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Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

Lisha Gupta

Updated on Jan 4, 2023 by Lisha Gupta

B.Tech Electrical Engineering jobs and scopes are diverse which provides graduates numerous opportunities in sectors like educational firms, manufacturing industries, salesforce, and other research departments. Apart from the private sector, there are also numerous offers for the topmost postings in the government firms, such as the University Grants Commission (UGC), BHEL, DRDO, HAL, etc., offering higher pay scale.

Career Prospects and Job Scope for a B.Tech Electrical Engineer

The current advancement in technology has opened massive job openings for electrical engineers due to technology's demand.

From a placements point of view, it is considered a cakewalk for the graduates to get placed in an educational firm or other companies. 

The severity of COVID-19 hasn't stopped the trends as more and more openings have popped up of late. The graduates' average salary in the electrical and industrial sectors is around INR 4 - 10 LPA. The other factors that affect the salary include the type of sector one chooses to work in and the job designation.

After completing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering degree, one can enter any related firms and work as a research engineer or similar posts. 

B.Tech Electrical Engineering jobs for students after completion of B.Tech Electrical Engineering:

  • Scientific Writer 
  • Hardware Architect 
  • Associate Professor 
  • Principle Engineer 
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Software Engineer

Job designation for engineers with experience:

  • Chief Research Manager 
  • Senior Professor 
  • Head Electrical Engineer 
  • Research Associate 
  • Scientist 
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Senior Associate Engineer 

Areas of Recruitment for B.Tech Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers have technical abilities and scope for working in diverse fields from the electronics industry to the automobile industry. Some of the sectors to look out for electrical engineers are:

The areas of recruitment are:

  • Chemical and Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatic Control manufacturing
  • Automotive Industry
  • Power and Energy Industry
  • Civil Aviation Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Power Plants
  • IoT and Embedded Systems
  • Software and Technical Solutions 
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry

Salary Packages for B.Tech Electrical Engineers

The initial pay differs based on one's experience, research topics, area of specialization, technical knowledge, communication skills, etc. While the core industries demand a higher amount of practical knowledge and skill, it is still an easy task for the graduates to get placed in core-based industries or other companies.

The average salary after B.Tech in Electrical Engineering across various sectors is around INR 4 - 10 LPA. The other factors that affect the salary include the type of sector one chooses to work in and the job designation. Electrical Engineers have diverse job opportunities in different domains to choose from and pursue.

Below listed are the average pay for the electrical engineering candidates:

B.Tech Electrical Engineering Salary Packages
Designation Salary
Electrical Design Engineer INR 5.8 LPA
Project Engineer INR 2.92 LPA
Senior Electrical Engineer INR 7.34 LPA

Source: Payscale

Government Jobs for B.Tech Electrical Engineering Aspirants

Electrical engineers have a wide variety of job scopes in the public sector. They are entitled to earn an average of INR 4 - 10 LPA across the public sector. Some of the popular job designations include:

B.Tech Electrical Engineering Government Jobs
Top Government Hiring Companies Job Designation Salary
HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) Engineer Officer INR 15 LPA
DRDO (Defense Research & Development Organization) Electrical Design Engineer,  INR 5.27 LPA
BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited) Executive Engineer, Research Engineer, Design Engineer, Project Engineer
INR 1.5 - 17 LPA
NHPC (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) Machinist, Mechanic(Motor Vehicle), Instrument Mechanic
. ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) Contract Medical Officer Field Duty (FMO), Contract Medical Officer General Duty (GDMO) & Contract Medical Officer Occupational Health (OH)
ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Engineer Electronics, Scientist Engineer, Technical Assistant NR 6.7 - 20 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Other B.Tech Electrical Engineering jobs in the government sector are: 

  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Sales Executive
  • Maintenance Engineering Technician
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Graduate Engineering Trainee
  • Software Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Assistant Executive Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Junior Electrical Engineer
  • Embedded systems Engineer

Private Jobs for B.Tech Electrical Engineering Candidates

The average salary of Electrical engineers in the private sector depends heavily on their experience and technical knowledge. Electrical Engineers are entitled to earn up to INR 2.5 to 20 LPA depending upon their skill sets and the organization. Popular job designations include:

B.Tech Electrical Engineering Private Jobs

Top Private Hiring Companies
Job Profiles Salary
TATA Group Automotive Engineer INR 6 LPA
The Godrej Group Electrical Engineer INR 5 LPA
Mahindra & Mahindra Automotive Engineer INR 9 LPA
Toyota Kirloskar EV Engineer, Maintenance, Designing Engineer INR 2.5 - 6.5 LPA
Siemens Electrical Engineer, VLSI Designer, RPA Engineer INR 5 LPA
Schneider Electric Software Test Engineer, Technical Support Engineer, Hardware Engineer INR 4 - 7 LPA

Source: Glassdoor

Some other jobs offered in this sector are:

  • Automation Engineer
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Senior Design Engineer
  • Powertrain Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Electrical Manager
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Test Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Product Engineer
  • Senior Electrical Design Engineer
  • VLSI Designer
  • Power Systems Technician
  • EV Engineer

Job Opportunities Abroad for B.Tech Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers have a plethora of job opportunities to choose from. The sectors include information technology, consumer electronics, automobile, space technology, and much more.

Top Companies

Check the list below for the top international companies who hire Electrical Engineering students:

  • NASA 
  • Schneider Electricals
  • Samsung
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Tesla Motors
  • Boeing 
  • Apple
  • Mercedes AMG
  • Johnson & Johnson

Best Countries

Below is the list of top countries offering job opportunities to electrical engineers: 

  • Sweden
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • England
  • China

Various Career Designations Abroad for B.Tech Electrical Engineering Student

Here is the list of versatile job roles that attract B. Tech Electrical engineering graduates to work abroad:

  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Technical Support Executive
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Software Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Portal Developer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Computer Engineer
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Electronic and Communication Engineer
  • Mechatronics Engineer

Best Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineering is one of the vital engineering disciplines in the world today. Over the years, electrical engineers have contributed a lot towards technology change, and they have strived hard to make a difference in the world. Here is the list of some of the best electrical engineers who laid the stepping stones for a utopian world. 

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • Harry Nyquist
  • Werner Von Siemens
  • Jack Kilby
  • John Bardeen
  • Lee De Forest
  • Satya Nadella

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