LSAT 2021 Exam Pattern

Exam Date : March 25, 2021
Result Date : April 10, 2021

LSAT 2021 exam pattern is given below. Candidates can go through the pattern to help create a study schedule and thus help with the preparation for the LSAT 2021.

LSAT 2021 Pattern Details

The Exam pattern for LSAT 2021 exam is listed below.

  • Exam mode: The LSAT 2021 exam will be conducted offline in pen-paper mode.
  • Exam duration: The LSAT 2021 exam time is of 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Questions: There will be a total of 100 MCQ type questions.
  • Marks: Each LSAT 2021 test section contains 25 marks.
  • Marking Scheme: There is no negative marking for wrong answers

Questions will be asked from the following sections:

  • Analytical reasoning
  • Logical reasoning (Part – 1)
  • Logical reasoning (Part – 2)
  • Reading comprehension

Section-wise Breakup of LSAT 2021 Exam Paper

LSAT 2021 exam pattern

LSAT Test Section

Number of Questions

LSAT 2021 Timing

Analytical Reasoning

Approx. 24

35 minutes

1st Logical Reasoning

Approx. 24

35 minutes

2nd Logical Reasoning

Approx. 24

35 minutes

Reading Comprehension

Approx. 24

35 minutes

Total: 4 sections

92-100 questions

2 hours and 20 minutes

Points to Remember

  • These sections may appear in any order in LSAT 2021 exam.
  • It is a pen and paper-based test.
  • There is no provision of a break during the LSAT test. Invigilators will prompt the test-takers 5 minutes before the duration of a section ends.
  • At a particular duration of time, aspirants are allowed to answer on that particular section that is prescribed. So, students cannot switch sections. Check out the eligibility criteria for LSAT 2021 exam.

LSAT 2021 Question Types

Elaborated Information regarding each topic is provided below. Any aspiring candidate will find the following information useful.

Analytical Reasoning Questions

Questions in this section are designed to test the ability of a test-taker in deducting information from a structure of the relationship. It also checks the logical ability of students in concluding various theories, principles etc.

Analytical reasoning questions will test the analysing power of a law student in solving complex problems.

Logical Reasoning Questions

This section is framed primarily to test the critical thinking of a test-taker. It tests the candidate's ability to discern judgements and reasons. Questions in this section, generally have a short passage. A test-taker is expected to read that and comprehend the matter.

Logical section intends to test the ability of a law student to analyse scenarios before and after additional arguments are added to the premise.

Reading Comprehension Questions

A major reason to include Reading Comprehension is to test the ability of a candidate to read lengthy data with understanding and insight. Each section has four sets of reading passages. It is followed by 4 to 9 questions that test the reading and reasoning abilities of an aspirant.

Students can refer to the LSAT 2021 syllabus to prepare for the examination and to create a study schedule.

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