TOEFL Application Form 2023: Fees, Process

Nov 18, 2023 | Education, Science


TOEFL application form 2023 will be made available soon by the conducting authorities on the official website. Many universities will ask candidates to submit English proficiency scores as part of their application. As part of the admissions process, students are required to register for the TOEFL test and present scores. The candidates have the option of taking the exam at any time throughout the year. It's vital to note that candidates can only postpone their next attempt three days following their initial attempt.

TOEFL exam application forms are to be filled out by all candidates. Aspirants are required to be aware of the fact that they should check if they meet the eligibility criteria before filling up the same. Failing to meet the eligibility requirements will result in the candidates being deemed ineligible, and the application form will be considered invalid. They should also make sure to go through the important information and instructions before applying for the TOEFL exam. 

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TOEFL Application Form 2023 Highlights

TOEFL exam is a standardized test that measures the English language ability of a candidate and is accredited by numero English speaking Institutes.

  • Mode of Application: TOEFL 2023 registration can be done in 3 modes, viz. online, by phone or mail. It is easiest, cheapest and fastest to register TOEFL online for an Indian candidate.
  • Note: The candidates should note that as seats fill up quickly, it is advised to register at least 2 to 3 months before the desired test date to reserve the seat. One more thing to keep in mind is planning well enough so that the TOEFL score reaches Universities before the admission deadlines.
  • Registration Deadline: Registration of test closes 7 days before test date irrespective of the availability of the desired test centre. One can still register after this time till 4 days before the test date but with a late fee of USD 40.

Application Fees for TOEFL 2023

The following list contains the cost of applying for the TOEFL across various countries. The cost of the TOEFL application form in India is less compared to IELTS.

Application Fees for TOEFL 2023
Particulars Fees (in USD $)
USA 285
India 190
South Korea 220
Germany 265
Australia 273
Late Registration Fee  40
Rescheduling Fee 60
Reinstatement of cancelled scores 20
Additional score reports (per recipient) 20
Speaking or Writing Section score review 80
Speaking and Writing Section score review 160

Registration TOEFL 2023

Candidates must follow the steps outlined below to successfully book the TOEFL test.

  • Step 1: Visit the official website for more information.

  • Step 2: Create a profile for TOEFL exam takers.

  • Step 3: Fill out the TOEFL application form.

  • Step 4: Choose your TOEFL exam day and location for 2023, or choose for TOEFL at Home.

  • Step 5: Pay the $190 TOEFL registration cost.

  • Step 6: Confirm your TOEFL application and submit it.
  • Step 7: Take a printout of your TOEFL confirmation page or save it to your computer for future reference.

TOEFL 2023 Additional Methods of Registration

ETS has established different options for registering for the TOEFL exam in an effort to make it as accessible and inclusive as feasible. Candidates can register for their TOEFL test in a variety of ways, in addition to online.

TOEFL Registration in Person

Candidates in and around the New Delhi NCR region can register for the TOEFL test in person at the TOEFL Resource Center, which is located at the location below.

2 Floor, DLF Infinity Tower-A
Sector-25, Phase-II
DLF City
Gurgaon - 122002

TOEFL Registration by Mail

Candidates must adhere to the following guidelines for TOEFL registration by mail in 2023:

  • Download the TOEFL 2023 registration form and fill it out (available in PDF).
  • To complete the TOEFL 2023 registration/application form, utilise black/blue pen ink.
  • Select one of the payment options on the form.
  • Send the completed form, along with your payment, to the address on the form or your Regional Registration Center.
  • Forms must be submitted at least four weeks prior to your scheduled test date.
  • If you haven't received a confirmation, call the address where you mailed your documentation at least three working days before the deadline.
  • If you register by mail, you will have to manually enter certain codes that are automatically entered online.

TOEFL Registration by Phone

Candidates are required to call the TOEFL Regional Registration Center if they want to register for the TOEFL via phone. The payment method is the same as when you register online. The phone lines for late registration, however, end at 5 PM, local time on the business day before the exam, and there is an additional US $40 late cost.

Note: Candidates must notify officials through mail about any disability or health-related issues that need them to carry equipment, beverages, or food to the testing room, take extra or extended pauses, or require another accommodation, according to the TOEFL 2023 registration. Candidates must follow the processes for requesting accommodations until they receive confirmation.

TOEFL 2023 Registration Fee

Candidates who want to take the TOEFL test must pay a fee for the TOEFL application form. For students reserving their TOEFL exam slot from India, the TOEFL registration price is the US $190.

