officially released by ETS is given in the below table

TOEFL Reference Materials for Exam Preparation

TOEFL Go! Official App

TOEFL Reference Materials

TOEFL Value Packs

 TOEFL Reference Materials

TOEFL Practice Online

 TOEFL Reference Materials

TOEFL Practice Online Speaking Series

TOEFL Reference Materials

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test

TOEFL Reference Materials

Official TOEFL iBT Tests, Volume 1

TOEFL Reference Materials

Official TOEFL iBT Tests, Volume 2

TOEFL Reference Materials

TOEFL Online Prep Course

TOEFL Reference Materials


Test Preparation Resources

TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler

TOEFL Reference Materials

TOEFL iBT Test Questions

TOEFL Reference Materials

TOEFL iBT Quick Prep

TOEFL Reference Materials


Free Additional Resources

TOEFL iBT Test Prep Planner

TOEFL Reference Materials

Note: Candidates can get info about the TOEFL 2021 exam centres by visiting TOEFL Exam Centres.


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