TOEFL Counselling 2021

Apr 7, 2021 | Education, Science


The TOEFL scores are accepted by various universities worldwide. Candidates should make sure to check with the list and information provided below for the range of scores or the minimum score required by the universities for admission.

TOEFL Exam is used by Universities and Institutions from European countries and Australia among many others.

  • TOEFL 2021 is used by these institutions to check whether the applicants who are from non-English speaking countries know enough English to work or study in their Institute or an organization. 
  • After the candidate gets his TOEFL Score, the Candidate can decide whether he wants to send this score to the institution or if he or she wants to take the examination again. While applying for the TOEFL exam they will provide the option of sending the TOEFL score to 4 universities or organizations of the candidate's choice. The candidate can cancel this later if they wish to write the exam another time.
  • TOEFL Score is one of the factors or sometimes the only factor for admission into universities. 
  • Foreign University admission does not happen like in India where students will have counselling. Candidates have to apply to universities with TOEFL Score and other requirements. Some colleges set up minimum TOEFL score required to apply to them.

Other Factors along with TOEFL Score

Candidate has to provide TOEFL Score, SoP, LOR, Undergraduate Score along with other documents if the University demands any.

  • TOEFL Score: Having a great GRE Score is work half done. A great TOEFL Score will increase your chances of getting into university. Some university has TOEFL Score as their only parameter for admission. Check the minimum TOEFL score requirement placed by the university before applying to it.
  • Letter of Recommendation (LoR): Candidate should provide Letter of Recommendation along with TOEFL Score from some renowned people in the field or from people who have closely worked with the candidate. This is to see how people who work in proximity of candidate perceive candidate as a valuable member of the institution.
  • Statement of Purpose (SoP): You have to provide a Statement of Purpose which states why you wanna study in that particular course and particular university. SoP should be sent with TOEFL Score. It gives an opportunity for the candidates to express their interest in the University.
  • Undergraduate Score: Candidates should have decent GPA/percentiles in their undergraduate academics and also a good score in qualifying entrance exams of desired colleges/universities or business schools if any- are the other deciding factors of one's journey to a reputed institution.

Candidates can get info about books to refer in TOEFL Reference Books Section.


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