TOEFL Registration Fees Worldwide

TOEFL 2023 Registration Fee
Country USA India Germany Australia South Korea
Registration Fee $285 $190 $265 $273 $220

TOEFL 2023 Payment Policies

The ETS has some policies regarding the payment policies for the TOEFL exam. So, the candidate should be mindful of them before making the payment.

  • The amount being paid either by check or money order should be made in full.
  • If it is a check then it should be dated within 90 days of the date of the receipt.
  • In the case of money orders, only USD $ are to be used which are drawn in a US bank. This should be payable at ETS-TOEFL.
  • Before registering for any other ETS service make sure that all of the payments are made in full.
  • Payment should not be made by cash or a DD (Demand Draft).

Note: If the candidate has failed to make the complete payment for the TOEFL registration process, then his application will get rejected. Also, the TOEFL scores will be withheld if for any reason the payment cannot be processed.

TOEFL Fee for Cancellation/Rescheduling

Candidates who have scheduled a TOEFL test and want to cancel or reschedule it must do so nearly four days before the scheduled test date. It is not allowed to reschedule TOEFL tests through email, or at the test centre. To reschedule, candidates must phone their Regional Registration Centre (India – 91-124-4147700) and provide their full name and appointment number. Candidates can also reschedule any forthcoming tests by logging into their ETS account online. The test must be rescheduled for a charge of US $60.

Fee for TOEFL Cancellation/Rescheduling
Candidates who have a scheduled test date and wish to cancel or reschedule it must do so at least four full days before the scheduled test date. It is not permissible to reschedule tests through the mail, email, or in the testing centre. Candidates can also reschedule any forthcoming tests by logging into their ETS account online. The test must be rescheduled for a charge of US $60.

Application Checklist for TOEFL 2023

Candidates are required to carry the following documents during registration.

  • Passport as ID document,
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Paypal/Western Union Quick Pay, 
  • E-challan if the candidate has a bank account in USA,
  • Test Location and Date availability,
  • Name of 4 recipient institutions for which the candidate is aspiring to apply for and
  • Valid Email ID for communication.

Fee Refund for TOEFL 2023

One must cancel test registration at least 4-days before the test date to get a refund of half the test fee already paid. No refund will be available if cancelled after that. The refund will only be in US Dollars and cash refunds are not provided.

TOEFL Refund Details 
Time Frame for Requesting Refund Refund Percentage
0 – 7 days after registration 100% of the Fee
8 days after registration to 4 days before the Test Date 50% of the Fee
3 or fewer days before the Test Date, on or after the test date No Refund

Check the TOEFL application process for more details on how to register for the exam on any one of the TOEFL Test Dates.

How to Report TOEFL Additional Scores and Send TOEFL Scores to Colleges

The candidate has the option of submitting four complimentary score reports to colleges/universities/programs after registering. Approximately 11 days after your test date, official score reports will be emailed to the designated recipients. However, test-takers frequently wish to send to more than four recipients, which they can do for a cost.

Order Additional Score Reports Online

For a fee, test takers can send additional score reports online. By acquiring the TOEFL value pack premium, students can save money on sending five additional score reports. Students can order more value packs from ETS and save a lot of money when sending their scores to colleges and universities. The cost of a report is usually $20 (USD), which you can pay by debit, credit, e-check, or paypal. Your scores will be delivered within 3-5 business days after the organisation receives your request.

Fax your Order

You must complete the 'TOEFL iBT Additional Score Report Request Form,' which is available on the ETS website. Fax the form to 1-610-290-8972, along with your registration information and payment information (debit or credit card). If the fax fails or you have to resend the same form due to an error, make sure to write 'DUPLICATE' in capital letters on the form itself to avoid being charged twice on your debit or credit card.

Order through the Mail

Fill out the same form for postal order: 'TOEFL iBT Additional Score Report Request Form.' Send the form to the following address, along with your payment details (debit or credit card):

6153 P.O. Box

Princeton, NJ 08541-6153, United States of America


What is the registration cost for the TOEFL exam?

The registration cost for the TOEFL exam is US $ 190 for Indian nationals. Special services including late registration would come with an additional fee.

Can I take the TOEFL exam at home?

Absolutely. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, ETS has made appearing for the TOEFL test seamless by launching the TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition Test for candidates looking to take the test from the safety of their homes.

Is TOEFL easy for Indian students?

Whether a test is hard or easy is very personal. However, rest assured, the TOEFL test has been introduced to test your understanding of the English language and not to make you miserable. The tests are created keeping in mind the student and a good preparation plan would yield positive results for students of any nationality.


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